Review – Scam or Legit?

Most people have 9-5 jobs, and I would guess that half are okay with that having that type of daily, repetitive life cycle.

However, there is another half that tries desperately sometimes without thinking about the consequences of what it would be like to get off that vicious circle that is the 9-5 grind.

For those who are committed to their dream of not working for a boss and having hours dictated to them or asking for when they can take some leave to be with their loved ones.

The flexibility that comes with working from home is the most wanted perk one could dream of having.

So, you have probably been where we all have, coming across various sites that offer an easy solution to making money quickly on the internet, from home, in your pyjamas while slowly drinking a cup of coffee.

Once you have firmly established your footing in the rabbit hole, you realise that just like ants and their underground tunnels, navigating the internet to find a legitimate site which offers money for surveys can prove more daunting than you initially realized.

You have become skeptical on the probability of achieving a goal of working from home and ditching the 9-5 life cycle.

Luckily we have a review for a site that promises these riches as well, so before hopping into bed with them, first, read this review on Shout Now. Review Summary is a Get-Paid-To click website that offers you an income or vouchers in exchange for you completing surveys, tasks and playing games on your cell phone and by referring others to their site.

The more people you refer and the more of these tasks that you complete, the more you could potentially earn in a day, nearly $500 a day to be exact. Who wouldn’t want to accept an offer such as that?

Unfortunately, as is usually the case with sites like these they are not as transparent as one would believe and with a little more research into them you will quickly find that they are the same as Next Cash or Zoan Cash.

They adhere to the same rules and structure of the other sites, gaining your email address and password, potentially putting your digital life on the line, plus with referrals, placing everyone who believes you or supports you at risk as well if they sign up.

Another new site with the same “Modus Operandi” and in the year 2020, we can look forward to more popping up.

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What is claims to be a legitimate Get-Paid-To click website where you, the end-user, can make an income for doing surveys and various other tasks.

Promising a potential income of $500 a day if used correctly, but the number of hoops they make you jump through is ridiculous and cashing out is another daunting undertaking all by itself.

Promising to get paid between $10-$15 for every friend that you invite and $60 per task and if one of your referral friends completes one of these as well, then you will receive a 20% referral bonus on top.

There isn’t much else to add to what this “company” is. Shout Now is a complete and utter deception to get more people to sign up to there site, and do there work for them and obtain your data.

How does Work?

These guys work the same as all the others such as Next Cash and Zoan Cash.

They stick to the same principles and design tactics. On their home page, they state that you can make $500 per day, which is the then carefully placed bait.

As long as the users visiting the website are focused on the earning potential, there is a good chance they won’t question the authenticity of the site.

To hit their mark home and prove they are a reliable company you will find video testimonials from users claiming to have earned a boatload from them.

On their website, they have a “payment proofs” tab that when opened directs you to a page where Shout Now states, they have paid over $158,670,000 to over 730,000 members all over the world.

That alone is laughable.

Underneath that statement, you will find screengrabs of “satisfied users” promoting the hell out of Shout Now all in an attempt to lure more people into their website and signup.

Like the other sites of this nature, this is all about data-harvesting. They get you to sign up with the promise of making big bucks by referring your friends to the site.

Additional tasks that are on their $30 wall ask for your mobile number, and some even ask for your credit card information.

A few people did report that they found money missing from their prepaid phones due to spam messages sent to their numbers, some texts costing $5 each to receive.

Others have noticed that they have charges on their credit card statements for services and goods that they never purchased so be very mindful.

In reality, all that is happening is that you are giving Shout Now your email address and password, which they then can use in an attempt to hack into your other accounts online or even sell your data to other 3rd party entities.

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  • Since doing so many of these, it is impressive to see that there is more effort put into their website, it almost looks legitimate.


  • Everything is a lie
  • Many tasks to complete to cash out
  • The cash-out limit is ridiculously high
  • Their customer support is non-existent
  • No contact support and the owners are ghosts.
  • Waste of time
  • Might cost you a little bit

Is a Scam?

No doubt about it that this is a scam and no possible way it’s legitimate. And, here is why.

There is no signup fee for anyone that wants to join, so when you refer people to the website, it will be free signup. How then does Shout Now make money to pay you for your referrals?

Browsing their site, they also have a FAQ section and surprise, surprise, exactly word for word as Zoan Cash and Next Cash. According to question two,

How does this work?

“We strive to provide straight transparency to our members. Money generated from ad-spend revenue and sponsorship products is used to pay our members. By inviting friends, you are building traffic to our site and increasing ad revenue. you are also increasing exposure to our sponsors’ products, ultimately, increasing sponsor relations across our network.”

Well, that just great, isn’t it? Except, when I browse their main page, there is not one single advert. There is only a bunch of fake testimonials and abhorrent promises.

Let ignore all that for now and say you referred a bunch of people and wanted to cash out. Well, you couldn’t because to cash out you would need to complete a few extra things.

It starts becoming like an RPG grind festival except, there is no personal pride and accomplishment to receive. There are no digital goodies for you to use, no vouchers to save, and most importantly, once you have completed the additional tasks and cash out, you might receive an email from the site.

This email states that most of your clicks, meaning the surveys you potentially had done, and referrals are unauthentic. Due to this, the payment gets cancelled.

The cherry on top of this email is that it asks you if you would like to start over the authentic way. What an insult to injury. If you don’t want to do that you can opt to call their fraud department.

Emailing them will net you zero response as the email address is fake and if you try to contact them via their given telephone number, you’ll discover that that is fake as well.

For poops and giggles, google the address they give on the main page and see where it is. Did you also notice the restaurant in Chinatown?

If you are still not convinced, try to find the owners, except that, is nigh impossible. They are ghosts, and you will never be able to contact them.

The Verdict

Do not even bother with this site. While it is true that’s website looks a hell of a lot better compared to other websites of a similar nature, their goal is the same.

To get you and others to part with your digital data for them to sell it to the highest bidder. They use you to do their work for other agencies and, you will never see a dime.

You will lose some dimes though if you did enter your mobile number into some of their walls offers though.

Popular, trusted, and well-known sites do exist where you can take surveys and perform random tasks, however, the amount you earn realistically isn’t that big.

Stay away from Do not believe anyone sharing their stuff on Facebook, or any other social media platforms. There is a good chance that those people are victims of Shout Now’s deception, and it’s just a matter of time before the other shoe drops on them.

This review has probably done one of two things for you. It’s made your life easier, and you know now what Shout Now is all about, or you had already joined Shout Now, realized something is amiss and then decided to look them up.

While I can’t go back in time to warn you if you are the latter, I hope you learn from this incident. If you did sign up, for the love of God, be sure to change all of your account passwords including your banking ones and let your referrals know as well.

With that said, it’s not all doom and gloom.

There are legitimate sites where you can go and do the things that Shout Now claims to do, but honestly and realistically you won’t be earning $5-$15 per referral nor will you receive $30 for a survey.

Check out some these sites such as ySense which are not trying to pry you away from your time and money.

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