Is a Scam?

Welcome to my review. If you are asking reading this and asking yourself is a scam, you are in the right place. I have worked on the platform for a while and will share all of my experiences with you to help you figure out if it legit and worth your time to work on.

Is a Scam? Review Summary is one of the better online transcription platforms that I have worked on. So not, is not a scam. It is probably harder to get into than more lenient programs on the internet. The benefit with Rev is a better pay rate and a straightforward grading system.

Their requirements can be more strict than other platforms but if your English and typing skills are good enough, I recommend as one of the better options that are available to you.

It is a good option for making money if you are new to earning online. But it does not pay what you can consider a full-time salary. So you want to start there and then continue onto other options that pay better.

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What is is one of the most popular online transcription platforms. Anybody from anywhere in the world can apply and there is always a good amount of transcription work available. The skill requirement for working for is a good grasp of the English grammar and spelling. A good typing speed is an advantage for you to make more money.

How to become a transcriber for

The application process is straightforward. You first sign up to create an account and once you have signed up you are given a test to test your grammar usage. After passing this short test, you get a 1-minute-long video to transcribe. Rev is one of the more difficult transcription programs to get into compared and does not give multiple opportunities to take the test. For more lenient transcription platforms with multiple opportunities to take tests you can look at alternatives like Scribie.

Once you submit the transcription, they send you an acknowledgement email stating that your outcome will be communicated within a week. After reviews your application, they will activate your account and you can immediately begin transcribing.

How Works

Rookie, The Beginner Level has three levels of transcribers and these are Rookie, Revver and Revver+.

You will start off at the rookie level with 3 to 5 training files that are between a minute and five minutes long. These are to get you accustomed to transcribing with the Rev editor and in adherence to the style guide. You will receive payment for transcribing these training files. The sound quality of these files is very good and nothing like most of the files that you will encounter when transcribing files from clients.

After you transcribe the first three training files, real files from clients start to show up in your available projects. The quality of files at the rookie level is pretty bad. At rookie level you are at the
back of the line so these are all files that the experienced transcribers have rejected.

Getting Promoted

You can only remain at the rookie level for an hour and 40 minutes of transcription. After the first hour of transcription you must achieve accuracy and formatting scores of 4.5 or above. If after the first hour or transcription you have not achieved the score, you get an additional 40 minutes to bring the score up to the required metric. Thereafter, if you cannot achieve the required score, your account gets disabled and you can no longer transcribe for

For the best chance of graduating from rookie, my advice is to wait until you can find files that you are confident in your ability to transcribe, even if it takes you a few days to find a file. I never saw
more than 8 files in my list of available projects so it took me around a week to find enough files to make up an audio hour of transcription.

Revver, The Next Level

The second level of transcriber is Revver. To earn the promotion to this level you have to achieve the following for your first audio hour:

  • 4.5 accuracy
  • 4.5 formatting
  • 75% on-time submissions
  • 8 commitment ratio

While first 3 are self-explanatory, commitment ratio refers to finishing files that you have started. For every file you have an hour to listen through it and attempt to transcribe. At any point before this hour is up, you can unclaim the project with no penalty. Unclaiming of any file after this grace period will negatively affect your commitment ratio.

The advantage of Revver status is bump up in pay rate, as Revvers and above receive 25% more than rookies. However, this is on condition that for the last 120 days and the last 30 jobs, scores remain above the Revver requirements.

Once promoted to Revver you will have a lot of new files to transcribe. These are of varying quality from good to terrible. Most importantly, take your time to find files that are of a quality that you are confident in transcribing.

The expectations of you are more stringent than before as your files go straight to the client after you submit them. They will continue being graded to check for quality, therefore you must remain vigilant and check thoroughly for errors before submitting the transcription.

Tip: Avoid files with more than two speakers. If you are confident in your skills, look out for files of a reasonable quality that have a few unclaims on them, because sometimes you find files with close to an hour’s work already done.


After 1200 minutes of audio transcribed with scores of 4.6 or above you are earn the promotion to Revver+. The only difference between Revver+ and Revver is that as the former you get to pick files before the others. This way you have a better chance of getting better quality files.

The Editor.

The editor is one of the best that I have worked with thus far. The shortcuts for navigation are ideally mapped, and all functions are mapped to the Tab key or the Tab key in combination with other keys which are all accessible. In order to change speakers all you have to do is double tap enter. All in all it is a very user-friendly scheme that makes for a good transcribing experience.

The editor also tracks your typing speed for the moments that you are typing. This is great as you can use this work as practice to improve and track any improvements in your typing speed.


The grading on is pretty straightforward and my experience has been good so far. The style guide is clear on what Rev requires of you and you are graded in accordance to how well you have adhered to the style guide.

One tip that I can give on this front is that if you have listened to something repeatedly and still cannot determine what the speaker is saying with absolute certainty, rather mark it as an inaudible than making a guess. The style guide has two classes of errors, minor error and minor error. Incorrect words, along with spelling, are considered a major error.

I once transcribed an hour long file which took me 6 hours to transcribe. That entire file contained one error where I misheard one word and made one spelling error. As a result, the mistake brought down my score for the entire transcription file.

The Grading Scores

Transcriptions are graded on a scale of 1 to 5 based on accuracy of you transcription and formatting, in adherence to the style guide. To keep transcribing for you have to maintain a score of 4.5 and above, meaning that for at least half of your transcribing you must get a rating of 5 out of 5, and a score of 4 out of 5 for the remainder.

The highest level of contractor at is the grader. Graders are the ones who rate the work of Revvers and verify whether the work of rookies can be sent to the client. The requirements for promotion to this level are as follows:

  • 4.6 accuracy
  • 4.6 formatting
  • Transcribed 1200 minutes
  • Passed the grader test

Things to Make Work Easier

Because your work goes straight to the client when you submit it, if you find a client who has uploaded audio files of good quality, you can add them to your favourites. From there you can pick out files from preferred uploaders, making your job of sifting through work easier when your favourite uploaders have projects that are available.

I have found the grading of my work thus far to be reasonable and fair. It is important to familiarize yourself with the intricacies of the style guide as doing so will allow you to focus on what is important for you grades. This is in reference to the minor spelling errors which, according to the style guide, constitutes a major error.

After mastering these technicalities I managed to keep my recent projects at a grading score of 5. So long as the work is in line with the style guide you will fare well.


The payment rate at is reasonable as far as online transcription jobs go. The lowest rate for jobs in my feed at this moment is $0.45 per audio minute or $27 per audio hour. How much you
make per hour of typing depends on you speed. On average, it will work out to between $3 and $6 for average typing speeds.

If you are starting out earning online this is a decent salary. You can pay for the basic expense with it but it is not exactly a salary you can live on long term. pays out every Monday through PayPal. This includes all work submitted up until before that day, so if you submit work on a Sunday, the payment for that project will be in your PayPal account the next day.

How Much Can You Make With

Depending on how your skills and time commitment, you can complete an hour or two of transcription a day. On the days that I do transcribe I take one hour long file which takes me 6-8 hours to complete (with many short breaks in between) and pays around $30. Subsequently, doing that five times a week works out to $150 a week or $600 a month.

Availability of Work

At any time when logging in the workspace on there are more than 100 files available. On busy weekends there can be more than 500 files available. You can sort files based on different parameters such as length, pay per minute, subject and a few others.

The older a file is, the closer its deadline and consequently, the higher its pay rate.

The key sorting parameters that I use are pay per minute and number of speakers. I do not work on files with more than two speakers because it can be difficult to discern between some speakers of the same gender. I also look for a pay rate of between $0.5 and $0.65.

Because we are different, some people may find files difficult which are of a reasonable quality to you, so there is a good chance of finding projects that pay more but aren’t necessarily bad.

Tax Considerations pays you for the work you do as a gross a payment. As a freelancer you are an independent contractor. As a result, it is your responsibility to manage your tax affairs and pay directly to the collector of revenue collector in the country where you live.

Is a Scam?

No, is not a scam. It is a legitimate transcription platform where you can make it. As far is online transcription goes, it is one of the better platforms and pays more than most of the ones I have worked on.

They do, however, have comparatively high standards on so it is not as easy to get into as other online transcription platforms are.

If you can make it on there, it can be worth it if you find the pay acceptable. The money there is okay if you are starting out with online work. But in the medium to long term, you want to find another solution that pays more and has better long term prospects.

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2 thoughts on “Is a Scam?”

  1. “The benefit with Rev is a better pay rate and a straightforward grading system.”

    I bet you couldn’t type that with a straight face. Misleading naïve individuals into working for a sweatshop isn’t only unethical, but a crime against humanity. You should be ashamed.

    • Hi Rick. As far as online transcription platforms go, Rev is certainly one of the far better paying ones. Go look at how much Scribie pays and you will see what I am saying.

      For many around the world, what Rev pays is a form of income, which is better than none. I worked at Rev for a year and after having tried other methods and other online transcription platforms, Rev was the best of all the option at that time and was enough to allow me to get out of the rut I was in.

      I appreciate your comment in that I wouldn’t do that type of work now. But at the time when I wrote the article, I was content with what Rev was offering and the article reflects that. Many others who are in the situation I was in will likely see the same it the same way.


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