Is TranscribeMe a Scam?

Welcome to my Review. If you are asking yourself is TranscribeMe a Scam, and want to know if it’s a legit money-making opportunity, you are in the right place.

In this review, I will be sharing my experience with TransribeMe, whether it’s worthwhile, and who I think it is a good option for.

Is TranscribeMe a Scam?

TranscribeMe Review Summary

Transcribe me is an online transcription platform that allows people from anywhere in the world to make some extra money. The platform is legit, and pays in US Dollars to their pool of transcribers.

While it is legit, the amount of money that you can make on TranscribeMe is not worthwhile for most people with prior experience or who are from developing countries. The transcription is time-consuming and the average person will earn around $3 per hour working there.

It it a good enough option for those who are new to online working or are in a pinch and need a bit of extra cash. But as a long term solution, you are better off looking at other options.

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What is TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe is an online transcription platform where you can get paid to convert audio files into text. It is similar to other transcription programmes we have reviewed such as and Scribie.

TranscribeMe is one of the prominent online transcription platforms. They say that they have the best transcription rates in the industry. The rates start at $20 per audio hour and the website states that the average earnings for active transcribers is $250, while top transcribers earn up to $2200.

How TranscribeMe differs from other transcription platforms is that they focus on smaller files. So in comparison to other websites like Rev, where most of the files are from around the 10-minute region to up to over an hour, TranscribeMe files are around one or two minutes long.

TranscribeMe Entry Requirements

To be able to transcribe, you need the following

  • Computer
  • Reliable Internet connection
  • Ability to transcribe audio and video in any of the supported languages

Things that are optional but can help are earphones so that you can hear the sound better. TranscribeMe only works on the Google Chrome browser. So if you are using a different browser, you will have to download Chrome if you want to transcriber for TranscribeMe.

The minimum age for you to be a transcriptionist is 18 years of age. So anybody like students past high school or job seekers without formal qualifications can apply to work from TranscribeMe.

How To Get Into TranscribeMe

To get onto TranscribeMe, sign up on the website. On the website there is a lot of information that does not pertain to

transcribers. That information is there for customers. As a prospective transcriber, the only thing you need is the Join/ Login/Signup button on the top right where you will sign up as a transcriptionist

They start you off with what they call the online training program. In this program they introduce you to the Transcription Portal. You then have to familiarize yourself with the style guide which will inform you how to transcribe files to meet the platform’s standard.

Once you have familiarized yourself with the style guide, you can take the transcription test that will test you on your ability to transcribe accurately and to follow the style guide.

The TranscribeMe Exam

The exam consists of two portions. The first is a multiple choice test and in the second part you have to transcribe.

The multiple choice test is to test your grammar and eligibility for transcription in general. The questions can be difficult if you have not taken the time to learn the style guide and other resources that they provide. Be sure to do this so you can can be best prepared. To pass the multiple choice test you need to score 100%.

The second test is a transcription test. You are given three audio clips to transcribe in the style that is prescribed in the style guide. The clips are an indication of what the clips from clients will be like. To pass this test you need to score 80%. There is no time limit on this part of the test. You can therefore take your time to transcribe accurately and maximise your chance of passing.

As far as difficulty, the test is one of the more difficult tests as far as online transcription goes but it is not impossible. If you are good at English you should be fine though.

If you are pass the exam you are qualified to transcribe on the platform. After you pass, your account gets activated within 3 business days. After activation, jobs will start to appear in the jobs tab on your account page.

Transcribe Different Languages

In addition to English, TranscribeMe has transcription services in various languages that include the following.

  • Spanish.
  • Portuguese.
  • Chinese.
  • Japanese.
  • Vietnamese.
  • Korean.
  • French.
  • Italian
  • Scottish

There is a test for each of the various languages that they hire transcribers for. You can also take optional accent exams in English. These qualify you for transcribing files that have different English accents.

How TranscribeMe Works

The client submits a file thought the customer portal and that file is broken up in to 1-2 minute files. The files are then transcribed by transcriptionists like you. When all the chunks have been transcribed, the transcript are reassembled into one whole transcript and sent to the quality assurance stage where it is assessed to ensure quality and accuracy of the transcript. The quality assessor then adds time stamps and speaker IDs.

The transcript is then sent through the final review process and returned to the client. If you are good at transcription in general, there is opportunity to get promoted to the different QA positions with time.

Who Can Work For TranscribeMe

Transcription work is available for anybody who passes the test and can transcribe to the standard. TranscribMe is available worldwide. It is particularly popular in developing countries like India, Vietnam, and other Asian countries.

How Much Does TranscribeMe Pay?

TranscribeMe pays from $20 per audio hour, which works out to $0.33 per minute. The pay is around the standard that you can expect for online transcription programmes that are open to everyone regardless of experience. There are also opportunities to be promoted to roles like reviewing or quality assurance, which pay higher rates and are less “labor-intensive”.

Depending on where you live, it can serve a livable income. If you are in places like Asia or Africa where the minimum wage is far below $5/hour, the pay might be acceptable. In places like the North America or the US where minimum wage is much higher, you might not be happy with this level of pay.

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Transcribe me pays out on a weekly basis through PayPal. The money that they pay is not taxed so you have to do your own taxes yourself in accordance with the guidelines of the country you stay in.

What Is The Actual Work Like?

As with most online transcription platforms, the quality of audio files is usual pretty bad. A lot of your time will be spent sifting through files to find a quality that you find acceptable.

The short 1-2 minute clips mean that you can do some work without a large time commitment. On the other hand, the lack of variety in length of clips can be problem if you are looking to work do a larger amount of transcription. As mentioned, a good deal of time is spent sifting through audio files. With shorter files, you will lose a lot more time in the sifting process and with other down time things like stopping and starting.

TranscribeMe allows you to work when and as you please. They do not have commitment requirements and you can go as long as you please without transcribing for them and you will not have any penalties levied against you.

You are allowed to work on as many files as you choose at a single time. Similar platforms often only allow you to work on one file at a time.

Availability Of Jobs

TranscribeMe warns that they do not guarantee availability of work for transcribers. From my experience, there was never really a shortage of jobs to work on. The only limitation I found was that most of the available jobs were of a bad quality and good files are scarce.

TranscribeMe has skill levels attached to your profile based on how many minutes of audio you have transcribed. These levels do not have any benefits such as increasing the amount that you can earn or to give proven transcribers first pick at newly uploaded files, like’s levels do, which is disappointing. The levels are pretty meaningless in that respect and are something you need not pay attention to.

Overall Impression

The experience at TranscribeMe is similar to what you will find at most platforms of this kind. The money that they pay is low by some standards but it is not the worst there is.

Their claim that they pay the best rates in the industry is not true. One example of a better-paying platform is where the lowest rate in my feed was $0.45 per audio minute. As for the report that the top earners earn $2200, this is highly unlikely for most people. My estimation is that an average typist would earn $500 a month if they work similar hours to what a permanent job would entail.

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Freedom and flexibility – Being a remote online job give you a lot of flexibility. You can do transcription whenever you have time, and can do it as an extra-curricular job if you are a student or an employee elsewhere looking to make extra bucks.

No prior experience needed – There are no entrance requirements for transcription other than understanding the English language well enough to transcribe audio and having a decent typing speed. This means that if you have no qualifications or experience, that does not work against you.

Available worldwide – Anybody from anywhere in the world can work as an online transcriptionist, as long as they have a computer and an internet connection.


Pay is not great – The money that TranscribeMe pays is not that much considering how much time transcription work takes. Given how long it took me to transcribe something at 50WPM, I would say that the hourly rate turns out to around $3 per hour.

Bad audio quality on most files – The bad quality on audio files means that it will take you a lot longer to transcribe something as you will have to listen repeatedly trying to decipher the audio. It also increases the probability of you getting lower scores because some things you can’t hear and will have to guess what was said.

Misleading claims – The claims about how much money you can make at Transcribe me apply only to the top transcribers who have high typing speeds and are willing to put all their hours into the work. Most people will not earn that much.

Is TranscribeMe a Scam?

No, TranscribeMe is not a scam? It is a legitimate online Transcription company similar to others that we have covered like and GoTranscript. If you are looking for a way to make money online and think you can manage with transcription, go a head and apply.

Just me aware that chances are very low that you will make the amounts of money that they mention on the website. It is a decent enough gig to get a bit of money if you are a student or still working your way towards something else.

If you live in a country with lower costs of living where minimum wage is less than $5 then TranscribMe can be a worthwhile method of making money. If you live somewhere with higher living costs or have higher income expectations, TranscribeMe will not be for you.

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