Is ZoanCash a Scam?

Welcome to my review. If you are reading this, you are probably asking yourself is ZoanCash a scam, and doing your research to find out.

I have done some research into the platform to find out how it works. In this review, I will be sharing everything I have uncovered about the platform with you. I will also explain whether it is a scam or something that you can make some money out of.

ZoanCash Review Summary

ZoanCash is a data-harvesting website covered up in a “make easy money” skin. It is designed to lure people in with the promise of easy cash if you refer your friends and contacts, participate in surveys and various other tasks.

ZoanCash targets people with social media influence, tempting them into an “easy” way to make money and finding people who are at their wits end just trying to survive month to month. The desperate and the easy to manipulate.

This site is specifically created to obtain your data, your passwords, and at the end of the day, your digital identity. ZoanCash makes its money by selling this information.

ZoanCash is a scam where you are most likely to waste your time and put your persona data at risk, rather than make any money. You should definitely avoid this platform and others like it.

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What is ZoanCash?

ZoanCash is a get-paid-to click website which boasts that one could earn up to $300 per day and claim to be the number one influencer on the internet.

According to ZoanCash, they will pay $30 per survey. Between $2 and $5 per social media post and up to $50 for a YouTube video promoting ZoanCash.

Once you reach your minimum payout, you can choose to cash out, and they are supposed to deposit the funds into your PayPal account.

The domain for the website was registered in on 5th March 2020, so the website is less than 6 months old. The listed address for the company is in the Netherlands, although research shows that the website was registered in Arizona USA.

How does ZoanCash Work?

They require no money for you to signup, and all you have to do initially is refer people using a link they provide once you sign up, earning between $10 and $15 per successful click and account registration.

Not only are referrals supposed to make you some coin but completing tasks such as playing games on your phone and taking surveys as well

ZoanCash dashboard

Once you take the bait and signup to their website, they work on the assumption that you are using the same email and password that you do for most other accounts.

You might not be one of those people, but the majority of users don’t have different passwords for different accounts. They use the same email address and password for everything.

Like your Facebook, your Instagram, your email, your Twitter, maybe even your banking login details if you are that kind of person who doesn’t change their passwords.

Now having this information they can attempt to access those various accounts or they could sell the information to potential hackers or 3rd party companies so that you get a slew of spam emails and lovely advertisements.

Granted the latter is not that bad, but if you find that money is missing from your account or posts are being deleted or posted on one of your social media accounts, you can bet that information was obtainable from them.

Not only does this put you at risk, but think about the people that you referred and the people that your referrers got into contact with recommending this site, and just like that they have access to thousands of peoples data with referrals.

Data information is power on the internet, and most companies will pay an arm and a leg for any information that could potentially drive up their sales, and as always the little guys will get nothing.

Red Flags

Fake proof of payment – This “proof” showcases the amounts paid to users. The problem is that the dates of when those transactions took place are before the creation of the website and the payouts are ludicrously high. If you dig deeper on their website, their about page says the company started way back in 2008, another complete lie because if you check to see the creation date of the website, it states as clear as day, 5th March 2020.

No verifiable track record – The fact that ZoanCash is making big claims but with no track record is cause for caution. Now, a company being new does not automatically mean that it’s a scam, but you should definitely be careful. Scams always pop up and last for a very short time and then just change names to recycle the scam. ZoanCash is unlikely to pass the test of time.

False Claims – They claim to be the number one influencer on the internet, yet they have no social media presence except for the people promoting them hoping to get paid.

Delving into their FAQ (frequently asked questions), they state that,

Money generated from ad-spend revenue and sponsorship products is used to pay our members. By inviting friends, you are building traffic to our site and increasing ad-revenue.

If you take a look at their site, they have absolutely no advertisements on their page so that’s not true and even if they did have adverts they would never make enough to pay everyone, it’s not possible.

Another big claim on their About page is that they were in Forbes Magazine, which is laughable. If they were a feature in Forbes Magazine or online, they would have the official Forbes logo plastered on the main page of the website.

They don’t have this though because if Forbes found out there would be a bit of reckoning. Forbes doesn’t mess around with who they suggest to the world, and it most certainly would not be ZoanCash with no identifiable people behind the brand.

As always, with sites like these, you are going to come across fake testimonials plastered on their website, it’s easy to spot. It’s all boilerplate nonsense and a quick search points to it being fake. And not to mention that their PayPal email address is non-existent.

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None – There is absolutely nothing positive about this site. ZoanCash is designed to waste your time and run off with information. There are GPT sites that will at least pay you a small amount for your time and information, but here they simply trick people and yield no benefit.


No Payout – There are no verifiable accounts of real users getting paid from ZoanCash, but there are plenty of complaints from people who spent time doing tasks and not getting paid for it.

They sell your data – Data is precious and sensitive in this day and age. A lot of your personal information and livelihood are hidden behind your personal data and passwords. ZoanCash sells your data to 3rd
parties without your consent, which places you and anybody you refer at a huge risk.

No customer support or responses to emails – A line of communication is crucial for any online platform. Because there is no support and no response to emails, this means that when you run into problems, you have no recourse and are on your own.

Complete waste of time and energy – GPT tasks tend to be time-consuming and usually don’t pay much but pay something nonetheless. At ZoanCash your time and efforts are most likely to be for nothing.

Is ZoanCash a Scam?

Yes, ZoanCash is a scam. There is not a single sliver of a doubt that everything that ZoanCash claims are a complete fabrication. All details made up simply to hook people in and to manipulate them for their greedy benefit.

If this was legitimate, then having a referral business like this could sit potentially well with those people who have a mass following on social media and are trusted individuals.

How would they pay a person who has potentially earned $9000 if they have no signup fee? Every person who signs up means that every referral as well does not have a sign up fee, so where does the money come from then?

You will more than likely lose trust with the people who you have referred because of this. And your data and accounts will be put at risk once you sign up.

If you have already signed up to this website, then it is highly encouraged that you change the passwords of all your social media accounts that use the same password and email address, including your banking one to be on the safe side.

Stay away from this site at all costs. It is a waste of time and effort. You will never receive a payout no matter how many referrals you have made. There are legitimate and sustainable platforms out there where you can make money without putting yourself at risk.

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