NextCash Review – Scam or Legit

If you have ever found yourself surfing the internet, attempting to find a place where you can earn a few dollars quickly, there is a good chance that you came across some very dodgy sites.

It’s possible that you are still part of these sites and don’t even realise they are kind of sketchy at all because let’s face it, sometimes we miss things. Even things that should be obvious.

However, the promise of an easy buck has always held the majority of us to the task. So many will take risk after risk in the hopes that one of these websites are legitimate.

Usually, this is the case, most of these types of sites that offer an easy way to make an income are all scams, and we should all do our due diligence before even signing up to establish if what these so-called sites claim is true.

Guaranteed, more often than not, they are not real at least not the earning side of it anyway. There are far more lucrative ways of earning an income online, but it requires a bit of patience to find, and you need to commit to it.

In this review, we’ll be discussing another such site called NextCash which is going to sound familiar to another site named Zoan Cash, and you will find out in a bit why.

NextCash Review Summary

NextCash is yet another get-paid-to click website which proudly boasts an earning of up to $300 per day and of course, like the others, claims to be the number one influencer on the internet.

There is no cost for you to signup, and the work that you would have to perform is referring people using a link they provide once you sign up, which can net you between $10 and $15 per successful click and account registration.

It’s not just referrals that are going to make you some money though but completing additional tasks such as taking surveys, downloading and playing games on your phone and other random little things.

According to NextCash, they will you pay between $2 and $5 per social media post advertising their services and will pay $30 per survey and $50 to make a video, upload it to YouTube and spread their brand recognition.

There is a minimum amount that you need to earn first before you can cash out, but once you reach that threshold, you request your funds, and they will deposit it into your PayPal account.

To some of you, this may be starting to sound familiar. Almost identical to other similar sites.

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What is NextCash?

NextCash is a website that is deliberately disguised as a legitimate company to help people earn an income from home by doing surveys, playing games and other tasks.

Except what it is, is a data-harvesting scam designed to make the owners of the site money and not the end-user.

The creation of this site is specific, to trick potential customers and getting them to spread a positive word about the company all the while attempting to obtain referrals as well.

All this with the promise of being able to earn from each referral and survey that you complete.

If you have a rather robust social media following, then you are the prime candidate for targeting, especially if you are a figure of trust within a community.

The website is an illusion, distracting you with the promise of high earnings, but wanting to obtain your digital information.

How Does NextCash Work?

Utterly deceitful, NextCash promises good fortune for performing easy work, and due to this, people who are desperate for an income or finding themselves in a tight spot will show an attraction to the offer.

Once the lure is cast, and the bait secured, the new user creates an account. Once this happens, NextCash will use this information and searches the net for other online accounts that could be yours.

They do this in an attempt to access these other accounts and obtain other additional information that they could potentially use or even sell to other 3rd party marketers.

Besides having this information ready for sale, they could use this too potentially break into your online banking account. The chances are high though that they only want information and your bank account would be secure, but why take this risk?

The way NextCash makes their profit is by selling your information to the highest bidder, this could be corporations, or it could be private marketers, even hackers.

The other potential method is that NextCash gets paid to complete these tasks, and to make their income they outsource the surveys and the task’s to the users who signup, promised to get paid, but those users will never see any money.

With the additional referrals that everyone might make, think of how many potential surveys NextCash could submit without you earning a penny. It’s quite sickening to think about it.


  • We get to speak negatively about it on this review.


  • They are conmen
  • Even after 30-days, you will see no payout
  • Your data is not safe with them
  • Their customer support is non-existent
  • You have no way of contacting the owners
  • No one seems to own the site so, there is no ethical responsibility
  • Waste of internet data, energy and time

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Is NextCash a Scam?

To put it very bluntly, yes. NextCash is indeed a scam from begging to end, and this is the same scam as Zoan Cash.

The people behind this create a clone of their website and give it a different name, and because most people won’t look further into it, they won’t see all the signs that point to it being a direct copy.

Because Zoan Cash is a clone of NextCash, the discrepancies of the earning amounts are the same. Below is what we described for Zoan Cash, and it applies to NextCash as well.

Because, according to Zoan Cash and working on the minimum amount that they provided, let’s say, if 900 followers on Instagram decided to use your referral, you multiply that by $10, and this then equals $9000 that you have potentially earned. For big-time social media influencers, 900 followers are nothing. Most popular social media influencers have over a million followers.

It is the same on all fronts. There is no way that with no signup fees or adverts (or even if they did have adverts) on their website will they be able to pay users a single dollar let alone $50 for a YouTube video or $30 for a survey.

They even have the same FAQ which states,

Money generated from ad-spend revenue and sponsorship products is used to pay our members. By inviting friends, you are building traffic to our site and increasing ad-revenue.

Also, rubbish because there are no adverts on their site.

They also claim to be the number one influencer on the internet, meaning they compete against themselves yet, NextCash also has no social media presence at all so how are they claiming to be an influencer?

It’s comical that the only thing they change is the name and the domain on the site while everything stays the same. Due to that, spotting a clone or fake is easy, NextCash doesn’t even try in this case.

NextCash is just another copy of sites like Zoan Cash. They share the same information from the company beginning in 2008 when in reality and a quick search on Google, you can see that the domain creation date was on the 21st of February 2020.

It follows the same structure and rules as other scam sites. Their contact email addresses for support and PayPal email addresses do not exist which is the usual way for websites like this as there is no way to get hold of the owners, not that it would matter in the long run.

They also share the same proof of payment showcasing exorbitant amounts of potential earnings in users accounts. All of which are fabrications.

The website even shares the same home address, pointing to the Netherlands, and when checking the domain creation date, it states the registered contact resides in Panama.

The Verdict

There is absolutely no reason for you to even think about joining this website. Being an exact clone of Zoan Cash already has one big red flag up.

You don’t want to assist petty people who honestly don’t care whether they ruin peoples lives by selling their data to the highest bidders or corporations hellbent on world domination and enslaving the working class.

If you did by some chance sign up to this website before reading this review; I sincerely hope that you have gained some knowledge into what you should look for regarding these sites. And seriously, change your passwords for all your accounts as soon as you can.

Be sure to get into contact with anyone you may have encouraged to join this site as their data and potential well-being is also at risk.

There are other alternatives to making an income online, but you just have to keep searching and try new things to see what works for you and what is potentially harmful towards you.

Popular, trusted, and well-known sites do exist where you can take surveys and perform random tasks, however, the amount you earn realistically isn’t that big.

Depending on where you are based, you could potentially get between $2 and $5 a day provided that’s a good day, and you qualify for the surveys.

Keep in mind that nothing comes for free, so even with doing surveys, you will need patience and the ability to work thoroughly. You can check out sites like ySense and see what works for you.

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