Wealthy Affiliate Review

If you are reading this Wealthy Affiliate review it’s because you want to make money online and you want to know if Wealthy Affiliate can do that. The short answer is yes, Wealthy Affiliate can help you to build an online business that can generate an income for you.

What impact would an extra $500 a month make on your life? How about $1000 or even $4000 a month?

Furthermore, if you had the freedom to do what you want with your time, what would you do? If you didn’t have to report to where you work every day, where would you be?

Wealthy Affiliate has given and continues to give regular people like you and me the tools that they need to have the freedom to determine how much the make and what they do with their own time (which you will see later in this review).

What Is Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform that helps internet entrepreneurs like yourself to create websites that will earn money. The type of business that Wealthy Affiliate specializes in is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is promoting of other people’s businesses on your website and earning a commission on it. If you don’t know about it Affiliate Marketing, it is how a lot of websites make money.

You will be promoting the products of some of the most popular brand is the world such as Amazon, Nike, Adidas and Apple, products that people are already looking for and you can get paid just for showing people where to get them.

The best thing about affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to market directly or sell anything yourself to make money. No chasing after people and having to deal with rejection. All you have to do is create a website around something that you are passionate about, and create content for people just like yourself.

One Thing You Should Know

Firstly, I must be clear about one thing straight from the outset. Wealthy Affiliate is not a method to get-rich-quick. There is no fast money to be made here. If that is what you are looking for, I can tell you right now that Wealthy Affiliate will not work for you.

However, if you are looking for a platform that can equip you with all the tools you need and give you simple and easy-to-follow instructions on how to create a passive income that can last you years, you have come to the right place. All you have to do is follow the programme diligently and work on your online business, you will make money.

Why Wealthy Affiliate

What sets Wealthy Affiliate apart from other programs is that it is designed specifically with beginners in mind. Wealthy Affiliate training takes you by the hand and teaches you all you need to know to create an online business step by step.

When it comes to making money with affiliate marketing, the right training is crucial for being successful. Many who try unsuccessfully to create a blog or run a website business do not reach their goals, not because they are not capable, but because of a lack of knowledge and because of uninformed expectations. Often, they are on the verge of success and give up too soon because of thinking that their efforts are not bearing fruit.

Wealthy Affiliate Training

Wealthy Affiliate does a good job of teaching you exactly how to get traffic and what to expect. Whatever niche you choose to target, there is someone who has done it before or has done something similar. Wealthy Affiliate user have blogged about what you try, and using the journey of others as a reference will give you a good idea.

There are a multitude of different examples you can look at which can inform you of the pace to produce content at and an idea of when you will start to see results.

When I first discovered it I never imagined it would lead me to where I currently am, earning an income of over $1500 from a business that I work from at home in my own time.

More than being a Wealth Affiliate

Once you have learned the principles of online business through Wealthy Affiliate, you can apply what you have learned to other ventures and grow an empire online assets and do stuff on your own. The training is one of the best available but what makes it invaluable is the constant access to support and expert advice.

In my entire experience I have never had to wait longer than 15 minutes to have a query that I had resolved. You can even use the skills that you learn from internet marketing to become a consultant and sell that very knowledge to customers or other businesses.

Despite growing beyond expectations and reaching their goals, a lot of people stay with Wealthy Affiliate because of the substantial value it continues to offer. It is a one stop shop for all the requirements for an online business. The convenience alone sets it apart.

Financial Freedom Is A Choice

Are you willing to take a free try at seeing what this could mean to your life?

Think about it this way. What would you be doing if you had the free choice to do anything with your time? Travel the world? Spend your money on ice creams? Whatever your passion is, this is what having your own online business can afford you?

What would you be willing to give up to gain the freedom you wanted? I’m here to tell you that all you really need to that the only thing you need to build an online business from scratch with you no prior knowledge is time and effort.

A free membership to Wealthy affiliate will open you up to a whole new world of possibilities and give you a good base from which to start. I highly recommend that you try out the free membership at the link below.

A year ago I was unemployed willing to work anything just to pay the bills. Six months ago I was doing transcription, working 8-10 hours a day to make $500 and I was grateful for it. Today I am making $1500 a month, only 8 months after finding out about Wealthy Affiliate.

My earnings are modest compared to some of the success stories on Wealthy Affiliate. There are people who are making even a lot more than me. Some of them as young as 21 years old earning more than double what I am earning.

What You Get From A Free Membership

The free membership gives you access to the first level training and you can create two websites. In the first level of training you will learn the fundamentals of affiliate marketing. By the end of the course you will have also built a website with content. Benefits include:

  • 2 free websites
  • Level 1 Online Entrepreneur Certification
  • Video Walkthroughs
  • Affiliate Training Bootcamp Level 1
  • Unlimited keyword searches
  • Website hosting
  • Website security tools (e.g. SSL)
  • Free backups

Benefits Of The Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership

Wealthy Affiliate has continuous training by way of their local trainer, Magistudios. You get access to a wealth of informational videos that will help you to improve all aspects of your online business.

Every week they have live webinars covering different aspects and you get notifications in advance for all training so you can register if you want to watch. Recordings of all webinars that you are registered for will then be sent to you in case you are not able to watch it live.

The most intimidating thing about the thought of an online business is thinking that you need expertise in programming or web design in order to have a portfolio of websites. The first thing Wealthy Affiliate teaches you is how to build your website. The mind-blowing thing is that only a few minutes after starting the training you will have built your website.

No Experience Required At All

You don’t need any prior knowledge or expertise at all to start your first website. To this day I do not know anything about programming, not even a single line of code, but I have a portfolio of websites that make me passive income.

When you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate you get access to over 2000 premium themes on WordPress. You can design your website in any style that you wish, whether a magazine website or a travel blog.

Some of us worked jobs that we do not enjoy because we need to pay bills and they don’t know that financial freedom is really possible.

Many Wealthy Affiliate members go on to quit their jobs after the have built an online business. The growth potential is unlimited and is only determined by how much you continue to grow your business.

Be Your Own Boss

The greatest benefit of online business is that it allows you to work when you choose to, on your own terms. You can work on your business at anytime of the day from anywhere. I am not a morning person and this allows me to wake up at 10 am.  I can wake up at midday work for a few hours, and spend the rest of the day doing whatever else I want. All without even leaving the house.

Unlike a regular job where you are at work for 8 or 10 hours, success in an online business is not determined by clock hours but how much work you get done. So you set goals, complete them and the results will pay off. WHen you have completed your work goal it is up to you to decide what to do with the rest of your day. If you are planning to vacation or are sick, you can do that work beforehand or catch up when you are well to.

Some people have been members for 12 years which is a testament to the tried and tested methods of Wealthy Affiliate.

When you have built it to big enough point. The income is really passive and you can even make money while you are sleeping.

It is absolutely free to join.

Keyword Research

The premium Wealhy Affiliate membership comes with the Jaaxy Keyword tool. This is one of the best keyword tools around. Using Jaaxy you can search for keywords and it will tell you how many searches the keyword gets a month and how competitive it is. The best feature for me, is the QSR which tells you the exact number of websites that are ranked in Google for the keyword that you are targeting.

Jaaxy Keyword Features

Jaaxy also has a search analysis feature that give you the ability to analyze your competition and discover SEO trends. Information about the competition includes the word count of the posts you are competing with, site rank on Alexa and the number of backlinks on the site. Using this you get a very good idea of the keywords that you can rank highly for.

Alone it comes at $49 per month but as a premium Wealthy Affiliate member it comes completely free.


Wealthy Affiliate is much more than an online course. It is a community that feels like family. There is always someone on hand to help you with anything you might need at any time of the day.

The founders of Wealthy Affiliate, Carson and Kyle built the platform with an emphasis on community. Wealthy Affiliate has 100s of thousands of members but if you can the founders are active members of the community. Imagine a company where you can be a beginner and talk straight to the CEO.

With most websites you don’t know who the creators are. At WA they are a part of the community. They have built it in a way that makes no separation between beginners and veterans of the platform.

Wealthy Affiliate encourages participation. Having access to all levels of members also reinforces the feeling that nobody is more special than any other and anyone can achieve the success seen by others.

What do you need to Succeed at WA

To succeed at Wealthy Affiliate, all you need is a computer, a desire to work on your business, and the ability to follow instructions. Really, that is all you need.

The Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification will take you through everything you need to learn about building your internet business from scratch, in a step by step manner. Kyle does a great job of explaining things in way that anyone and everyone can understand. The training is made with beginners in mind and leaves out a lot of unnecessary technical concepts that would otherwise confuse newbies.

Use the free membership to judge the quality of the program for yourself. New training is always being added so you are constantly improving your knowledge and gaining more tools that will help you with your business.

Who Wealthy Affiliate Premium Is Not For

To be clear, the road is not easy and it is not a walk in the park. In order to succeed in an online business you have to take it as seriously as you would a normal business or your job. You have to work hard and if you put in the hours it will pay off.

You will earn some serious money but it will not be overnight and it will not be easy money. If you are looking for fast money, this is not the place. There are many courses out there that will offer you that and almost all of those are scams. No such claims are made at Wealthy Affiliate. It is a way to build a legitimate business that will generate income for years and to do that will take time and effort. How long?

There are some people who have made a 4 figure salary in 6 months. What many of them have in common is putting in more work into it as people put into real world business, and for others it took longer. The main determinant will be how much you put into it.

If you are unsure then you should not sign up for the Premium member. This is why there is a starter premium membership. Wealthy Affiliate is not for everybody and if you are not sold what the started course teaches, perhaps it might not be for you. To succeed as a premium member you must be sold and fully committed to working on your business.

24/7 Support

A lot of questions that you will have, have been asked before so it is a neat searching feature where you when you type in your question, it gives you suggestions of questions that were asked and answered before. 9 times out of 10 this will solve your problem and you won’t have to await a response from anyone.

In the rare occasion that you don’t find the answer that you are looking for, you can submit a ticket and someone in support will answer the question. I only had to use this once and I got my response within 15 minutes.

There is also a live chat where you can drop a question and someone will answer it. Then they respond to your question you will be pinged and get a notification. It is a very friendly place and members are always willing to help.

More than a platform, it is a community of people from all over the world so interaction is going on 24/7. There is always someone to answer your question no matter what time of the day or what day of the week you need help.

Success Stories

Wealthy Affiliate is full of success stories, people that you can draw inspiration from, and also learn from. Many members share their strategies on how they achieve success so you can learn different ways of how to reach success with our business. Here are just some of the successes that members are seeing.

WA Success Story
WA Success Story 2
WA Success Story

As you can see from the images above, these success stories are recent and even now, more and more people are growing their incomes and reaching new heights for their business.

You Can Do It Too

Success comes not from being special or doing anything extraordinary, but from working diligently on your business. The great successes that you see are from normal people like yourself. Many of them started knowing nothing and follow the simple instructions in the training to achieve 4-figure incomes. Some are not even 21 yet and others have no education beyond high school. What we all have in common is putting the work in to achieve their goals.

You can do it too.

There is no reason not to get the free membership. If you are not convinced, you lose nothing. On the flip side, it can be the life-changing point where buys you freedom and a business that can bring you revenue for years to come.

Wealthy Affiliate will give you all the resources and training you need to build your website. There are multiple ways to make money and there are resources that cover all the main ways.

The importance of having like-minded people who have been where you are. There are plenty people who started at the same point as you and are at various stages of the journey and you can follow them to keep track of all the things they achieve. It is wonderful because members communicate their challenges and success. So you can actively learn from other members and know what mistakes to avoid and what successful strategies you can adopt.

A Time Investment With Good Returns

The results are cumulative. When you have built your website to the point where it attracts significant traffic, it will continue to generate money and you will not necessarily have to keep producing at the same rate. From there, you have a choice of whether you will keep creating more content which will continue to grow your revenue, or you can start a new website.

It is not like a regular job where your salary remains the same throughout the year. If you create more quality content that directly affects how much your income grows.

You don’t even need credit card information to sign up. Just sign up with your email address and you get access to the level 1 training and can build two free websites.


I have tried a lot of different online earning strategies in my journey to be an online entrepreneur. Of all the things I have tried, nothing offers as much value as the Wealthy Affiliate platform. It is a one-stop shop for all the information and resources you need to build a successful online business.

When I first discovered Wealthy Affiliate knew nothing about the business that is now making me a full-time salary from home. Even if you don’t know it either, this could possible be the break you need and you should definitely try it and find out for yourself.

Sign up for the free membership and take the first step to building a lucrative online business.

Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership

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