Virtual Vocations Review – Scam or Legit?

Welcome to my Virtual Vocations review. If you are reading this, you are probably asking yourself is Virtual Vocations legit, and doing your research to find out.

I have done some research into the platform to find out how it works. In this review, I will be sharing everything I have uncovered about the platform with you. I will also explain whether it is a scam or something legit that you can make some money out of.

Virtual Vocations Review Summary

The man goal of Virtual Vocations is to find reliable remote and work from home positions, and provide assistance to those trying to improve their chances.

Their website is updated daily with new job opportunities which are pretty impressive.

They have a variety of job opportunities related to this type of field and for all forms of people regardless of skill level.

A nice little perk that Virtual Vocations also offer are training courses for e-workers and the tools to better assist them in succeeding when applying for remote positions.

Jobs get thoroughly vetted before being posted online. They check to ensure that top-quality opportunities get listed, what the pay-rates are and comparisons to other positions and the transparency and legitimacy of the companies in question.

You can sign up to become a member completely free of charge and gain access to a variety of facilities such as complete job, descriptions, a few components of the companies database, a few free courses and of course latest job listings.

You can opt in to become a premium member of their server which starts for as little as $15.99 per month.

With a premium membership, you have exclusive access to everything ranging from full companies’ database, email alerts, first in line for newer listings and all e-course training materials.

In addition to that, premium members also receive up to 30% discounts on resumé reviews and writing services.

They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and to make things a bit more palatable they are business accredited under the BBB.

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There will always be a variety of different market places which exist to serve a specific type of job community. Many of these websites are free to use, and then there are a few that are not, which causes some contention among people.

What seems like a lifetime ago, working from home opportunities were a luxury that people would work hard towards achieving. It was a dream to some and a lazy excuse to others.

It is in agreement that in today’s world, working from home is no longer a luxury that people would dream about often. It has fast become a new type of ordinary, one that is heavily required to keep the economy open and keep the levels of unemployment low.

Thanks to Covid-19, remote and virtual positions have become commonplace among employers, only utilizing essential staff to commute to the office to prevent the spread of infection.

With everything in the world, there are good things and bad things to consider. One of the concerns is scam websites that pose as a market place for remote or virtual positions.

These types of websites require users to pay a hefty fee to either access a full range of job opportunities which unfortunately don’t exist.

The ones who pay will never find a source of income using these sites because at the last minute they will just be alerted that they didn’t receive the job opening which got applied for even if they were qualified.

In this review, we will ascertain if Virtual Vocations is one of these websites as they require a small fee to see complete job descriptions, and for many who are battling financially, this has become an immense source of frustration.

What are Virtual Vocations?

Run by two siblings, Adam Stevenson and Laura Spawn, Virtual Vocations is a virtual vocational worker’s online assistance site and have been in business since 2007.

It is a job portal where remote and virtual job positions get vetted thoroughly and are posted to their listings so that users can apply.

Most of the job offers listed on Virtual Vocations are for US citizens only but, that doesn’t mean there haven’t been or won’t be opportunities for others around the world, it ultimately is up to the company that has posted the opportunity.

Virtual Vocations can get accessed from anywhere in the world, and the majority of the opportunities listed are for remote and virtual positions. All of the job offers have extensive descriptions, and you can even check the pay rates as well.

How does Virtual Vocations Work?

It is a pretty straight forward system.

Unlike public job portals where users are relying on the honesty of people who are making the posts and offering jobs privately without having a complete way to know if the opportunity is legitimate, Virtual Vocations does this for you.

The staff at Virtual Vocations search the internet for online jobs, and this includes checking social media networks as well not just public portals or job listings on companies pages and then thoroughly screen the company that is offering the position.

They check the legitimacy of the company and poster, what the job entails, what the pay is and compares the salary offered to other similar opportunities.

If you are a premium member, they also offer services such as creating a resumé for you or just reviewing the one that you have created to make sure it is at its absolute best looking level.


  • Users don’t have to worry about the legitimacy of the companies or job offerings
  • Offers opportunities to people with different skill levels
  • Public job portals, social media channels and companies websites get checked for job opportunities
  • Thorough screening procedure
  • BBB Accredited
  • Top-quality jobs are on offer
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • New job listings get added daily
  • They don’t accept paid advertisements or job listings


  • Unemployed people may not be able to afford $15.99 per month
  • No guarantee that you will find a job so money per month could potentially get wasted
  • There are complaints about the 30-day money-back guarantee not being honored
  • A few negative reviews calling Virtual Vocations as scammers
  • Some private companies do not appreciate Virtual Vocations listing their jobs on their board

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Is Virtual Vocations a Scam?

No, Virtual Vocations is not a scam. It can get said that Virtual Vocations is indeed not for everyone but labeling it as a scam would be excessive.

With everything that Virtual Vocations offers for as little as $15.99 per month, it is hard to file them under a scam company.

Indeed, those who are unemployed will not be able to afford the monthly membership fee, but with that said, there are still free sites that you can check and do the legwork yourself.

It seems that some people get upset when applying for jobs using Virtual Vocations because, in the end, they don’t receive the job.

There is also the complaint that Virtual Vocations takes offers from Craigs List and Indeed and places them on their site but then charges a fee to see the complete job listing.

Never having witnessed this, it is hard to say because while it is true that they take offers from free sites which are stated clearly in their FAQ’s, there is a link where the job offer is that redirects users to the original post.

Some private companies do not appreciate what Virtual Vocations does because according to some, the list of applicants that come from Virtual Vocations don’t meet the requirements that the company is searching to obtain.

There is also a complaint from companies that Virtual Vocations has no exclusivity arrangement with companies to post their job adverts on their site. There are valid arguments that can get made from both sides of the coin.

Virtual Vocations does not seem to be a scam, but it does lean towards some questionable practices that call the legitimacy and integrity of the company into question.

It is easy to understand why users would be frustrated at a company that charges a monthly fee to job listings, but that fee also nets you discounts for resumé reviews and training courses.

With that fee, you no longer have to worry about researching the honesty of a company.

It is also easy to see from a private companies perspective, how frustrating it could be for them if thorough screening is not getting done on candidates who are applying for opportunities with these companies.

It doesn’t seem like a scam, but there are grey areas and other perspectives one would have to consider before joining up to their service.


The world is in a constant state of change, and it is going to ultimately be up to you how you search for and apply for job listings.

Some of you may not be able to afford a monthly membership fee which offers you a service to find jobs for you that meet your qualifications. In the same breath, you don’t have to become a member of sites like those.

There are plenty of free job portals all around, and the only difference is that you would have to do all the research yourself.

At the end of it all, you are going to have to choose whether to try a system and see if it works for you or if it doesn’t. If it doesn’t, then you move on to test the next thing.

Finding a job is not easy, and some places would use that to their advantage to make some money off of you, but some services are legitimately trying to assist others, at the same time they are also trying to survive.

Not everything is out to scam you, and you must perform your investigations on sites or services you think you would benefit from and obtain a general overview of what a company, product or service has to offer and weigh out the positive reviews to the negative reviews.

Considering that we are all individuals, you will come to your conclusion on a product, method or service, and some may not agree with the answers you obtain.

If you are struggling to find employment and services that this review has focused on still hasn’t helped then perhaps you could attempt making money from home?

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