The Digital Network Review – Is it a Scam?

Welcome to my The Digital Network Review. If you are here, then you have run into this program somewhere online like on Facebook or YouTube, and want to know whether The Digital Network is a scam or a legitimate money making opportunity.

I will be sharing the findings of my research with you and whether it is a scam or something worth putting your money into.


The Digital Network Review Summary

The Digital Network is an online networking platform that offers very high returns in the form of what is essentially a pyramid scheme. It is made up of a series of private Facebook groups that give you basic information about digital marketing that can easily be found on the internet at much less than what it costs to join here.

There are 4 memberships on offer here, but the main aim is to get you to join the $1,294 All In One Package, which includes all of the products, but costs less than the most advanced package, a classic marketing trick.

The program is funded by the joining of new member whose joining fees serve as commissions for members who have joined before them. The earnings promised by The Digital Network are highly unrealistic and there are much better ways to make money online that are sustainable.

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What Is The Digital Network

The Digital Network is an online bitcoin based program that promises to teach members how to make earnings of 10 BTC a month using the system that the founder has devised. The supposed value is presented as training that will guide you on how to create your own business in the cryptocurrency space.

The company is very new and there is very little information or history available from other users. The website’s domain was registered on 29 December 2019, and the private Facebook groups through which the company delivers its training were created on 4 May 2020, which is less than a month ago.

The program is aimed at newcomers and those who are struggling to make money online, with the promise of making 10 BTC per month. Part of the selling point they present is a lifetime membership earning bitcoin on a monthly basis.

How The Digital Network Works

Joining the program is a simple matter of signing up with your email address. After signing up, you are shown a video welcoming you onboard and urged to join the Facebook group. You are also then told that you will be making money from day 1.

In order to be part of the platform, you have to join the Facebook group with messenger.

Using your Facebook account is a bit of an issue for me for privacy’s sake. I like to decide whether I am interested in something or not first before giving access to personal information of that magnitude. Back in the day when you could easily create burner accounts for Facebook this might have been less concerning. You will also have to give your cell-phone number in order to complete the profile setup and start using the platform.

Once you are in the platform, you will have access to various features like your bitcoin address, bitcoin wallet and the various marketing products that you can pay to sign up to. The Facebook groups that you join will be the main vector for the “training” that you receive from the founder in the form of daily messages.

If you click on the products tab, you will see the different subscription levels.

The Different Digital Network Memeberships

There are 3 main packages for membership. The entry level package is what they refer to as the Million Dollar Starter Package. This membership pays commissions to promoters across 3 levels.

Million Dollar Starter Pack – The first level is people that you refer directly, second level is those referred by your referrals and so on until the 3rd level. For the first level you earn 40%, the second level pays 10%, and the 3rd level referrals gain you a commission of 5%. The first level also comes with training from the founder in which he will explain how he built the platform.

The Billion Dollar Multiplier – This is the second level membership and costs $497. The commissions are the same as the first level in terms of percentage. The training that comes with this level centered around teaching you how to gain leads through the use of organic search sources.

Advanced Underground Secrets – The most expensive membership costs $1,997 to join. The training in this level is centered on teaching you how to use paid traffic to attract a higher number of leads.

All In One Package

The all in package is a deal that includes the features of all of the other package from 1 to 3, and is priced at $1,294. According to the founder, this package is only available occasionally as a promotion and is a limited time offer. This membership is, in fact, the main one that you are encouraged to join, hence the price point which seems more attractive compared to the rest. The Digital Network All In Package

To sign up, you have to pay the stated amount of bitcoin to The Digital Network through a QR code that you scan. And after you have paid, your membership that you have subscribed to will be unlocked.

How Do You Make Money With The Digital Network?

Th primary way for you to make money with The Digital Network is by referring other people to sign up as new clients.

It is presented as a bitcoin multiplier, but the earning model is not any different from other pyramid models outside of cryptocurrency.

Outside of the referral program, there is any other product or store of value. So in order to continue making money, you have to recruit other people to join The Digital Network so you can earn commissions from the products that they sign up to.

As to how much money you will be able to make, that depends solely on how much recruiting you can do. To give you an idea, you of how much traction the program is getting, you can look at how many people are in the private Facebook groups. At the time of writing, there are 138 people signed up to the starter pack, and 84 people in the All In One group.

The Digital Network Facebook Group

No groups have been created for the other two memberships so the assumption is that ther are no members for those two memberships. So somehow, with around 100 members, everybody is making thousands of dollars a month. Where is this money coming from?

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Red Flags

Unrealistically high returns – When someone promises you returns that are too good to be true, they usually are. 10+ BTC per month is an absurdly high amount. At the time of writing, BTC is trading at approximately $10,000 for 1BTC. So what The Digital Network is promising is $100,000 per month. If that was true, this would be world news instead of an obscure program with very little information available.

No underlying asset or value – sometimes, even though a company follows the pyramid model, there can be a product that has some value. With The Digital Network, there is no real product of value so if there are no new members, you have nothing left.

Recently Created Company – The fact that a company is new does not automatically make it a scam, but it is definitely a cause for caution. This company is less than a month old and has no record of achieving any of the promises it makes. That is a big red flag for me.

No Lifetime Earnings – The promise of lifetime earnings is a misrepresentation. In order to earn, you have to keep getting more people to join. If you stop, the money stops.


Website is easy to use – The one thing that can be looked at in a positive light is the design of the website. It has a simple and sleek design that is uncluttered. This makes it intuitive to use. Other companies and programs in this space that often have a bad look and layout that shows that the presentation wasn’t given any attention.


Not beginner friendly – Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are not the most beginner friendly transactions out there so unless you are confident in your understanding of how the work, you should do a healthy bit of research and due diligence before joining programs like this in the hope of making money.

Deceptive information – While the video resources form the founder speak sensationally with lofty promises of hefty returns, there is no real value in here. They speak a lot of the money you will make but there is nothing concrete or substantive in any of these communications.

Is The Digital Network A Scam?

The digital network is a classic example of a pyramid scheme. It is composed mostly of sensational promises of making unrealistic amounts of money without much work. There is no actually underlying product or asset that is of any use to you outside of the Digital Network platform.

When no more people are being recruited (which will inevitably happen) the scheme will collapse and who ever joined in late will have lost their money since there are no new members to finance your commissions. If you care about keeping your money, or having your investment be worth something, you will want to avoid ponzi schemes like The Digital Network.

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What have your experiences been with The Digital Network? If you have your own story to share, good or bad, or have any questions about the program, let me know the comments below.

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