Is Money Genie a Scam?

Welcome to my review. If you are reading this, you are probably asking yourself is Money Genie a scam, and doing your research to find out.

I have done some research into the platform to find out how it works. In this review, I will be sharing everything I have uncovered about the platform with you. I will also explain whether it is a scam or something that you can make some money out of.


Money Genie Review Summary

Money Genie is a scam data harvesting website. They claim to be a social media affiliate network operating primarily on the social media platforms.

They make fake promises of a supposed $35 sign up bonus and then offering a way to earn lucrative amounts of extra money.

Informing potential users that they can earn $5 for every referral, $1 for every click, $15 for every application that you download to your phone for testing and $50 for completing surveys and uploading YouTube videos, promoting Money Genie as a fantastic website.

They aim of the platform is to trick you into doing tasks and giving up your personal information, which they sell of to 3rd party marketing companies, while you get nothing.

It is a scam and a waste of time, and you should definitely avoid the platform.

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What is Money Genie?

This site is one of those “earn money quickly and easily” that promise you insane amounts of money for nearly little work.

Banking mostly on your reflex action that money can be easily obtainable, especially to people down on their luck, relying on your ability to share a link with your friends to get more people to sign up to their network.

The website platform is relatively new, with the domain only registered in October of 2019, which makes the platfrom aroudn 6 months old.

The official address listed on the website points to a vacant plat in the Netherlands.

The business model falls under Get Paid To (GPT) where you get paid to perform small tasks online or to complete surveys. It is aimed at online users who are looking for ways to make money.

How does Money Genie Work?

Similar to other sites of this nature, Money Genie works by luring you into their network with no cost of joining and the promise of a fruitful earning potential.

Money Genie offers you $35 just for signing up, sweetening the pot even further and then to their ultimate sell, to show you the potential rewards that are so “easily” attainable.

Encouraging you to refer friends and other contacts to their site will gain you $5 per referral, except you, will never see that money.

The main objective is to get as many users to join their network so that they can potentially obtain additional information for marketing purposes and hack your social media accounts and bank accounts.

They get you to complete surveys, download games and test them on your phone and random tasks for them with the promise of an extra income, but the truth is that you would just be doing the owners job for them.

Is Money Genie a Scam?

Completing these surveys rewards the owners with cash or vouchers from a 3rd party. You are the lovable sap that has just gotten conned into doing the work for someone else. Almost like a 9-5 job then!

Money Genie is a data harvesting scam site. Their only intention is to obtain data from you and others and make an additional income for them by you completing surveys.

When you attempt to cash out, you will run into all kinds of hoops that will need jumping through such as additional tasks to cashout, like referring x5 friends, completing x5 surveys, download and play x3 applications.

Even when finally completing the audacious requests, you will receive a message that your clicks are reporting as fraudulent and that your payment could not get completed.

Once that happens your account will be banned and if you want you can start the game all over again, except it is in their design to make you lose.

Red Flags

The promise of free money – the claim that you get $35 for signing up is an immediate cause for suspicion. There is no such thing as a free meal, whether you are online or offline. Every business exists to make money. If they are giving everybody $35, where is this money coming from?

No track record – Money Genie is quite new to the scene and the domain was only registered in December 2019. The fact that it is new is not automatically indication of a scam but is a cause for caution. Scam companies never last long and time is often a good test. Otherwise, do more research.

Fake proof of income – Money genie has images of proof of income on the website. The problem is that these proofs are dated way before the website was registered. Their terms and conditions are also dated in 2017, which is before the platform existed.

Fake Address – When trying to locate the address of the company on google maps, you will find a bit of shrubbery, which you’ll see in a suburban area in the Netherlands. There is no way to track down the owners as they are seemingly off the grid completely. Doing this keeps them safe and anonymous and allows them the freedom to create another cloned website of the same nature.

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None – There is nothing positive I can think of when it comes to Money Genie. There are plenty of GPT and survey sites online and while people have some complaints about them, at least there is something you can get out of them. All you will do with Money Genie is ending wasting your time


Complete and utter lies – There is no possible way that Money Genie is making money to pay out to its users. These are lies that get used to trap those desperate enough to try to make an additional income, and sadly it works most of the time.

You have to give up your personal data – These tactics get used to obtaining your online information and, get sold to marketing agencies, other 3rd party enterprises and even hackers. Having this information get out could result in your reputation been tarnished, money being stolen or becoming a victim of identity theft.

No customer support – The lack of customer support is an obvious sticking point. This means that if anything goes wrong, which is the likeliest case, you have nobody you can talk to or report your issues to. There is no way to establish communication with the owners of the platform either.

You won’t get a payout – there are countless complaints from users not getting paid out the money they thought they made. This is the usual GPT scam, where they make you work thinking you have made money. Then when it’s time to withdraw, you will not be able to.

Is Money Genie a Scam?

Yes, Money Genie is clearly a scam. It is an exact duplicate of websites such as Zoan Cash and Next Cash, the only thing that is different as always is the name of the website.

It follows the same Modus Operandi as its sister sites with things such as a fake customer support email address that yield no responses when enquiring.

On their website alone they recommend their product, making it seem like an outsider is reviewing it positively which is completely made up.

Like the others, they, of course, have to provide the fake proof of payments which have become all too common in this game now.

The fact as well that when you try to cash out initially, requiring you to perform extra things for it to work. Only for you to get roadblocked again claiming that your clicks are fraudulent is just another red flag in the ground for this website.

Considering that everyone who signs up is supposedly receiving $35, one also tends to wonder where they are obtaining money to pay the users who are not required to pay a fee to sign up.

This website is here for two things only, to obtain yours and other people’s information and to outsource the owners work to you while they reap the rewards from some other hidden company.

Unless you want to waste your time, you should avoid Money Genie. There are better and sustainable ways of making money online.

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