Is Uhuru Tribe a Scam?

Welcome to my Uhuru Tribe review. If you are reading this, you have probably heard about this new crypto stokvel from a friend or online, and you are now researching whether it is legit.

I have done quite a bit of research into the platform. In this review, I will be sharing everything that I have uncovered about Uhuru Tribe with you. This will help you to see the truth behind the company and whether it’s a scam that you must run from or something worth investing your money in.

Is Uhuru Tribe a Scam?

Uhuru Tribe Review Summary

Uhuru Tribe is a pyramid scheme that is using a stokvel as their model of business. The company claims to be a cryptocurrency stokvel but it has nothing to do with cryptocurrency and their coin is not traded on any reputable cryptocurrency exchanges.

Based out of Namibia and South Africa, the company provides financial services without being registered with FSCA, meaning that they operate illegally.

They are an obvious scam and one to avoid. There are better ways to make money than this one.

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What Is Uhuru Tribe

Uhuru Tribe is one of the more recent in the slew of companies using crypto as a base for the business and supposedly giving members a way to earn money.

It is operating as a digital stokvel (explained below) which works a savings club for members, promising higher than normal returns.

According to the official website:

Uhuru Tribe is a Stokvel that creates wealth and prosperity for its customers and members by making various Crypto Currency services available to them and at the same time give you an opportunity to create your own business from home for a very small initial amount.

The company was has been operating from almost 3 year, with the domain registered in February 2018.

The founder of the company is by Coenraad Botha, who is from Namibia but seems to be running the company through a South African bank account.

What Is a Stokvel?

A stokvel is a savings club of usually between 12 and 50 people that is common in South Africa. The way it works is that members contribute money monthly or weekly into the group account, and lump sums are paid out on a rotational basis to the members.

The club usually consists of members who know each other personally, either directly or indirectly. They have a constitution, managing committee, and regular meetings on weekends (weekly or bimonthly) where members are kept abreast of the runnings of the club.

The benefits of a stokvel range from an investment purpose with lump sum payments, to funeral cover, to social benefits and networking.

How Uhuru Tribe Works

Uhuru Tribe has two sides. The first is what they call the passive side, and the second is called the business side.

On the “passive” side, you basically invest money and you are meant to receive a return on that money. They have 3 different categories under Passive, called Uhuru Cash, Fraxions and FX Trade.

Uhuru Cash

Plan A – 13 week investment period – 0.30% Daily interest rate

Plan B – 25 week investment period – 0.35% Daily interest rate

Plan C – 40 week investment period – 0.38% Daily interest rate

Fraxions and FX Trade

Fraxion is supposed to work as Uhuru’s own cryptocurrency which you buy at an exchange rate of $57.5 for 1 Fraxion.

FX Trade is for trading Uhuru’s coins, known as UHC.

The business side of Uhuru Tribe is basically a referral program where you get a commission for recruiting other people onto the platform.

Uhuru Tribe Referral Program

The commission structure consist of 10 tiers

Level 1 – Earn 65% commission from the spend of your referrals

Level 2 – Earn 10% commission from the spend of your referrals

Level 3 – Earn 5% commission from the spend of your referrals

Level 4 – Earn 4% commission from the spend of your referrals

Level 5 – Earn 4% commission from the spend of your referrals

Level 6 – Earn 3% commission from the spend of your referrals

Level 7 – Earn 3% commission from the spend of your referrals

Level 8 – Earn 2% commission from the spend of your referrals

Level 9 – Earn 2% commission from the spend of your referrals

Level 10 – Earn 2% commission from the spend of your referrals

There are affiliate ranks for people who recruit referrals, with bonus in Uhuru Tribe’s internal points system/currency.

Tribesman – Qualifying earns a bonus of 15 UHC

Elder – Qualifying earns a bonus of 60 UHC

Headman – Qualifying earns a bonus of 240 UHC

Clan Chief – Qualifying earns a bonus of 960 UHC

Chief – Qualifying earns a bonus of 3,840 UHC

Regional Chief – Qualifying earns a bonus of 15,360 UHC

Head Chief – Qualifying earns a bonus of 61,440 UHC

To qualify for a level, you have to meet the requirements. Using Tribesman as an example, you need to have 4 people in your down line under you. Of those 4 people, 2 must be people that you recruited personally. You must also have bought at least 2 Fraxions yourself

Uhuru Tribe Affiliate Ranks

The also have what they call a production bonus, which essentially works like a dividend payout. Depending on how much profit the company makes in a month, there should be a payment going out to members depending on their level.
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Red Flags

Unrealistic rate of return – The rate of return offered by Uhuru Tribe is unusually high and warrants suspicion. The say you will make a return of 0.3% a day, which equates to 6% a month or 72% a year. Generally, investment, a return of 12% is considered good and something like 25% is considered suspicious. The return offered by Uhuru Tribe sis too good to be true.

Operating illegally – Uhuru Tribe is using s South African bank account to operate their business. In order to take people’s money and offer them a return on investment, you have to be an authorized financial service provider, registered with the FSCA. Doing an FSCA search for the company shows that they are not authorized and are, therefore, operating illegally.

Claiming to not be a pyramid scheme – This can be seen from the diagram of the structure on the official Uhuru Tribe YouTube channel. They tell you that the program is not a pyramid scheme, and then proceed to show you the structure of the program which is exactly that, a pyramid scheme.

They then claim that a normal company also looks like a pyramid scheme by that logic. The difference between a normal working environment is that managers and the CEO don’t get commissions from employees. And most importantly, at a job they pay you money, not the other way around. You don’t need to pay money to keep your job.


None – Uhuru Tribe say they are a stokvel but all controls that are inherent with stokvels and make them less risky are absent.


No real product or value – When give someone money, you must consider what you can do with what they give you. With Uhuru Tribe, you are effectively giving them real money for their made up monopoly money. Their UHC can’t be used outside their platform, and if the program stops you are left with nothing. With other MLMs, for example, you at least have a product that you can sell, exchange of consume.

Too complex – The model for Uhuru Tribe is overly complex, with too many components for the normal person to be able to keep up with. This is a common strategy with ponzi schemes and MLMs. They always have internal points systems and hierarchies that aren’t easy to understand. They also always use a token or points system that separated members from the concept of how much money they spend.

A cryptocurrency stokvel does’t make much sense – All of the inherent features of a stokvel that innately foster governance are gone. The reason why stokvels have worked for many years in South Africa is that each stokvel usually comprises a relatively small number of people who generally know each other in a personal capacity. It is much more of a community effort and things are easier to enforce because the members know each other directly or indirectly. So following up with someone over issues is easy and there is the peer pressure from within the peer group that helps to govern.

Is Uhuru Tribe a Scam?

Yes, Uhuru Tribe is definitely a scam. They say they are not a MLM or pyramid but that is exactly what they are doing. It is pyramid scheme because the main way of making money is to recruit people, and the money of new joiners is used to pay those who joined before.
The return on investments of more than 6% a month is way too good to be true. This type of model is common, where they let you invest, but when it’s time to withdraw, you will not be able to.
There are also operating illegally as their are not registered with the FSCA authority that governs financial institutions in South Africa where they operate.

It is clearly a scam and you are more likely to lose money than make any if you invest.

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