Is My Passive Trades a Scam?

Welcome to my review. If you are asking yourself is My Passive Trades a scam, you are in the right place.

Investments are the best ways to earn an additional passive income provided you’re investing with the right partners and the right groups.

Finding the right program or company to do this through can be quite frustrating, and many people, unfortunately, get involved with what is called a Ponzi scheme.

In this review, we will be assessing a company called My Passive Trades and will share what we have found about the site and its owners.

As always, before forking over any details or exchanging money, it is best to do your research on these kinds of companies because you never know what you may find.

Is My Passive Trades a Scam?

My Passive Trades Review Summary

My Passive Trades is a trade and investment website claiming that for as little as a $5 starter investment which gets you an ad-pack, you can make back $1.25 per day for 125 days, and that is the packs’ life span.

As you can imagine, the interest figures don’t add up and, the site itself is a Ponzi Scheme.

It turns out My Passive Trades owner is Darren Bradbury, a person who has found himself multiple times being caught in the naughty side of the pool, being owner and creator of at least seven other scheme sites.

It also is important to note that because My Passive Trades offers investment and trading advice, because of this, they need to be regulated by the FCA which they are not, making what they are doing, illegal.

While the website is not technically a scam, it does lean more to that side and with a highly questionable history of the owners and the interest rate alone, warrants enough skepticism to not recommended My Passive Trades to anyone.

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What Is My Passive Trades?

My Passive trades claims to be a trading and investment platform which primarily operates out of the UK.

The company offers a couple of ways for potential investors to earn a passive income, and this includes forking over at least $5 to start your investment earnings.

The domain of My Passive Trades itself was registered privately on September 27th, 2018, and one of the owners is a person by the name of Darren Bradbury.

Darren Bradbury is no stranger to the realms of online shenanigans as he has a checkered history with various Ponzi schemes and cash gift sites such as;

  • My 24 Hour Income (Ponzi scheme)
  • Leased Ad Space (cash gifting)
  • Stiforp (pyramid scheme)
  • ZarFund (cash gifting)
  • My Ad Story (Ponzi scheme)
  • GiftoBit (cash gifting)
  • Chatabox (Ponzi scheme)

It is also important to note that the company name itself is just a trading name of another company called Polaris Universal LTD, also owned By Mr Bradbury.

Additional company officers are Ahmed Nabil El Amrani, Lidija Ikasovic and Eldon Conceicao.

Polaris Universal LTD surprisingly is a legitimately registered company, but due to the nature of My Passive Trades service, the company also needs to be regulated by the FCA which they currently are not.

It means any investment advice that they give is illegal.

How Does My Passive Trades Work?

It is simple to get started with My Passive Trades. You sign up, enter your details, verify your account and then log in.

There is a minimum amount to start investing, and that is $5. The $5 goes towards ad-packs which are advertising packages which include banners, pictures, text, videos and a bunch of other stuff that you can share on social media or your website.

There is also an optional service they offer in the form of a trading school where they will teach you how to trade like a professional and even “mindset training”, and that will cost you $549.99.

You will make most of your revenue from recruiting affiliates by marketing the My Passive Trades program to other people and getting them to join.

You will get paid every week via PayPal or other online financial institutes, and the minimum withdrawal limit is $10.

How Do You Make Money With My Passive Trades?

There are three methods which they encourage you to use to make money. First of all, there are the ad-packs which cost $5 deal. The company claims that the ROI (Return on Investment) levels at 1.25 per day.

The packs expire after 125 days which essentially means you are receiving a total of 125% return for each ad-pack that you have purchased. This method requires no additional work from your side.

You can market their Trading School, which has two different levels. There is Mentoring Level 1, which is $99.99, and there is a Private Mentoring VIP which costs $450.

You will earn 8% for on anyone you recruit to the first level and 3% for people recruited on the second level.

The final way you can make money is by recruiting other people into the program and because they love to complicate things their unique referral plan, here is what the percentage will look like;

“Level 1 is 8%, level 2 is 3%, level 3 is 2%, level 4 is 2%, level5 is 1%, and level 6 is 1% on every sale.”

Red Flags

  • Darren Bradbury – Mr Bradbury has already been involved with several other schemes in recent years and considering his involvement, leaves one to wonder what the catch is.
  • Not Regulated by the FCA – Any business establishment that offers advice on investments or trades is required to be regulated by the FCA. My Passive Trades is not regulated.
  • Questionable Website – Every page has a pop-up notification every time you visit it defending the site. Strange.
  • Website Homepage – No clickable icons on the homepage. I have always found that if there are buttons that don’t work as they should, it’s not worth it.
  • Exaggerated Return on Investment – The figure of 1.25% daily interest is too high for any legitimate business, let alone a small online one.
  • No Trading Happening – Despite what they say, there is no trading or investing happening.
  • There Are No Refunds – Once you put your money in, that’s it. You can’t get it back.
  • No Guarantee To Make Money – No matter what their website says, there is no guarantee that you will make money.
  • Unsustainable Business Model – This is a tried and tested business model that always fails because it relies on the money for new members.

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  • Earning is possible – Small earnings can get acquired.
  • Passive Income – No real work is needed to invest. Buy the packs and then wait until the end of the month. It will not be a lucrative amount.
  • Small Investment Fee – To get started, you only need $5 but be prepared to throw it away.


  • Ponzi Scheme – There is no doubt about it, that this is a Ponzi Scheme. The only real way you will make money is by referring to others and hoping that they market to others. The business model relies too heavily on new members money. The business model will eventually collapse.
  • New Members Are At Risk – The new members who have just invested in this system will be the first to lose their money and gain nothing.
  • No Regulation – It is illegal for any business practice to offer advice on trades or investments unless regulated by the FCA which My Passive Trades are not.
  • Return On Investment Exaggerated – It is a simple fact that no business can earn $1.25 interest a day, so a small investment online company like this definitely won’t be able to achieve this.
  • Dodgy Owner – Darren Bradbury has already landed himself in hot water due to scams listed earlier in this review. Seeing that he is part owner of this site adds a nasty stain to the reputation of the program.
  • Non-Refundable – you need to make sure you are sure about what you want to do because there is a no money-back guarantee on this service. If you opt to invest $5 for ad-packages or $450 on the training school, be prepared to lose that money.
  • No Details on Investments – There is no information or anyone to speak to regarding how the trades are taking place. There is no mention of a bot or an algorithm on their website so who is doing the trading? Only the owners know.
  • Website Design – The website design leaves much to be desired, from a limited FAQ to icons on the home page that don’t do anything gives off the impression that the site was a rush job and no effort got put in since its inception.

Is My Passive Trades a Scam?

Technically no, My Passive Trades is not a scam. However, they are far from trustworthy.

There are too many red flags and legitimate cons to recommend this to anyone.

The fact that the owner was involved with previous scam websites is already a warning by itself.

But then to have the company not be regulated by the FCA is something else entirely. And it is regardless of the company being registered or not.

Questionable ethics and tactics lead me to think that there should be an air of distrust or at least caution around My Passive Trades.

A business model that brings up many question marks as to the survivability of the company and the financial future of current and potential investors.

You could maybe make a very tiny amount of money, but it wouldn’t be worth what you are putting into it, even if it is for a passive income.

And you wouldn’t be screwing over new members in the process who might have just signed up to My Passive Trades as the money thrives on new members.

It isn’t worth the risk at the end of the day, and you would be better suited to searching for other potential opportunities.

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