Is XOXO Network a Scam?

If you are asking yourself is XOXO network a scam, then you are in the right place. You have likely been doing your research after hearing about this supposedly wonderful money-making opportunity and want to know whether it is legit before dumping your money into it.

I have done a healthy amount of research into XOXO Network, the platform and its money-making system. In this review, I will share all that I have uncovered with you, and whether it is a scam that you must run from or something worth investing in.

XOXO Network Review Summary

XOXO Network is a pyramid scheme that is based on the ethereum blockchain. The platform uses two models to operate the pyramid.

The first is a single line referral programme where you have to recruit people and earn commissions from them. The second is a matrix cycler where you pay to enter a pool of global recruits and earn a commission from every 3rd recruit.

It’s a classic ponzi that relies on the constant recruiting of new members, until there are no more new members and the scheme collapses.

It uses the money of new recruits like yourself to pay older members, and most members are likelier to lose money than make any.

You are better off avoiding this platform and others like it. There are better ways available for making money.

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What Is XOXO Network

XOXO Network is one of the most recent in the lineup of crypto MLMs.

The platform offers users a way to make money in what is essentially a network marketing business model, but on the ethereum blockchain.

According to the official website.

XOXO NETWORK is the ultimate decentralized P2P global power line networking system, built on an ethereum blockchain technology (smart contracts).

They have a compensation with two different components, one that relies on recruiting referrals on to the platform directly, and another where you are meant to make money from referrals not directly recruited by you.

The company platform is quite new, with the domain for the website having been registered in May 2020. Being that it is on the blockchain, it is a decentralized platform with theoretically nobody being “in charge” of it.

How XOXO Network works

When you go to the website to register, it will tell you that you need an ethereum compatible browser or an extension like Metamask to use the app. If you are registering on a mobile phone, you will need to have the TrustWallet app.

To register, you will have to have at least 0.1 ETH in your wallet and then fill in the registration form on the website. If you have set up the metamask extension, it will automatically deduct the 0.1 ETH from your wallet during the registration process.

Once registration is complete, the ethereum will be distributed among the people above you as per the compensation plan which will be explained below.

XOXO Network Compensation Plan

There are two ways to make money on XOXO Network. These are referred to as Autopool 1 and Global AutoPool.

AutoPool 1

The referral program allows you to earn commissions from your referrals up to 4 levels.

Level 1 Referrals – 50% commission on their joining fee
Level 2 Referrals – 25% commission on their joining fee
Level 3 Referrals – 15% commission on their joining fee
Level 4 Referrals – 10% commission on their joining fee

The second way of making money is through autopool. Once you have registered for AutoPool1, you have the option of entering the Global Autopool for an additional fee of
0.2 ETH for the entry level.

In this case, the matrix is a 3×1 cycler, meaning that every third person that joins the global pool earns you commission. 

Global Autopool

Global Autopool 2: You pay 0.2 ETH to join – Users pay you 0.1 ETH – System re-invests 0.2 ETH into the next tier – You make 0.2 ETH profit

Global Autopool 3: You pay 0.3 ETH to join – Users pay you 0.15 ETH – System re-invests 0.3 ETH into the next tier – You make 0.3 ETH profit

Global Autopool 4: You Pay 0.4 ETH to join – Users pay you 0.2 ETH – System re-invests 0.4 ETH into the next tier – You make 0.4 ETH profit

Global Autopool 5: You pay 0.5 ETH to join – Users pay you 0.25 ETH – System re-invests 0.5 ETH into the next tier – You make 0.5 ETH profit

Global Autopool 6: You pay 0.7 ETH to join – Users pay you 0.35 ETH – System re-invests 0.7 ETH into the next tier – You make 0.7 ETH profit

Global Autopool 7: You pay 1 ETH to join – Users pay you 0.5 ETH – System re-invests 1 ETH into the next tier – You make 1 ETH profit

XOXO Network Compensation Plan

Autopool 1 comprises the people that you personally recruit onto the XOXO Network platform. For every person that you recruit directly, you make 50% of their fee to join.

The Global Autopool is different in that instead of you recruiting people, you enter a matrix cycler scheme where you are supposed to get a commission after a certain number of people join after you. The allure of this particular compensation plan is that the money is meant to come to you passively, without you having to do anything else or recruit more people.
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Red Flags

“Zero Risk” Claims – The fact that XOXO says there is zero risk on investing is a huge red flag. If you know anything about investing, you know that there is no such thing as zero risk. If there was, everybody would already be involved and the investment would make big news. If someone claims zero risk, they are likely just trying to take your money.

No product – There is sellable or consumable product on offer on the platform. When making an investment, you need to consider what value you have if the company stops working. XOXO Network operates on the promise of making money later on, but if the platform stops today, you have nothing left.

New Platform – The fact that the platform is new does not automatically mean that it’s bad, but scammy platforms tend to be very new, with little information being available about them. They also tend to not last very long, so this is something to be wary of. This platform is less than a month so you should definitely be careful before investing your money into it.

Abnormally High Returns – The returns promised by XOXO are abnormally high. For the Autopool 1 that rate of return is 50%, while for the Global Autopool, the return is at least 100%. Returns like these are highly unlikely. Couple that with the claim of no risk, and you can tell that things don’t and somebody is lying.

Understanding Smart Contracts

Don’t let the throwing around of the term “smart contract” fool you into investing into things without properly understanding. The term is being thrown around a lot just to make things sound more sensational than they are

Smart contracts are a method of transacting with another individual in on a peer to peer basis, that means without a middleman. The benefit is not having a middleman, e.g. a bank. Anything attached on top has nothing to do with the smart contract. Think about it as akin to executing a bank transaction.

Now, if a banking platform started talking about earning passive income. It wouldn’t drive ou to careless decisions because you understand the bank. But because smart contracts are something new and not well understood, it is used to catch your attention and get you excited without knowing its actual function. Just beware of that.

Is XOXO Network a Scam?

Yes, XOXO Network is a scam. It is a pyramid scheme that relies on the recruiting of new members onto the platform for it to continue. When the new members make investments, those investments are used to fund the profits of their sponsors and other members who joined before them.

There is no intrinsic value in the platform and it is a matter of taking money from you to pay someone else. The also say that your investments come with zero risk and guarantee high profits. There are no such thing as guaranteed profits and you are likelier to lost money in the long haul.

XOXO Network is a classic ponzi scheme and I recommend avoiding it and programs like it. There are far better and more sustainable ways to make money.

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