Is UpCrowdMe a Scam?

Welcome to my review. If you are asking yourself, is UpCrowdMe a scam, you are in the right place.

It’s hard not to get excited if someone proposes an easy way to make money.

Especially if it is a small amount that is needed to get you started and it will get even better when the person tells you that you will have to do next to nothing which works for you as you have a day job and a family in the evening.

Of course, the temptation will be there. It sounds like a dream come true and a way to bring some financial security to your life.

This is where you can get caught up in dubious online schemes.

Is UpCrowdMe a Scam?

UpCrowdMe Review Summary

This review focuses on a website called UpCrowdme.

It hit the internet last year sometime, but due to lack of transparency on their homepage, no information exists on direct dates or possibly a history. We do know that Tim Bentely started it.

Due to sketchy business practices in which they were charging new users $5 to access the site, the company got in trouble, and they have now changed their name to UpCrowdMe Social or UCM Social.

Offering a free sign up that will allow you access to free training on Facebook marketing. They attempt to sell you on the idea of marketing their training materials on your various social media accounts.

They also encourage heavily to recruit new members. They do this because their learning materials get divided into levels, and they implement a pay-to-play system for you to have access to it.

There are six levels, and you have to go from level 1 to level 6 purchasing the new tiers as you go along. Each new level goes higher in price with hidden costs such as processing fees.

Due to the nature of this kind of implementation leads us to say they are not a scam, but almost there due to their questionable tactics and pyramid scheme-ish type recruitment methods.

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What is UpCrowdMe?

UpCrowdMe is a sketchy peer-to-peer program allowing you to make money from other people that donate to you.

The person responsible for this program is Tim Bentely, a person that has little information online.

What can be found is that he studied mentoring and coaching at the University of Phoenix and that he has a website called which ironically is the original UpCrowdMe website.

The company caught flack late in 2019 for questionable business practices. Since then, they have changed the name to UpCrowdMe or UCM Social, offering tools to users to assist with marketing on social network platforms, or so they say.

Not only have they adjusted the name of the company, but they also tweaked their compensation plans. Initially, when joining UpCrowdMe, you had to fork over $5 immediately.

This time around, it is free to sign up with an option to become an affiliate at $10 per month, and this is just the beginning.

UpCrowdMe is close to a pyramid scheme and or a Ponzi scheme, but it is not quite there. The business method relies heavily on recruitment, and the business structure isn’t sustainable.

It also becomes a pay to play program, meaning the more money you put in, the more money you will get out.

How Does UpCrowdMe Work?

Easy enough to get started with UpCrowdMe or UCM Social, whichever name they prefer.

Once on their site, you have the option to enroll for free. It will then ask you for some information such as your name, email address and PayPal address which will be for payments. They also payout in Bitcoin.

Once you can log in, you will see that there are some videos and guides that can assist you, but you can’t do anything until you make a minimum donation of $10 which is essentially the same as what they had before.

UpCrowdMe boasts that you can make money even if you don’t recruit people, that the $10 you pay will start an automated process.

It is a true statement but also misleading as they leave out the part where you need to recruit at least five people before the automated process begins. They officially say three, but we say five and we will explain why in the next section.

How Do You Make Money With UpCrowdMe?

Just creating an account and logging in will assign you to level 1, and this is the training level. You can watch a lengthy introduction video of what the site is all about and how you make money. You also have the option to become an affiliate for $10 per month.

If you decide to become an affiliate, you will receive $5 for nearly every person that signs up using your affiliate link. The first and third person gets passed onto the person who recruited you, and this is why we said, enlist five people.

The way you recruit these people is by promoting UpCrowdMe’s training program, which they call;

“Social Media Mastery”. The training program has six levels that you can advertise ranging from $20 to a total of $1000, you get a percentage of the commission, or you could just be recruiting people through your affiliate link.

It is important to note that you can make money using this system, but it is not sustainable, and if you do opt to go for the training, be aware that there are hidden costs, like processing fees.

Red Flags

  • Questionable History – Before UCM Social, it was called UpCrowdMe, and they got into serious trouble for their dubious business practices.
  • Hidden Costs -They allow you to sign up for free, but you can’t do anything after that. A $10 donation is required to proceed any further.
  • Pay To Play System – Their business model is a pay to play system. The more you pay, the more money you could potentially earn at the end of the month.
  • Pyramid Model – The best way to make money is by recruiting people, but by doing that, then the structure starts leaning heavily towards a pyramid scheme or a Ponzi scheme. New members pay money to keep the ball rolling. Not sustainable.
  • Not BBB Registered – All businesses that are real will register with the Better Business Bureau. UCM Social is not, major red flag.
  • No Refunds – The FAQ on their site is lacking a lot of information which is a point of concern anyway, but there is no mention of a refund if you find the product not working for you.
  • No Transparency – No additional information on the website aids in the history of the company. The company appeared out of nowhere in 2019.

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  • Free sign up – Before it was called UCM Social, you had to pay $5 to access the site.
  • Facebook Training – While other levels cost a pretty penny, Facebook training is free.
  • Automated Process – Once you have recruited at least five people using your link, then the automation process begins, and you won’t have to do much.


  • Hidden Costs – There are hidden costs with this program. There are processing fees and sponsor fees of which users are not aware.
  • No BBB Registration – The company has no registration with the Better Business Bureau leading many to scepticism.
  • Lack Of Support – When attempting to get hold of support, I could not get hold of anyone.
  • Pay to Play System – The implementation of this business model resembles a pay to play system in which the more money you put into this system, the more money you will get out.
  • Access To Your Social Media Accounts – One of the levels allows UpCrowdMe to post to your social media accounts on your behalf. That is not to be trusted.
  • Expensive Upsells – When you finish the Facebook training you will see the next tiers are upselling. You can’t buy the highest cost right out the gate, and they make you go through the levels in order, forcing you to purchase more and more.
  • Too Much Focus on Recruitment – There are no real products for sale here, only memberships which you can promote, leaving the only way to make decent money by recruiting more people, and turning this into a Pyramid/Ponzi scheme.

Is UpCrowdMe a Scam?

It is not technically a scam, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t doing scammy type things.

This particular company was in trouble with the law before in 2019. That was when they were named UpCrowdMe, and they changed it to UCM Social most likely in an attempt to distance themselves from the negative press.

You need to pay to access anything decent, and you can’t access the highest tier from the beginning.

They purposefully keep you locked in specific levels making you pay your way forward until you reach the highest tier. You have no choice if you want to proceed. The system in use serves to milk the customer for everything they are worth.

With that in mind, the next best way to make money using them is recruiting others to join them and hoping that they pay their $5 or $10 every month and keep on recruiting others.

Then it becomes a pyramid or Ponzi scheme because the stability of the business becomes unstable, relying too heavily on new members money to keep the cash flowing.

The company puts forward no information on whether they do refunds or not, so this also puts them in the scam pile.

UpCrowdMe is a program that we really cannot recommend to anyone.


There are other options you can look into.

One, you can search the internet for how to make money online and go through web-page after web- page, trying new things.

It’s fantastic on one hand because you are learning what not do, and who not to trust.

Through that process, you will begin to identify who are scammers and who are potentially legitimate companies that do want to help others.

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