Is The Commission Multiplier a Scam?

If you are doing your research and asking yourself Is The Commission Multiplier a scam, you are in the right place.

Many of us are trying to make money online. Especially now in the year 2020, in a Covid-19 world. Many more people are working from home via remote if they are lucky while others may have been unfortunate enough to lose their jobs and are simply trying to get by.

More and more scam sites are popping up every month in an attempt to get people to part with their money and thanks to the panic and tension in the world, most people will be all too excited at the prospect of just making money, let alone easy money.

Because of this, people get manipulated and willingly shell over the money they do have with the promise of being able to be financially independent.

There is a system that is called The Commission Multiplier, which states that it offers a “strange” method for you to make money. It follows the same set of rules that most scam sites follow, showcasing users who claim to be making money by the thousands using this system.

However, no one in this video is transparent about how they specifically use this system to their advantage, so it becomes all marketing fluff. Thus, making it more challenging for potential buyers to invest.

In this review, we will be exploring the basics of what this system has to offer and if it does what it claims to do.


The Commisssion Multiplier Review Summary

The Commission Multiplier system is part of one of the sales funnels connected to the Super Affiliate Network.

With that said, you should be aware that The Commission Multiplier does seem to be a clone of another system called Home Cashflow Shortcut which is associated with the Super Affiliate Network.

Since The Commission Multiplier System is part of the Super Affiliate Network majority of all the work is done by their marketing and technical experts leaving you with about 5% of work than can get done from your side which gets taught to you via online training.

Once you sign up to become a part of this system, a unique website is generated for you and is already optimized to advertise select products.

The only thing you have to do is check the site every day to make a few tweaks and with a personal coach assigned to you, develop your website to better appeal to customers, but all content and products get created for you.

Once your website gets set up and is running everything is pretty much automated from there, excluding you having to log in to check on a few things. You aren’t required to do anything else except maybe advertising to others.

Which means we find it hard to trust in the program. With as little as $27 for the base price of this system and you hardly do any work?

Yes, it is too good to be true, and we cannot recommend it. It is primarily due to that when you buy into The Commission Multiplier you’ll become automatically redirected to the Super Affiliate Network.

Once there, they expect you to spend large amounts of money on training to become an online affiliate marketer, and you’ll only be marketing their network.

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What is The Commission Multiplier?

The Commission Multiplier is a system which is part of a sales funnel that connects to the Super Affiliate Network.

The Super Affiliate Network got founded by Misha Wilson, a digital marketer who used this network to expand his business ventures, and it eventually led to him educating others on becoming marketers.

His top focus is a lead generation system and converting those to sales using sales funnels. He has created many systems over the years, and all of them have generated enormous amounts of traffic for himself and his team members.

It is an online marketing program that supposedly enables you to earn a passive income daily. It provides one on one mentoring, training you to be a successful online affiliate marketer.

One of its many sales points is that once you join the network, everything is automated, from website creation to product information and advertisements leaving you with very little to do.

How does The Commission Multiplier Work?

Firstly they attempt to hook you by using marketing words and messing with your mind, with phrases like “Use this strange method or hate yourself”, things of that nature.

Once you decide to look further into this system after watching a few fake testimonial videos of apparent users bragging that have made thousands using this method, they encourage you to hand over money to find out more.

If you buy into that, The Commission Multiplier creates a unique website, tailored for selling specific products. You hardly have to do anything. During this time, you will receive a coach who gives you training on how to become an online affiliate marketer.

Due to The Commission Multiplier being a part of the Super Affiliate Network, they have a marketing and a technical team that does most of the work for you. You can sit back and watch the sales roll in, except that is not true.

The marketing team even sets up the payment system for you, which enables you to receive your commissions. They also have a customer support desk if you have any questions or need assistance with any problems you might be having with the program.

Alternatively, you can also connect to their and might I note their Super Affiliate Network Facebook page which has nearly 15,000 other members for you to ask advice from for them to assist you.

Once you get settled in you’ll sign a non-disclosure agreement to their top company secrets, well still secret. In the beginning, this costs you about $27 to buy in too.

So far so good; except this is where it all starts goings to hell. The product that you start selling is the same product that you just bought. Convincing others to buy into The Commission Multiplier is in essence, a recruitment or pyramid scheme or is at least bordering on it.

You only make money from the people that you are potentially recruiting underneath you.

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  • You do get some value from the training provided if you are really to the world of affiliate marketing
  • The support desk and Facebook page have real people who try and help
  • Misha Wilson created this program, so there is a face behind the system.


  • The Commission Multiplier is a trick to buy into the Super Affiliate Network
  • Only really teach you how to become an affiliate marketer, not starting your own online business
  • Questionable marketing tactics
  • Will spend thousands on training material which is too excessive
  • You will not make money the way they say you will make money
  • Borders on being a pyramid scheme
  • Long term costs will exceed your earnings
  • Less than 2% of members will make enough money using this system to cover their costs

Is The Commission Multiplier a Scam?

In truth, The Commission Multiplier isn’t real, but it’s also not a scam. It employs the same questionable marketing tactics which make you want to find out more about the program, but it isn’t scammy. It’s just unethical.

They are just not fully transparent with everything, which makes them hard to trust.

It’s a curtain over the real thing you are signing up for, and that is The Super Affiliate Network.

You may have a personal coach, but that coach will encourage you to spend thousands on an expensive training program. Quite honestly, you could receive the same information from other sites for much cheaper or even free if you look around the internet hard enough.

What you get from SAN isn’t worth the risk in the long run, and there are potential risks involved that will make you feel like you have lost money.

The Super Affiliate Network boasts that they can help train you to start an online business, but the fact of the matter is that they only teach you to promote their very own network to other people.

You could learn a lot about affiliate marketing doing this if you are prepared to spend thousands and potentially use what they implement here for your very own thing, but it won’t be allowed if you are part of their system. You are a salesman for their product.

You will only make money recruiting people underneath you.

If this network were to run into some legal trouble as these kinds of programs often do, that would mean that in an instant your online business and potential financial freedom will go up in smoke with a snap of a finger.

That is the problem with these recruiting or pyramid schemes because this is what it is.

Now here is something that might make your ears perk up. Less than 2% of members make money. No, that wasn’t a typo.

According to their disclosure page, most members spend between $3,000 and $12,000 per year on expenses. On an income disclosure statement, is shows that rookies will make $103 per year.

During a full year, how much money do you think you are going too realistically spend on this network before seeing any fair return?


In the traditional sense, The Commission Multiplier is not a scam, but it isn’t transparent either.

The Commission Multiplier is only a doorway to the Super Affiliate Network.

Due to its questionable marketing tactics, it makes one question the integrity behind the program even though this system and Super Affiliate have a human face behind them compared to other scam websites.

While you could potentially receive some pretty good training if you are new to the online world and affiliate marketing, but you will be disappointed in future when you discover that there are cheaper alternatives.

There are ways to make money without resorting to a recruitment or pyramid scheme which keeps you in an endless cycle and doesn’t allow you to grow or function as an actual business.

These types of business practices are border-line illegal and tend to get shut down by the authorities at some point.

There are honest approaches to obtaining clients, and it’s mind-boggling when a business employs distasteful tactics to reign in customers. The best way to get customers is through honesty, having integrity, trust and communication.

If you need to make money online for whatever reason, then it would be suggested to try and take some surveys for a little bit of extra cash and join one of the better programs.

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