Is Prosperity Income Network a Scam?

If you are doing your research and asking yourself is Prosperity Income Network a scam, you are in the right place.

It would be great for everyone to have a system which makes money for them without them having to do anything.

No complicated knowledge of markets would get needed, no additional training and no costly studies to worry about and of course, no hard work. It would be comfortable living.

The Prosperity Income Network aims to do this by implementing a fully automated system, and you can start earning from the start.

The company themselves call this a “completely passive hands-free wealth on-demand system.”

That sounds fantastic doesn’t it but, generally, when companies come out saying things like this, it tends to make one wonder if there is any truth to the words they are spewing.

The promises of a profitable earning potential are how they lure you into a false sense of security. The expectancy to make money quickly, and effortlessly will always be engrained in our minds and will always make us curious.


Prosperity Income Network Review Summary

The Prosperity Income Network leads you to believe that a system within a network does all the work for you while you sit back and profit.

To start though you have to invest at least $597. You read that right, and this is the minimum amount needed.

It is technically possible to make money using this system, it is far from a hands-off approach at first, and it comes with its moral dilemma for you personally.

Once you invest, you will be required to find people to invest under you, and then they do the same thing, and if you are not familiar with marketing or how to be a good salesman, then the chances are that you are going to suck at trying to get people to invest under you.

Not that you want to do that because if you did, you would be one of the worst people on the planet.

Is this sounding a little familiar? That’s because it is what you are thinking. Prosperity Income Network is a pyramid scheme designed to make the person on top the most money in the design.

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What is Prosperity Income Network?

It is a network where trained sales coach’s close deals without you even having to lift a finger from your side, thereby generating an automatic income for you.

A claim gets made that you can make from $300 to $25,000 just by joining their network.

Various websites are up and running that have designed to promote Prosperity Income Network by using bold promises such as “Fire your boss today!” and “make thousands without speaking to anyone!

Something is most definitely amiss with this network, and red flags are going up to twelve-fold here. This system is not what it seems and works hard at trying to prove otherwise.

How does Prosperity Income Network Work?

First, they attempt to lure you in with the promise of profitable earning potential and throwing marketing words at you like be your boss and start making money today.

If you take the bait and get started on their website, there is a phone number and a referral ID. When you call this number, they will ask for the referral ID which, most likely is whoever created the website or the site promoting a link to it.

Then a sales coach comes on the line, and this is where it gets good. Almost like cold calling and what is pretty smart, is that instead of them calling you if you are sold by what you have read, you call them.

They don’t waste their time or money, making phone calls to people trying to convince them to invest. It’s pretty genius.

Once they have you on the phone, they will use sharp and fantastic pressure sales tactics nearly convincing you to sign up to one of their tiers available. The pressure they put on you is so powerful that you might end up believing what they are saying.

Now is where they will tell you about this massive earning potential and that all you have to do to start is invest a minimum amount of $597, but that is just the starter tier.

Here are the different types of tiers which are available to you for signup.

  • Starter $597 ($500 + $97 admin fee)
  • Deluxe $2,197 ($2,000 + $197 admin fee)
  • Premium $3,797 ($3,500 + $297 admin fee)
  • Master $6,497 ($6,000 + $497 admin fee)
  • Diamond Elite $12,697 ($12,000 + $697 admin fee)
  • Executive Elite $25,997 ($25,000 + $997 admin fee)

Naturally, the more you invest, the more chance you stand to earn a boatload of money.

The aim of the game is for you to recruit more investors, and this carries on like a recruitment scheme or a pyramid scheme. The more people underneath you that become investors, the more money you stand a chance of potentially earning.

It’s not all that simple, and here is why.

If you only sprung for the $597 starter tier, you will not receive any higher commission than $500 per new investor.

If someone underneath you invests in one of the higher, and more expensive tiers than yours, you will not receive your $500, and it will go to the next qualified investor above you.

The way the system works is equivalent to playing the lottery except for the more investors there are, the less likely you are to win.

You can already see this system is not built to last and is a get rich quick scheme aimed for those at the very top of the chain.

Once you sign up, they own your soul, and your penance will be recruiting more souls.

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  • Honestly, cannot think of a single one


  • Hefty investment fee
  • unsustainable business model
  • potential investors stand to lose money when the business goes bust
  • Unethical recruitment procedures
  • It is not a hands-off approach
  • No way to establish communication with the owners
  • Fake reviews that are promoting this system

Is Prosperity Income Network a Scam?

The system isn’t necessarily a scam because it is possible to make money off of it. Although, only 1% of people who sign up to it will see that profit and that is usually the person at the top.

It falls more in line with a pyramid scheme or a recruitment scheme, obtaining investors underneath investors to keep the money rolling in.

The problem with this system is that once the investors wisen up, or when the network eventually gets shut down, those who have invested later on in the life cycle stand to lose out.

You also need to consider the ethical ramifications of what you are doing here if you choose to get into bed with this kind of network.

You will knowingly convince people to part with their money with the knowledge that it is all a rubbish model. It’s very sleazy too willfully become a part of this.

It is also impossible to track down the owners of this site which is always a red flag. When in doubt about the legitimacy of a website or system, attempt to track down the owners.

If you cannot find them, the chances are pretty good that the website or system is a scam or the system is not legitimate. Would you part with $25,000 if you couldn’t even find the identity of the owners of the system?

It is safe to say that for any rational and good-intentioned person, this is not the system for you. You will more than likely only feel worse about yourself if you do decide to invest with this type of scheme.

There is no merit to this system, and all it does is hurt people and make them more miserable and stressed out.

If you come across any sites that are similar to this and you discover that they are doing the same thing, we urge you to report them as soon as possible.

Doing this will save a lot of people time and money, and you can feel good knowing that you helped the world out. It would be one less scummy system to worry about and all that.

The Verdict

Prosperity Income Network is a complete waste of time and money. Not only yours but other people that you would potentially recruit as well.

There will never be a system which utilizes a hands-off approach unless you have already put a significant amount of hours into your business, building it up yourself to earn a passive income. It does not happen overnight.

While it is understandable that in today’s climate one is more desperate for quick money the sad fact remains is that no matter how bad the world gets an income is still going to be tough to earn, and it will get even worse as the world keeps turning.

Unless you have experience as a marketer, you will more than likely never see a profit from using this system.

There are better ways that you can attempt to make money such as affiliate marketing or taking surveys and things similar to that in nature.

Please, do not let places like this fool you. Always do your research and not just from one site but many. Weigh the consensus so that you can make an informed decision.

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