Unitex Capital Review – Is it a scam?

In this Unitex Capital review, we will be explaining to you whether the platform is a scam or something legitimate that is safe to invest your money in.

The platform has recently shown up on the cryptocurrency investment scene, promising investors high returns over a short working period. Is it a solid way to make money or a ponzi scheme?

This review will go into detail explaining the components of Unitex Capital and whether it is safe to invest your money.

Unitex Capital Review - Is it a scam?

Unitex Capital Review Summary

A short summary of Unitex Capital is that it is a high yield investment programme that operates as a hybrid between a cryptocurrency exchange and multi level marketing. Investors are promised unusually high return rates, which are accrued daily on the invested principal amount. The website platform is well-designed and intuitive to use, but a lot of the numbers being thrown around raise some questions.

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What Is Unitex Capital

Unitex Capital is a cryptocurrency based investment company that promises investors lofty returns on investments through their web and app-based platform. On the official marketing video, they say that you will earn your first profit within 24 hours after making your first deposit.

The company is based in Wellington New Zealand, and says that they have been operating for two years since 2017.

“Unitex Capital investment company is not just a Big Team of highly qualified and carefully selected global experts and enthusiasts of everything related to cryptocurrencies. Unitex Capital is a commercially successful project that has provided risk-free and stable income to New Zealanders since 2017. The activity of Unitex Capital, a New Zealand investment company, is based on the integration of new technologies when in 2009 the world learned about cryptocurrency for the first time. Cryptocurrencies is mainly similar to ordinary currencies, which allows to carry out the same operations with them on the stock market. Thus, a crypto trading activity appeared through which our company earns money for itself and for its clients.”

How Unitex Capital Works

The sign up process for Unitex Capital is relatively simple. You simply go o their website, enter your personal information and personal details, and that allows you access to the platform. They also have mobile applications on iOS and Android.

One you have finished the registration, you have access to you personal account in either USD, Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Before you open up a new deposit, you need to top up your account in your profile.

Unitex Capital offers what they call a very flexible deposit/investment system with short term working periods and daily profits.

The way that it works is that they have investment plans of different lengths and each of them has a stated rate of return. The length of each investment period is in working/business days, so it excludes Saturdays and Sundays.

The Unitex Capital Investment Plans


(1) Starter $50-499, earn 1.3% each working day for 18 business days and principal back

(2) Premium $500-2999, earn 1.6% each working day for 28 business days and principal back

(3) Expert $3000-9999, earn 1.8% each working day for 35 business days and principal back

(4) Ultra $10,000-29,999, earn 2.0% each working day for 44 business days and principal included

(5) Premier $30,000-$99,999, earn 2.3% each working day for 51 business days and principal included

We will use the Starter to explain how the profit earning works. The minimum amount that you can invest in dollar terms is 50USD. With this amount of money, you can only invest in the Starter scheme which is for 18 days.

Unitex Capital Scam

So let’s assume that you invest $100. After one day, your investment assumably becomes $101.3 after it earns 1.3 percent. Multiply the principal amount by 1.3% every day for 18 days and you end up with a total of 120.34, which means a return on investment of 20.34% in 18 days.

With the premier plan, which is calculated at a daily appreciation of 2.3% the promised rate of return is 117,3%


Unitex Capital also has investment plans that are denoted in the cryptocurrencies of Bitcoin and Ethereum.


(1) Optimal 0.01 BTC, earn 2.5% each working day for 78 business days and principal back

(2) Advanced 5 BTC, earn 2.8% each working day for 78 business days and principal back

(3) Innovation 15 BTC, earn 3.1% each working day for 78 business days and principal back


(1) Optimal 1 ETH, earn 2.5% each working day for 78 business days and principal back

(2) Advanced 250 ETH, earn 2.8% each working day for 78 business days and principal back

(3) Innovation 750 ETH, earn 3.1% each working day for 78 business days and principal back

Unitex Capital Referal Program

Unitex Capital also has an affiliate program or referral scheme that compensates members for bringing other people onto the platform.

The Affiliate Program is essentially a Multi Level Marketing scheme with 8 different affiliate ranks, and 4 levels of earning under each of the ranks. We will use the Starter rank to explain how it works.

When you register, you are automatically at the start status and there are no qualification requirements. If you recruit people, your direct recruits form part of Level 1.

If your recruits recruit other people, they form part of your Level 2.

This continues up to 4 levels, which means you earn a percentage of deposits made by people in our downline as shown in by the percentages below.

  • Level 1 – 4%
  • Level 2 – 2%
  • Level 3 – 1&
  • Level 4 – 1%

Unitex Capital Affiliate Ranks

If the deposits of your network are more than $50,000 you qualify for the next affiliate rank, which is Partner. Partner allows you to earn from 5 levels, with adjusted percentages such as 5% for Level 1, 3% for Level 2, and 1% for Level 3 to 5.

There are 8 total affiliate ranks, with the higher ranks having up to 10 levels. The qualification requirements for these levels, keep increasing, with the highest level requiring your network to spend $15 million, with $20,000 of that spend being your own money.

Affiliate Ranks Qualification Requirements

  • Starter $0 Personal Spend $0 Spend by your network
  • Partner $100 Personal Spend $50,000 Spend by your network
  • Agent $1000 Personal Spend $200,000 Spend by your network
  • Manager $5000 Personal Spend $800,000 Spend by your nework
  • Director $10,000 Personal Spend $2,500,000 Spend by your network
  • Gold $15,000 Personal Spend $8,000,000 Spend by your network
  • Platimum $20,000 Personal Spend $15,000,000 Spend by your network
  • VIP $30,000 Personal Spend $30,000,000 Spend by your network

Red Flags

Promise of Risk-Free Investments – On the “About Us” page, Unitex Capital says that their business is risk-free. There is no such thing as a risk-free investment. Even normal banks that we all use and government have some level of risk. If someone says something is risk free, that is a blatant lie and an easy way to tell that something is fraudulent.

No Associated People -There are no real people that you can trace to Unitex Capital. We don’t know who owns the company, who works there, or anything of that nature. The only information that exists is what is written on their website and their Facebook page, and those are conspicuously anonymous.

Contradicting Company Information – According to the official website, the company says that they have been servicing clients since 2017, but domain registration details shows that domain name and website were only registered on January 23rd,2020.

No Regulated – The company is not regulated. In New Zealand, all legitimate financial companies are regulated by the Financial Markets Authority in order to protect people. If a company is not regulated, your money is at risk.

Unrealistic Rate Of Return – In investment circles, a return rate of 25% per annum is considered to be unrealistic. Unitex promises many times that amount, with no proof of people having earned and withdrawn that much money.

What Happens With Withdrawals?

You after you have made your deposits and your money has supposedly achieved its returns, you will not be able to withdraw your profits or the initial capital that you invested. When you try to make a withdrawal, your withdrawal will be pending. Then with no notice, your account is deleted. There are many reports online about this happening to investors.

People have also left reviews Unitex Capital’s Facebook page, warning others that it is a scam.

In cases of companies like this, social media can often be a good source to know if something is a scam, and you will often find information from people who have bad experiences and expose the companies if they are operating fraudulently.

The Upside?

The website and platform at Unitex Capital is the only things that is good about Unitex Capital. The website is professionally designed and everything looks user-friendly. You can see that they spend a good amount of time and money in developing the platform.

But the conduct around the business itself and reports from people who have invested there are worrisome. Their marketing communications which happen daily on the Facebook page are very pushy and only encourage people to invest larger amounts. A slick website won’t benefit you if all it does is lead you to losing your money.

Is Unitex Capital A Scam?

Yes. Unitex Capital is definitely a scam. For starters, the returns that they are promising are extremely unrealistic. Anybody who promises you any return is trying to scam you because no investment is risk free. Additionally, an investment that is above 25% in a year is considered abnormally good. Unitex Capital is promising its investors those similarly high returns in only 18 days. And at the higher levels it is promising returns of more than 100% in less than 3 months.

What is being offered there is simply too good to be true. If those returns were real, everybody would have been all over them and it would be hard to even get in.

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What have your experiences been with Unitex Capital? If you have your own story to share, good or bad, or have any questions about the program, let me know the comments below.

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