Is Overnight Millionaire A Scam?

If you are asking yourself, Is Overnight Millionaire a scam, and want to know the truth about the program, you are in the right place.

We’ve all seen them, heard about them, laughed at them and probably, secretly tried one of them, hoping that against all the odds we’d be part of that 1% that rides the wave of success.

We’re of course referring to these “become an overnight success!” or “10 quick ways you can make money” self-help books which practically promise you the world and to be completely transparent, nothing will make you wealthy within that amount of time.

It does not mean that the strategies explained in these types of books are false, but rather, the marketing can be questionable though.

The becoming rich quick scheme is just baiting and let’s be honest we can’t help but take a second look at something like that because maybe, just maybe, the program is legitimate. That is successful marketing.

Nearly everyone wants to find a more simplistic way to make money, but they tend to forget that you need to work hard and commit to getting there.

There are no free rides and the “easiest”, and most accessible place currently is the internet. Well, today’s article, boy and girls, we will be discussing Wesley Virgins The Overnight Millionaire and if what he is offering is legitimate or soulless words that prey on the masses.

If you don’t know, Wesley Virgin is a very successful online entrepreneur that became wildly popular and wealthy with his Fat Diminisher product that sold so well.

He practically did become a success overnight, keyword being “success”, he only reached millionaire status after 7-8 years of hard work, patience and commitment.

It is probably wise that you take note of this fact.

Overnight Millionaire Review Summary

In a nutshell, The Overnight Millionaire is honestly a motivational, educational service with a misleading title where Wesley Virgin speaks about his rag to riches tale.

He does give solid advice on how to adjust your mindset, which is essentially what this is all about. Information on how to obtain clients effortlessly and confidently.

Learn to be able to incorporate the right trigger words to make sales, and how to effectively use online marketing strategy’s to boost your own products’ or services’ exposure level.

You’ll obtain a bunch of tips, admittedly these are great tips at your disposal, and he even dives into meditation techniques which are the meat of the product.

It has to do with the changing of your mindset, being positive, focusing on what you want and taking action. There are guidance materials from this system that include things like “how-to” meditation instructions.

Frequencies to listen to which aid in the focusing of thoughts, audiobooks which have a motivational effect if you are committed to what you are doing, and there are a range of additional guides included to help you along the path to wealth, health and prosperity.

Ignore the fluff that is associated with the marketing tactics, such as big, fat bank accounts stuffed with cash, fast Lamborghinis, expensive clothes and boats.

His advice is good, but you will still need to work hard so if you want a quick buck self-help book, this might not be for you. The product is relatively cheap for everything you get.

At the time of writing the product goes for $37.

Compared to the other products which use the same type of marketing techniques, The Overnight Millionaire does earn a little more brownie points considering that there is a face behind the product.

Wesley Virgin isn’t fictional as he is pretty active across most social networks.

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What is Overnight Millionaire?

Overnight Millionaire is a variety of different techniques that successful online entrepreneurs have been using for years.

Not only online business-minded people though, but celebrities have also been implementing these methods for decades, such as Will Smith and Oprah Winfrey.

It is one big book with additional goodies that aid you in adjusting your mindset to that of a successful entrepreneur.

There are tips, some available via mp3’s to listen to while you work or drive, reading material when you are at your desk and videos which feature his daily routine as well a few other extra bits.

Some of them aid in meditation practices allowing one to focus the mind on what you want and how to be successful. Two additional bonuses come with the initial package, however they sound kind of gimmicky.

One is a meditation for wealth, and the other is a meditation for a body stimulant. While the body stimulant sounds more plausible, it is challenging to agree that meditating on wealth is going to bring you closer to it.

While the title is misleading, the concept is sound. It is a procedure that requires you to adjust your mindset, focusing on success until it becomes a habit, basically reprogramming your brain.

How The Overnight Millionaire Works

This system works in conjunction with a product you are trying to sell or are trying to create. It is a way of tricking your mind into a way of thinking, a successful and more focused way of thinking to be exact.

With the helpful meditation guides, allowing you to see yourself achieving your goals and sticking to that specific mindset.

It is important to note that The Overnight Millionaire seems to work best if you already have an existing product that people want or if you have an idea in mind and are trying to execute it, but it doesn’t guarantee success.

Nothing does except hard work and patience. The product gives you the tools needed to focus your energy on the more essential aspects that will lead you to success.

It teaches you to focus on the positives and visualize the goals that you are attempting to achieve, at the same time releasing negativity and self-doubt.

This technique is similar to the Mindfulness Techniques but the business edition.


  • It is very motivational, and even after watching the first video on Wesley Virgin’s site, it’s easy to want to find out more about him and how he achieved success.
  • It provides meditation which encourages the focus of the mind and encourages you to visualize your success.
  • It helps those who are trying to create their products by giving actual, helpful guidance.
  • You get a lot of information which is proven to be reliable, and you can apply it to all aspects of life.
  • There is an actual identifiable person behind this product who isn’t afraid to be publicly known, therefore can be held accountable in some cases.


  • The title is misleading. The Overnight Millionaire refers to Wesly Virgin, the creator of this product or the title itself is a metaphor.
  • Promotes an unhealthy “get rich quick” scheme
  • It isn’t a set cost as there will be more money coming out of your wallet.
  • Some people will get sucked in with marketing, realistically, the majority of people will not become a millionaire.
  • There are indications of fake testimonials and the majority of comments from other users suggest a strong dislike for the product.

Is The Overnight Millionaire a Scam?

It depends on perspective. The way the title is misleading people, then, yes you could call it a scam. The Overnight Millionaire is Wesley Virgin, not you the consumer.

The product is leaning more to the scam side of the fence. It’s because of how Wesley Virgin is marketing it. However, there is some merit and some pretty solid advice in this package.

With the material and guidance provided, it is all valid, it’s not a scam. The tips, techniques and methods are all proven to be successful with hard work, commitment and patience, but it definitely will not be overnight.

With that said, the information in this product isn’t exactly brand spanking new. With enough research on the internet, you would be able to find nearly the same information for absolutely free.

When checking other peoples comments and thoughts, it’s hard not to feel dissuaded though, as the majority of them focus literally on becoming a millionaire overnight which with logical thinking isn’t the case.

Only a handful of others accept what is on offer. Is this gullibility or naivety then for those people who believe this?

We also don’t think so, because, for those who don’t want to spend hours researching tactics and becoming even more dissuaded with marketing tools and how to become successful, this is an all in one package that can get you started.

With the internet being mostly negative anyway and everyone wanting easy access to the money pie, it is hard to provide a solid answer to this question.

With that said, there are other seemingly legitimate options available to those who want to invest in making money online or executing ideas for their business and or products, and some even have robust communities to guide you along the way.


If you are aware of how the business world works and what goes into creating a product or know the basics of marketing, The Overnight Millionaire will probably be extremely beneficial to you.

You understand that it is not an overnight development but more of a journey that needs to be taken, filled with trials and errors.

Besides the title, it doesn’t ever promise that you will get rich over-night, but it does provide you with the necessary skills for you to focus on your goals and how to make some real progress with your products or services.

The word “Overnight” is simply a metaphor for obtaining goals and success quicker.

The techniques shared and meditation taught, even though some have very campy names are legitimate methods for you to attain success through adjusting your mindset, teaching, in of itself, a “mind over matter” approach.

The methods obviously will not be for everyone as not everybody is open to this type of approach when it comes to being successful. What has worked for Wesley, Oprah, and The Fresh Prince, won’t necessarily work for you.

What is explained in this product is something you need to understand fully and implement into your own life and stick to the path for results to be seen further down the line.

Approaching this product with a realistic mindset will most likely grant you the rewards you are working to achieve, but it will not be overnight. It is a constant form of training that you must follow to reprogram your brain and focus on your success.

However, it is most definitely not for those who are looking to make some money easily or are thinking that this will magically grant them cash from the sky; it doesn’t work that way.

With all the said, the first thing to do when trying to be successful is what Wesley Virgin teaches, and this is adjusting your mindset first.

Without that mindset, achieving success will be harder or nearly impossible, and you are setting yourself up for failure in the long-term without first mentally preparing.

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