Is Squishy Cash a Scam?

If you are asking yourself is squishy cash a scam, you are in the right place.

Squishy Cash supposed to be like other GPT sites, but there has been some form of negativity surrounding this particular brand.

Using a name like Squishy also somehow lowers one’s defenses at times. It seems like such an nonthreatening word, how on earth could there be negativity towards it?

Regardless, in this review, we will be doing our research and see if Squishy Cash is legit or if it is just another typical GPT scam site.

Is Squishy Cash a Scam?

Squishy Cash Review Summary

Squishy Cash is an online get paid to click website which offers users opportunities to make a little bit of extra income by doing surveys, completing offers, watching adverts and referring others.

Created in 2007 by Carolyn Berg and an internet marketing and web design firm named SLB Marketing Squishy Cash’s primary goal was to bring different brands together to get the opinions of potential consumers.

In exchange for participating in these offers, customers receive chips which are equivalent to one USD cent and less than a dollar on surveys. Payments get made through PayPal, Payza, Dwolla and apparently by cheque when the minimum payout threshold reaches $15

Squishy Cash heavily relies on the referral offer, which becomes essentially a pyramid scheme with you receiving a $1 commission for every successful referral and then, receiving 25% of the rewards that a person underneath you obtains.

Due to the primary focus on the referral system, the low earnings of surveys and offers and an outdated and cluttered home page, Squishy Cash not be recommended as a legitimate GPT survey/reward website.

Squishy Cash is not a scam site, but they are not putting the interest of consumers first.

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What Is Squishy Cash?

Squishy Cash is an international “get paid to click” website offering users a way to earn a little bit of extra incoming by completing surveys, tasks, offers, referring friends and clicking on advertisements.

Created by web design and internet marketing firm, named SLB Marketing and designed by one Carolyn Berg, Squishy Cash went live in 2007 with the primary goal of helping others earn a little extra income and bringing various brands together.

Their main offices are in Henderson, Nevada, and the site has been around for over a decade.

Platform reports state that Squishy Cash has 200 thousand members and the site in total to this day makes cash payouts just shy of $350 thousand.

Platforms like this serve as an influential purpose of bringing together separate brands who need the honest opinions of consumers who like knowing that their voices matter, and in the process, they earn a small side income.

Squishy Cash makes money from brands who are interested in advertising their products and want to get helpful insight into what can make their products better with consumer input.

The profit that Squishy Cash makes from these advertisements and surveys get distributed with users on the platform.

Back then, Squishy Cash’s reputation was confident in the online space, but in recent years it has slowly been declining.

How Does Squishy Cash Work?

Squishy Cash is free to join and requires you to be 18 years or older to sign up and is available to people all over the world. Keep in mind there are geographical restrictions.

Using a VPN in an attempt to obtain more surveys will result in an immediate ban.

The sign-up process is simple if you are still living in the year 2007. Instead of just an email address, it requires a physical mailing address and still offers the option for cheques as payment. When was the last time you saw one of those?

Once you join, you will earn an immediate $3 and receive five chips. These chips are a currency which is your reward when you complete specific tasks.

One chip is equivalent to one cent, and these get used in obtaining gift cards from mainstream websites.

Additional cash withdrawals get made mainly through PayPal, Payza, Dwolla and apparently cheque. Once you reach the minimum payout threshold which $15, which seems a little high.

How Do You Make Money?

There are multiple ways you can make money on Squishy Cash.

The first way is Clicks which sees clicking on paid advertisements, and watching the advert until completion or clicking on links that get paid by advertisers to increase traffic to external websites. The payout is low so manage expectations.

Then there are surveys which are one of the simplest tasks to complete, although you will earn less than $1 depending on how intricate the questions are.

Squishy Cash directs you to various survey panels and provides multiple survey opportunities daily.

They also offer a few other ways of earning money, but it’s deliberately misconstrued.

Squishy Cash advertises Offer Walls, Free Offers, Free Trials and Cash Backs from Shopping online. The offers and trials all boil down to the same thing and even when you check them out there are never new offers available.

Regardless, there are some offers that require you to invest a small amount of money for you to sample an app or product. Then there are offers that request your physical address and phone number which can lead to many unwanted phone calls, spam texts and spam emails.

The CashBack option isn’t bad. This allows you to save money by receiving chips in exchange, those chips can then be used on certain online products such as ebooks.

The best way to make money from Squishy Cash is their referral program which seems to be their primary focus. For every person that you refer using your affiliate link, you will earn $1.

Anyone that is a recruit underneath you will receive 25% of the rewards which that person brought in as a member, and this includes referrals.

The system goes down a few levels;

  • 25% for level one (your direct referrals)
  • 5% for your 2nd level
  • 4% for level 3
  • 1% for level 4
  • 1% for level 5

You only earn commissions on completed offers and successful referrals, not completed surveys.

Red Flags

  • Dated User Interface – The main home page of Squishy Cash leaves much to be desired. It is cluttered and outdated.
  • Referral Program – The first item mentioned in the welcoming email is talking the referral program.
  • The Offer System – While the offer system wants you to participate in things, asking for phone numbers and physical addresses is not okay.
  • Cheque Payment – The Fact that Squishy Cash is still offering cheque as a form of payment is something that is concerning.
  • Inactive Forums – Forums are a great addition, but the last activity recorded on the forum was in 2017. It is pretty dead there.
  • Low Earnings – The earnings are pretty low on doing surveys and even legitimate offers.
  • High Payout Threshold – In order to claim your money you need to reach a minimum threshold of $15 dollars which is too high. Other survey sites range from $2 – $5.

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  • Internationally Available – Users from all over the world can use Squishy Cash.
  • Payout – They do payout once you hit the minimum threshold.
  • Free – There is no registration fee.
  • $3 Bonus – You will receive a $3 bonus for signing up.
  • Quick Surveys – You can complete some surveys rather quickly, increase your earning potential.
  • CashBack – The Cashback offer works pretty well for an online book store. It’s a smart way to save money.


  • Minimum Payment Threshold – The minimum payment threshold is too high compared to other survey sites.
  • Referral Program – There is too much emphasis on the referral program
  • Low Earnings – You can earn more on other survey sites.
  • Deposit On Offers – for some trials, it is a requirement for you to deposit money before you can test an application.
  • Geographical Restrictions – Some surveys will not be available to you depending on your country and offers are mostly US-based.
  • Time-Consuming – Some surveys and tasks can take too long to complete and for little reward.
  • In-Active Forum – The community on Squishy Cash is not active. The last recorded activity was in 2017.
  • Low Income – Income potential is limited and not sustainable for a full-time income.

Is Squishy Cash A Scam?

Squishy Cash used to be one of the great GPT websites, but time has been cruel. The whole site itself may be now under new management, and no care has gone into maintaining it. That is one theory.

It’s possible that at one point, Squishy Cash was a legitimate and an irrefutable survey/reward website, but currently, it just isn’t.

It does offer the occasional survey and offers which is rewarding, here and there, however, the pay is so much lower compared to the other survey sites. Since offers also request questionable practices of the consumer such as giving out personal information, stands to reason that one should question the company.

There is too much emphasis on their referral program. That at some points, it could seem that Squishy Cash is trying to be a pyramid scheme disguised as a survey/reward site.

It feels like they are deliberately wasting your time. It is good enough for earning a few small bucks here and there, but ultimately, it’s not worth it.

They are not a scam; they just stopped caring about what they are doing.


There are so many other ways you can make money on the internet. If you are a skilled freelance writer, you could look for freelance writing jobs and get paid.

For small incomes on the side and other GPT sites, there are more distinguished and higher paying sites. We’ll list them below.

  • ClixSense
  • CashCrate
  • Ysense
  • Prizerebel
  • Rewarding Ways
  • Inbox Dollars

Some of these sites offer a referral system as well but not to the point that Squishy Cash has done it.

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