Ticket Flipping Hub Review

Welcome to my Ticket Flipping Hub Review. If you are reading this, you are probably doing you research on the platform and asking yourself if Ticket Flipping Hub is a scam or legit.

If you have ever wanted to dip your toes into the world of the stock market but never had the courage, this might be an option for you.

Ticket flipping is not the stock market, so you know, but it’s as close as you might be willing to get without losing thousands of dollars.

It’s a great way to make an extra income on the side, and you can learn a lot of business stuff at the same time.

If this interests you then check out this review on Ticket Flipping Hub. You might be surprised at what you discover.

Ticket Flipping Hub Review

Ticket Flipping Hub Review Summary

Ticket Flipping Hub is a website that offers members a service in which they can obtain tickets that are popular before they sell out.

This website allows the member to buy the tickets at a low price when they are in low demand and sell them again later for a profit when they are in high demand.

Becoming a member allows you to access training material to help you in your journey to becoming a popular ticket flipper.

They also have forums where you can speak with other ticket flippers and ask for advice if needed.

Ticket Flipping Hub has a bad reputation though for not being able to deliver the service that they promote.

Members complain of losing money, and fake websites are praising them as if they have done no wrong.

They are not a scam, but they are not very good at what they are promoting.

Due to these findings, you should only use Ticket, Flipper Hub if you want to get your hands on the training material.

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What Is Ticket Flipping Hub?

Ticket Flipping Hub is a pretty neat platform where you can learn how to buy tickets at a low cost and sell them at a higher price for a more rewarding profit. Almost like the stock market.

The site helps you understand how to buy tickets, what tickets to look for and when to “flip” them.

They provide the necessary training that shows you what you need to do, how to do it and how to make yourself successful in the business.

Becoming a member of Ticket Flipping Hub gives you access to the forums where an active community can offers support and guidance. You even have email support and advice from the owners.

One of the best features of the site is the “stub alerts” This lets you know when specific tickets are available. That is super helpful. You get alerted by email.

Also, becoming a member grants you access to pre-sales codes that allow you to purchase tickets before the public is even aware of them. There is potential here to make a fortune.

It is legal and a great way to make an extra income. Some people have even managed to turn this into a full-time gig.

How Does Ticket Flipping Hub Work?

Ticket Flipping Hub offers two payment plans.

Stub Alerts: $25 per month:

  • This package will give you access to their forums which allows you to speak to other ticket flippers.
  • You receive alerts for potentially profitable tickets and ones to avoid.
  • Access to presales codes. You get tickets before the public does.
  • You are now a priority member, so if you have questions, you’ll be in the VIP list.

Ticket Broker Gold: $75 one-time cost and $25 per month from then on

  • This package gives you access to all the training materials.
  • Learn cunning strategies to money selling tickets.
  • Lessons on how to seriously market yourself in the ticket flipping industry.
  • It includes everything from the stub alerts package.

You also need a few hundred dollars so that you can buy tickets to flip. If you can’t afford this yet, then don’t join. Rather wait till you have the money.

How Do You Make Money?

The best way for you to make money with this system is to adjust your mindset.

Know and be aware that this is not going to make you money fast because it won’t.

In this business you’ll be the one who is going to be scouting, buying and selling tickets and everything else in between. You are the business.

You have to be persistent in your goal. Flipping tickets is a time-consuming process, especially in the beginning, you’ll need to focus strictly on this and screw other side projects.

Be prepared to accept the fact that some tickets will not sell. That is just the way the of the game.

You’ll need patience. You will purchase tickets way ahead of the time to get the best deals, and then you’ll have to wait, months maybe before your tickets get hot with want.

Follow what the learning material says. It is important. There is no filler. If you practice what Ticket Flipping Hub teaches, you’ll be flipping tickets like a pro in no time.

Red Flags

  • Fake Websites – There are fake websites with only one page that has a hugely positive review on Ticket Flipping Hub, but there is nothing else on the site.
  • Income Sustainability – There has been no proof that anyone has made money through them.
  • Deleted Comments – There was a big thing that happened with some tickets that people bought. These tickets pretty much became worthless, and a lot of people lost their money. There were many complaints, and Ticket Flipping Hub started deleting the comments. They also delete comments that say negative things about them in general.
  • Lack of Confidence – Ticket Flipping Hub has a disclaimer that states the “results will vary from person to person and that the past performances are not indicative of future events.” This statement is a basic boilerplate statement. While they are in their rights to do that as it also covers them legally if they wanted to scam you, they could get away with it.
  • Alerts – There are many complaints about the “stub alerts” not working, and when users complained, their comments got deleted.
  • Deleted Accounts – According to a few people who did use Ticket Flipping Hub their actual accounts got deleted when a member asked for results on a stub that they invested money in.
  • The scheme – If you look deeper into, Ticket Flipping Hub seems to push more referrals than ticket flipping. $25 every month from a couple of members. That’s a passive income right there.
  • Money Loss – There are many complaints of users losing money using Ticket Flipping Hub which paints them in a very negative and incompetent light.

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  • Training – The training materials provided with their Gold package is affordable and useful. They are quite detailed on how to succeed. Despite all the complaints of having no money, there are not many places that offer training for this.
  • Affordable – As above, the gold package for $75 is a pretty good deal as a once-off and $25 after that, is not bad.


  • Affiliate Reviews – There are too many reviews that have affiliation with the site. Most of them paint Ticket Flipping Hub in a very positive light with no negative things to say.
  • Fake Websites – There are fake websites that praise Ticket Flipping Hub, but there are no reviews for any other program or service.
  • Deleted Comments – When members lost their money on poor advice that Ticket Flipping Hub gave, it backlashed with negative comments on their forums. They started deleting comments.
  • Negative Comments – When some users have something negative to say about the company, the comment gets deleted and possibly blocked from the forum.
  • Deleted Accounts – There are members of Ticket Flipping Hub who loudly stated that their accounts got deleted when then enquired about the results for a stub. The stub got advertised as a “Don’t miss out!” thing. Users bought tickets, and none got sold. That looks sketchy as hell.
  • Broken Alerts – Stub Alerts don’t work. There are times when users do not get notified when to avoid something or when to buy tickets.
  • Large Investment – You need a chunk of capital to get started with this. Between $200 and $700 should do the trick.
  • Time – It takes a long time to start making money with tickets. You will be waiting for months before you can make a sale and potentially make a profit.
  • Negative Comments – There are so many negative comments on Reddit and forums about this site that it makes one question the honesty and integrity of the website.
  • Boilerplate Disclaimer – Ticket Flipping Hub has a disclaimer on their website state that whatever results happened in the past is not indicative of what could happen in the future. While legally, they have to cover themselves, it gives an air of incompetence.

Is Ticket Flipping Hub a Scam?

Businesses have to meet specific requirements for them not to get labelled as a scam, and Ticket Flipping Hub has covered themselves well in that regard.

It would be harsh to say they are a scam as they do offer a product. You have the training materials and their service, being the flipping of tickets, support, stubs and stuff like that.

One could you argue that the quality of the service and product that they offer is subpar, but that’s a whole different story.

The lopsided reviews that are online praising them compared to the overwhelming amount of negative comments coming from members and not affiliates.

Fake websites that only have one home page praising them for their outstanding service leads to questioning of motivation from these people.

The accusation that the owners delete accounts when people make inquires about something they don’t like casts them in a very unflattering light.

Due to the negativity and the seemingly biased affiliate reviews, Ticket Flipping Hub is only recommended for the training material, but not the monthly subscriptions.

If this was a company that you could walk to and see right now based on what you found would you be willing to and see them?


Getting into the world of ticket flipping is a daunting and harrowing process. You can’t take it lightly. It will require persistence, motivation, patience and a large amount of capital to get you started.

If this it isn’t for you then that that is fine as well. It is just another avenue you could potentially go down.

For a small extra income on the side, you could participate in paid surveys. While you won’t earn that much, it is something to have on the side. Below are some survey sites that are legitimate and pay fairly.

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