Lead Lightning Review: Is it a Scam?

In this Lead Lightning review, we will look into whether it a scam or a legitimate way to make money online. You might have found out about Lead Lightning through a Facebook group or from a YouTube.

Lead Lightning promises as a fast way to make money with a minimal investment. Is it another get-rich-quick scam or with you money. We will explain all in this article.

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What Is Lead Lightning

Lead lightning is a consumer focused marketing platform that claims to offer training that can help you to build a lead list. The core product that is being offered is a sales funnel that leads customers through a series of pages that essentially lead them to a sale.

When you sign up to Lead Lightning, the promise is that you are buying into an informational product that will help you gain leads and ultimately make money. The training give you the tools necessary to When you sign up to Lead Lighting, you are taken through an introduction to explain the basic of marketing to you.

Lead Lightning products

You can get the basic understanding of the sales funnel and network marketing in a compressed information product. For the 7 dollars, it is not a bad ask and if you are new to network marketing, it can be a good investment. Where things start to make sense is with the up sells that come after that. They are selling different products and throw the information at you in a way that can be very confusing, especially those who aren’t well-versed in digital marketing.

How Lead Lightning Works

To join Lead Lightning, you have to sign up through sponsor. There is no way to join directly so to be part of the program, you have to be referred by someone. Once you have visited the website through a referral, you enter your email address into a landing page and after you do that you will be sent a link to the actual website.

You will be taken to a landing page that gives brief information about Lead Lightning and what you can get from the system. If you are interested, then you sign up by creating an account linked to your email. In creating the account, you will pay the $7 joining fee and be given a link to the admin area of your Lead Lightning account, a username and a password. As soon as you login, you can start with the training that is supposed to teach you how to generate leads and how you will make money.

From there, you will be taken through the different products that you can sell on Lead Lightning

There are 4 different products on Lead Lightning and they are as follows:


Lead Lightning – $7 once-off

All In One Marketing System – $30 monthly

Free Ad Secrets – $147 once-off

Social Academy – $497 once-off

Each of the systems come with an attached informational product, and a referral compensation plan for additional members that you refer. With Lead Lighting, you get $6 for every referral that signs up for the same $7 membership.

How The Different Lead Lightning Systems Are Structured

The All In One System is different in that it is a monthly membership. If you are a member of that package, for every member that you refer, you get $20 in commission. The way the commission works is that for the first 10 referrals, 5 of those go to your sponsor, the person who recruited you. After the first 10, 5 out of every 5 go to you and one goes to your sponsor.

For the Free Ad Secrets, you get a once-off $100 commission if your referral buys the $147 package. For the $497 package, the commission is $400.

The catch with these up sell programs is that you have to be a member of a specific level, for you to get the commission. For example, if you are just on the $7 level and your referral buys a $147 package, the $100 will not go to you, and will go to the first person above in the pay line who is on the $147 package.

This can tempt you to buy the more expensive packages in anticipation people buying those products, but there is no guarantee of that. It is a classic up sell scenario where you are heavily encouraged to spend money that you did not plan on spending from the outset.

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High commission – The commission rates of 85% can be attractive for someone who is interested in multilevel marketing

Low entry cost – The low entry cost of $7 is affordable to most people. It is also a once-off cost so you pay it once and then you are done. There are no further monthly costs or a continuous subscription fee.

People who promote Lead Lightning tend to make their money very quickly. If you are dedicated to the recruitment process, you can start earning money within the first week and make a decent amount in your first month.



There is no tangible product –  attached to the lead lightning system. If you are not well-informed about such systems, then it is easy to be fooled into buying something while you think it’s something else. The problem here comes with the way that the thing is being marketed.

Recruitment heavy – If you are not committed to recruiting then the sustainability of lead lightning system is uncertain. It becomes more of a quick cash-grab than a means of earning over the long term.

No value in there products – There is no real value being offered with Lead Lightning beyond the basic learning resources.

The front end sell is not transparent – The 7 dollars lets you in and you can make money with that, but it does not give you access to all that it claims once you are in. There are many up sells in the platform that can take newbies for a ride if they do not know their way around and of what the value of the offerings on Lead Lightning are.

Lack of a trial membership – You have to pay upfront and if you don’t like what you find, you might feel scammed. A good platform should give a trial membership so you can have a good idea of what you are getting before you spend money.

My Assessment of Lead Lightning

If you sign up, I would recommend not signing up to anything more than the $7 offering. With that option, you can make your money back after making two sales. Beyond that, there really isn’t much value that is being sold and I don’t see referrals making the payment for that level of money.

The product that is sold will be useful for people who are new to digital marketing. It will also help you in learning that you can make money online. Beyond beginner learning, the value is not much.

If you are able to recruit, it will make you money.

Get Lead Lightning for only the autoresponder and to learn the basics of digital marketing.

How People Use  Lead Lightning

The first product that is marketed to you comes in at a price of $30 per month. This is a big cost change compared to the $7 entrance point and is an ongoing cost. In order to make this work, you will have to do a lot of recruiting and all the while it is costing you money. If you are starting out and don’t work at it as they prescribe, you can end up losing spending a substantial amount of money before you make your return.

Do the once-off and refrain from the others. The safe way would be to test the $7 and when you make money from that, reinvest money in the up sells if you really believe in the products. That way, you are only investing in it with money generated from the system and none of your own.

Even then, you should only do this on things that have a one time fee. The challenge with this is that there is no underlying product outside of the Lead Lightning system itself. So If you are not recruiting new members, there isn’t really anything you can point out that you are spending the money on.

For a product to be worth recommending, there must be some value derived from it from simply having that product. An example of this is with Affiliate Marketing.

Is Lead Lightning A Scam?

Lead Lightning is not a scam in that they don’t steal money from you. But there also isn’t much value in it and I wouldn’t recommend it as a long term strategy to make money.

If you are a complete beginner to making money online, then you might be able to benefit from the learning reources that are on offer.

Beyond that, it depends on you recruiting people for a long time to come. For example, you get the $6 commission and that’s that. You can’t move to any other system.

Technically, you can make money from lead lightning. There are a lot of up sells to the point where they do not make sense. If you are going to try it, sign up for the $7 membership to see if it is your cup of tea.

The MLM style might not be the style of everyone but some people do make it work. Examples of popular MLM systems in South Africa are Herbalife and Amway.

Would I recommend Lead Lightning?

No I wouldn’t recommend Lead Lightning. There are better platforms out there compared to what they offer.

They also bombard you with a lot of information that is overwhelming, peppered with promises of making money. When you get that much information, your brain might start filtering information and only processing selective parts, the money part, without understanding how the money gets there.

The ways of money are also very vague, it is a case of “do this” and you will make money. So you will have to go basically on faith. Transparency is a must to help yo make a well-thought-out decision and it is lacking with Lead Lightning’s offerings.

What is better than Lead Lightning?

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It’s by far the best place to learn how to make money online and you should give it a look.

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What have your experiences been with Lead Lightning? If you have your own story to share, good or bad, or have any questions about the program, let us know the comments below.

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