Is MarketPeak a Scam?

Welcome to my Market Peak review. You have probably been doing your research into the company in an attempt to figure out whether it’s a scam or not.

I have conducted a great deal of research into the MarketPeak platform and will be sharing everything that I have uncovered about them with. I will also give my opinion on the platform as a whole, and whether it’s a scam that you must avoid or worth putting some of your money into

Is MarketPeak a Scam?

MarketPeak Review Summary

MarketPeak is a crypto-based ponzi founded by Sergej Heck, who has a history in pyramid schemes.

They have a suit of packages that range from $125 to $15,000 that form part of their compensation. The program hinges on the recruiting of new members to the platform, who fund the commissions of older members.

It is a classic scam taking advantage of the crypto craze and I recommend staying away from the platform.

There are far better ways to make money available online.

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What Is MarketPeak?

Market peak is a new platform operating in the cryptocurrency MLM space. They are crypto platform, with their main project being the PEAK tokens which will be their currency and the basis of their business model.

The platform has been receiving quite a bit of attention from people online, particularly on Facebook where you might have head about it.

The founder of the company is Sergej Heck, who is also listed as the CEO. Heck has a history in MLMs and similar programs such as BeOnPush, which operated in 2016 and has since collapsed.

According to their official website:

“MarketPeak is an investment platform for FinTech projects and products that offers rewards to the community. In order to achieve this in the best possible way, projects are offered to investors during their early stages (e.g. private sale, presale, etc.). Existing products & services will be tokenized and offered at special conditions to the MarketPeak Community. We also aim to decentralize the platform itself in the future”

MarketPeak does not have a sellable or consumable products. The way to make money on the platform is through the compensation plan They have several compensation plans to choose from which are shown below in the section the compensation plan.

The scheme as they are running it now, is similar to an ICO (Initial Coin Offering), essentially trading real money for their own currency that they have created, referred to as PEAK tokens.

Most of the information surrounding the company is in German but through the use of translation tools, we have discerned how the business works.

How MarketPeak Works

Joining MarketPeak is a simple process of going to the website and filling in the registration form, which requires your personal details, email and phone number.

There is a free to join membership for affiliates. If you join this free membership, you can only earn referral commissions and are excluded for other forms of compensation.

Commissions are paid out when you recruit other people onto the program and they buy the PEAK token packages.

MarketPeak proposes two ways of making money. The first is by buying the PEAK tokens and hoping that they appreciate in value so that you can sell them for a higher price later on.

The second way is through the recruiting of new members onto the platform and earning a commission from their spend.

There are a host of affiliate ranks that you can ascend as you recruit people under you in a binary compensation plan.

MarketPeak Compensation Plan

If you decide to promote the program to referrals, you can earn through a uni-line compensation plan that goes up several levels.

The entry level consists of people that you personally recruit onboard, and the commission rate for this is 10%.

They initially payed residual commissions through a binary compensation plan

The way binary worked in that as you recruit people, a person goes into one of two legs, the left or the right leg and you get commissions from the weaker of the two legs. That does not seem to be included in the compensation plan anymore, after looking through the latest marketing materials and through the webinars.

User – Investment requirement of 0$; 10% commission from referrals

Affiliate – Investment requirement of $125; 10% commission from referrals

Marketer – Investment requirement of $750; commission from referrals plus additional bonuses as shown below

All In – Investment requirement of $2000; commission from referrals plus additional bonuses as shown below

Enterprise – Investment requirement of $4500; commission from referrals plus additional bonuses as shown below

MarketPeak Compensation Plan

Although these investment requirements are quoted in US Dollars, payment has to be made in Bitcoin.

Each level comes with level specific training materials that include Affiliate Marketing and Crypto Courses, a network marketing e-book, some information on blockchain and access to a telegram trading software, webinars

The also have high ticket premium packages that cost from $7500 all the way up to $15,000.

Is MarketPeak a Scam?

The packages include everything in the cheaper packages, along with additional benefits like courses with the management of MarketPeak, an individual landing page, and even a stay at a 5 Star hotel for the Diamond package which is the most expensive one.

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Red Flags

Bitcoin Investments quoted in USD – The fact that investment must be paid in Bitcoin but is quoted in USD is a big red flag and shows suspicious intent. A crypto platform is usually quoted in that cryptocurrency. The conflating of crypto with FIAT money also shows that they are targeting people outside of the crypto space who aren’t too knowledgeable, so USD is something more familiar to them.

No external value or product – When investing in something, like a cryptocurrency, you must be able to use it if a program like MarketPeak stops working. If MarketPeak stops working today and you have invested, you have nothing left because the product is not of value outside of their system. You can’t use it or sell it to anyone either.

The founder of MarketPeak is a known scammer – Many unscrupulous individuals are getting into crypto now because it’s the new hype. It presents a lot of easy targets because the market is new, unregulated and most people simply don’t know a lot about it. Sergej was a member of two other ponzi schemes which collapsed, including BeOnPush. Where there is smoke, there is usually fire.


The website for MarketPeak looks nice. You can see that it is professionally designed. That is, however, the only good that can be said about it because, unfortunately, it will simply make it easier to trick those who don’t know and think it looks legit.

Presence of a free membership – The availability of a free membership or trial is always a plus for any program online. You want to be able to try something out before investing large amounts of money into it. You can sign up for the free membership to see if you are interested in what is on offer here


Classic Ponzi Scheme Model – MarketPeak uses the ponzi scheme model where it uses the membership fees of new members to pay old members. The new members are then encouraged to recruit other members in the hopes of themselves making money for these referrals.

Complex – The ranking system and product in ponzi scheme tend to be very complex, so much so that you need a course just to understand the compensation plan. Rather than have a logical progression system, they have complex systems added in for the express purpose of making it difficult to understand how it works. They just bombard you with sensationalist information to overwhelm you into accepting rashly without understanding.

Is MarketPeak A Scam?

Yes, MarketPeak is surely a scam because the objective of the platform is not to create a product that adds value to members, but to simply take your money. All you are doing in a program like this is giving up real money for made up money.

The founder of the company has a long history in ponzi schemes and it is safe to conclude the same about this program after looking through what is on offer.

The value in schemes like this comes from new members who basically fund the earnings of older members. That is until there are no new members and the whole thing collapses.

The prices of the different memberships are also exorbitantly high and not anywhere near worth the asking price. This type of ponzi model is very common and it will only be a matter of time before it inevitably falls apart.

There are far better ways to make money out there and you are better off avoiding MarketPeak.

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