Livingston Research Review – Scam or Legit?

Well come to my Livingston Research Review. If you are reading this, you are probably doing your research on the essay service platform and want to know if Livingston Research is a scam or a legit platform where you can make money.

I worked for Livingston Research and in this review, I will be sharing with you, an in-depth account of my experience while working for them.

Livingston Research Review - Scam or Legit?

Livingston Review Summary?

The first thing you probably want to know, is Livingston is research a scam or a place where you can actually make some money. The quick answer is that no, they are not a scam. They are legitimate company and they do have people who are getting paid there.

But there are some
questionable practices with them that makes it not worth the time in the long run. You will can earn money, but not in a stable way. The work there is seasonal, and you will also be subject to fines when clients are not pleased with scores, or you will often deal with difficult graders for your work.

There are certainly better ways to make money online than Livingston. For the level of knowledge and effort you put in, the level of pay that you can get at Livingston Research is not worth it. You are better off using that skill to create your own online business.

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What Is Livingston Research?

Livingston Research is an academic writing platform based in the UK. They host an online essay writing platform which is what this article will be reviewing.

I first ran into them through an ad placed in my local version of the Indeed job posting website. I didn’t try them at that point because I didn’t know whether they were legit.

Some time later I saw Livingston being mentioned again in an article about possible jobs that one can do from home. The article seemed reputable so I decided to submit the application anyway. I went ahead and finally completed the application

How To Join Livingston Research

To apply to be a writer for this platform simply sign up on their website under the freelance section and fill in the required information. You will have to write an English test and have to complete 3 test orders.

Livingston Research Application Test

The test for getting into Livingston Research is pretty straightforward. You choose the field that you want to do academic writing in, and you have to do a 400 word essay on one of a few subjects that they give you to choose from. I chose the field of environmental science and did an essay on global warming. After you write your article, you submit it and then wait for feedback on the outcome of your application.

Notification of Successful Application

If you succeed in your application, Livingston Research will call you by phone to notify you and give you the information you need to get set up. In my case, around the completion of the application, I was not answering calls from hidden numbers. They called three times and they could not reach me because I was not answering my phone.

Fortunately, they sent me an email which notified me that my application was successful and that if they could not get hold of me in the next two days, they would have to conclude that I was passing up the job offer. I emailed them back and they called me and gave me the information that I needed. I you apply to them, make sure that you answer all calls that come through your phone just in cases it’s the call from Livingston.

Now That You Have Made It Onto The Platform…

You are then put in touch with your success manager, who is essentially a Supervisor. They give you explain to you the process that you need to follow, to get started. You can also contact the team leaders with any questions that you have and for emergencies like when you need a time extension, although this should only be in exceptional circumstances.

The user interface is known as the writer tool and is easy enough to user. That is where you will find the assignments that are available. You get work through the writer’s tool, which is a market where you bid on an assignment. The client can choose to accept your bid. If they accept, you have a specified time limit in which to write the essay.

Writing of the essays requires thorough research as well as strict adherence to the Livingston Research’s paper requirements, which are:

  • No plagiarism
  • Following client’s requirements
  • Correct format
  • Appropriate language, phrasing, and content
  • Scholarly sources

Starting Out

As a beginner, you will not have any jobs that are above $25 in value. As you do more essays and prove yourself, you will have higher paying projects opened up to you. The assigning of work works on a bidding basis and the client will choose based on your reputation.

A knock on effect of this type of work is that it is often difficult for new writers to get work, and most of the jobs go to writers who have done more jobs. So in order to get chances to complete more essays and build your reputation, you will have to bid on a high number of projects, even ones that you don’t like.

There is an initial grind that you have to go through where you take jobs that you don’t know as much on. Then after your writer score is up you can choose your more desirable projects because the clients will have a higher chance of accepting.

Livingston Research Grading System

Grading of your paper will be done against Livingston’s grading system known as the Grading Rubric. As a writer, adherence to the Rubric is crucial because graders will mark you strictly based on what it prescribes. Whereas as an academic you can use your discretion without being penalized, doing so on this platform can get you heavily penalized for something that isn’t wrong, but the grader did not regard that and marked you against the Rubric rigidly.

How Much Work Is Available?

There are always jobs available but most of them are in the commerce-related fields. Between October and December, and between March and May is high season when there is a lot of work available. Outside of these busy periods, there can be a shortage of assignments. As a result, this is not really one job that you can do without an alternative means of earning.

How Difficult Is The Work?

If you are an academic by profession or someone who enjoys researching this work shouldn’t be too difficult. The challenge will come from doing it in a way that avoids being penalized by graders. This, again, emphasizes use of the grading rubric for reference when you are compiling your essay.

Also, the majority of assignments are from America and, as a result, many of them contain principles that are almost exclusively American. For example, in Finance, you could find that you have to do an assignment that adheres to GAAP instead of IFRS.

You might also find that assignments have a lot of “assumed” knowledge that is expressly American. Examples like this will require non-American people to do a lot of extra background research before tackling an assignment.

How Much Can You Make With Livingston Research?

On their website, Livingston Research says that they pay between $3.5 and $10 a page but it is pretty much just $3/page assignments that I saw there. I don’t recall seeing any project over at $5, never mind $10. How much you can make depends on how much work you do.

My estimation is that you can make about $20 a day for work if you do work 5 hours aday. A lot of that obviously depends on how fast you are able to research adequately and put your research to paper.

Reports are that you can make $800+ a month (excluding weekends) but I don’t think that likely for most people. I estimate a realistic earning figure being closer to half of that, between $400 and $500.

They pay twice a month through PayPal, Payoneer and Skrill. According to the website, the salary should arrive on your account within the 10 calendar days after the withdrawal request deadline.

Reported Complaints

There have been reports that Livingston Research rather frequently and often treats freelancers unfairly. For example, in the case of an unreasonable client who requests you rewrite an article, Livingston will always side with the client regardless of the circumstances. You would have to rewrite the article with no extra compensation, whether the customer is being unreasonable or not.

There is also very little recourse if you feel in cases that you might feel wronged because refusing to comply will likely lead to a 100% fine i.e. you will not get paid for the work you did. Other reports
claim that writers are penalized wrongly to get out of paying them. I did not stay with them for long and did not experience these issues but there are something to be wary of.


You can learn a lot – Due to the academic nature of Livingston Research, you will be doing a lot of research and gaining knowledge on a broad spectrum of subjects. Whether that knowledge can be leveraged is a different matter but you will surely be a champ at board games.

Not hard to get in – You don’t need any particular qualifications to get into Livingston Research, only the capability and willingness to perform the research and produce the work.

Pays in USD – The fact that they pay in USD is good for a lot of the people in countries where the cost of living is much lower, specifically the developing countries. Because the US conversion is can be so high, some people can make what they would in a normal country.


Low pay rate – The amount of money you will make with Livingston Research is low considering the level of knowledge and education required to be able to complete the assignments there.

High possibility of being fined – If a client does not get the scores they wanted for an assignment, they can often lodge a complaint and then you get fined for the complaint. Given that the rate of pay is low for the effort given, fines serve to add salt to the wound.

Payment Issues – There are enough payment issues reported by writers that it can be considered a risk that you must take into account.

Seasonal – Because the platform relies on the academic cycle, the amount of work available is seasonal. As a result, you can not rely on Livingston Research as a full-time source of income because there will be times when there aren’t enough assignments available to sustain you.

Is Livingston Research A Scam?

No, Livingston Research is not a scam and you can make some income from working on their platform. It is one of several academic writing platforms that you can find on the web. It is the only one that I used but from what I have read, there are better alternatives out there., in terms of both pay and working conditions.

I did not stay there because, for the level of skill that the work requires, it does not pay enough for my tastes. It is work that requires heavy thinking, and that should usually be reflected in how much you get paid. For earnings per hour, what they pay is on par with what some of the better paying online transcription platforms like pay and even those are considered to be questionable by many people who make a living online. You can’t really bank on those for a consistent  earning. There are legit ways of earning a full-time salary from home without working every waking hour of the day.

Should You Work For Them?

Whether you should work for Livingston Research depends on how much your time is worth to you and if you have other options. When I started out, I was obviously looking to do the work, but as I found other alternatives it wasn’t worth my time anymore. Personally, my answer is no.

As alluded earlier, if I was really pressed for the money I would rather do transcription than do at this level of pay. With transcription, you don’t have to do much thinking and with auto transcriptions becoming a thing, a lot of the work is mostly just editing/proofreading work. They pay roughly the same if you have a typing speed of 40 or 50wpm. Academic writing is a lot more work without better pay in this instance. But if you really want to make a consistent full-time salary, none of these will give you that.

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