Wolf Points Review

Welcome to my Wolf Points review. There are so many scammy survey/reward websites out there that it has become increasingly easy to spot one at a distance.

Similar to poker, they all have tells when it comes to little fibs, cracks in the armour that allow you to see what they are.

Unfortunately, you also have legitimate survey/reward platforms that suffer from the same problem, at times making it difficult to ascertain if it is one of the legitimate sites or not.

It can become frustrating for those who are looking to make a little extra side income and don’t want to waste hours researching.

Is Wolf Points one of the scammiest of the scams, or are they legit?

Wolf Points Review

Summary Review Summary

Wolf Points claims to be another get paid to click, survey\ reward website stating that you can earn “thousands of dollars” by participating in surveys and other offers.

They offer a $10 incentive simply for signing up.

Wolf Points claims that you can earn between $2 and $10 per survey or offer that you complete and that you receive an additional $10 for everyone that you recruit under their referral program.

Unfortunately, this is all a farce. Wolf Points is not a legitimate company; they are one big scam.

They obtain your data when you signup to them or if you give additional information before a survey (which shouldn’t happen by the way).

Once they have this info, they try to match the username and password provided to other places like banking sites or PayPal account or even steal your identity.

Wolf Points are a big, fat scam and should not be trusted.

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What is Wolf Points?

Wolf Points is a get paid to click, survey/rewards platform that went live on the internet in April 2019.

Wolf Points allows members to make “thousands of dollars per month” by completing various tasks such as completing surveys, watching videos and downloading and testing applications, referring others and participating in any additional offers.

They claim that some of these offers, surveys, tasks and offers will allow each member to earn between $5 and $10 upon completion.

Members receive remuneration in the form of Wolf Points. One Wolf Point is equivalent to 1 USD cent. The minimum payment threshold is $5, which is 500 Wolf Points.

The Wolf Points that members accrue can be converted to cash and sent to your online credit card account or PayPal.

Additionally, members can exchange their Wolf Points for gift cards redeemable on various platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Rixty, Roblox, Xbox Live Gold and Playstation Plus.

There isn’t any other information regarding their history, who the owners are or what their primary motivation is, at least not on their website. There is no about page or contact information listed on their website either.

How Does Wolf Points Work?

Signing up to Wolf Points is a cinch.

When entering their website and selecting the register option, you will get presented with a screen where you can input the necessary information.

You will include, you name, email address, what country you are from, the usual stuff.

Once you are registered, you will receive an immediate $10 bonus. That is $10, just for signing up.

Wolf Points gets hired by 3rd party organizations to get the views and opinions of consumers who want to share their opinion. The purpose of this is to improve brand products and for members to earn a small income on the side.

It should be a win-win scenario.

These organizations will pay Wolf Points for every completed task or offer, and Wolf Points will distribute that cash amongst its members who participated in the relevant surveys.

Once you reach the minimum payment threshold, you are allowed to cash out.

How Do You Make Money With Wolf Points?

Remember, you make $10 just for signing up, so that is already starting you off right.

You earn Wolf Points by participating in surveys, performing various tasks, downloading and testing applications, watching adverts and referring others to Wolf Points.

Their referral system is pretty generous, stating that you will earn $10 for every person you recruit using your affiliate link.

You will also receive an additional $10 for every person who gets brought in under you.

Then, Wolf Points also implements 2-tiers to the referral system in which you will receive 5% commission for every 20 points that your referral’s referral earns. Yes, it is that confusing.

The money you earn from the referral system will add to your existing points balance.

From there you are free to exchange your points for cash which gets sent to PayPal or an online credit card account or, you can opt to receive gift cards instead.

Red Flags

  • Domain Registration Date – The registration date of Wolf Point’s domain doesn’t quite add up due to them stating that users can earn “thousands of dollars. Wolf Points doesn’t have the money to pay thousands of dollars.
  • Verification Email – There is none. It is common practice for any website that requires users to create an account to send a verification email to confirm the identity of that user. It looks sketchy if a verification email does not get sent.
  • $10 Bonus – Most survey sites will offer you a dollar, maybe, two dollars as an incentive to sign up. Wolf Points offers you $10. That is a large sum of money if you add it all together.
  • Survey Earnings – Surveys on Wolf Points claim that you can earn a minimum of $2 to a maximum of $10 per survey. The highest that general GPT sites offer is commonly $2.
  • x2 FAQ’s – FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) Wolf Points has two of these in place. One is on their home page where it states that the minimum payout threshold is 100 Wolf Points or $1. The other is on the support page where it says the minimum is 500 Wolf Points or $5. It gets worse.
  • Questionable Policy – As is stated in the above point, the minimum payment threshold has two different figures. It has three. If you check on the Redeem Points menu, it says the minimum payout threshold is 300 Wolf Points or $3. Talk about confusing.
  • Request For Private Information – Some surveys on Wolf Points asking you for sensitive information before it even starts like your name and email address. Legitimate survey/reward sites will never ask for this information because surveys usually get taken anonymously.
  • Grammar – Wolf Points displays a problem with grammar quite often on the site. Generally speaking, any professional website will want to make sure grammar is correct. A typo here and there, might be okay but not at this level.

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  • After thinking for about twenty minutes on Wolf Points, and thoroughly sifting through everything else out there, it is apparent that there is not one single, positive thing you can say about this site.
  • Lying, one of the pros that is that it gave us something to write about on this here site.


  • Private Information on Surveys – Some surveys ask for your private information before even taking them. No survey site will ever do that.
  • $10 Bonus – The income claim of a $10 bonus on signup is a lie. They say you will receive it but you won’t.
  • Non-Payment – No matter how many surveys or tasks you complete, Wolf Points will never payout.
  • History – There is no history of Wolf Points, and information regarding the owners cannot get found.
  • Fake Testimonials – There are fake testimonials online stating that Wolf Points is a legitimate site and that you can make tons of money, this is not true. The video shows no concrete proof that any income will get made.
  • Complaints – There are numerous complaints that you can find all over social network platforms from users who have used Wolf Points. They all say that they have not been able to claim and that no money ever gets sent into their PayPal account.
  • Confusing Rules – Due to Wolf Points having two FAQ locations and each contradicting the other in terms of the minimum payout threshold, it would seem something fishy is going on. Also, on the redeem menu, the minimum payout threshold is different compared to the first two FAQs.
  • Spam Email – If you have given Wolf Points your email address before taking surveys you will more than likely have seen your inbox becoming cluttered with spam emails from them, saying things like “You are a winner!” and “Claim your prize now!”
  • No Support – They have no form of support communication. If you attempt to email Wolf Points, you will receive a bounce-back email stating that their email address doesn’t exist.
  • Prizes – Survey/reward websites will never use silly tactics to lure into participating in a survey with the promise of prizes.

Is Wolf Points a Scam?

Yes, there is no doubt about it.

Wolf Points tries to get away with it, but this is a data harvesting scam, also known as a phishing scam.

A scam like this works by convincing you to join their site. You get assured by “friends” on social networks that claim the site pays big money, or you see advertisements on a website saying that you can earn gift cards for Amazon.

Naturally, it is a tempting offer. All that for doing a survey and participating in offers?

If it sounds too good to be true, it generally is.

Now that you have taken the bait, you register with Wolf Points, and that’s it. They will use the username and password that you created on their site.

They use it on various other sites, such as PayPal, perhaps your bank, Facebook in an attempt to log into these accounts.

The goal is to scam you out of your money, by either transferring funds from your bank or PayPal accounts to themselves. Maybe even worse, stealing your identity and thanks to Facebook that is pretty easy to do.

The most dangerous thing is that your information won’t just stay with Wolf Points they will sell it to other 3rd party organizations that might use it for god knows what.

Whatever they use it for though, it won’t be ethical.


Probably anything else you find is going to be better than Wolf Points.

There are many legitimate GPT survey/reward sites available. They have fair pay, and they have good reviews. Some of these sites, include ySense and PrizeRebel.

You need to ask yourself though, why did you decide to join Wolf Points in the first place? Was it because you thought it was easy money, or are you in a financial jam? Maybe you are looking for something that you can call your own?

If it’s the former, then check out every one of those sites above to earn a little bit of extra cash for doing surveys, but if it’s the latter, maybe you should think of something else.

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