Is GramFree a Scam?

If you have come across opportunity and wondering, is GramFree a scam, then you are in right place. GramFree is one of the recently released platforms where people can reportedly make money online. It has been getting quite a bit of attention and you might have come across it on social media like Facebook or even YouTube.

We have done a good bit of research into the platform to find out whether it is a legitimate opportunity. I will share with you everything that I have uncovered and explain whether it is a worth investing your time in or a scam that you must avoid.

Is GramFree a Scam?

GramFree Review Summary

GramFree is a GPT website that claims to be connected to Gram, the token of exchange for Telegram’s new project, TON. The fact is that GramFree has no relation to TON or Telegram, and is using the name of an established entity to cheat users out of their time and money.

Users complete task on GramFree while earning make-believe money in the form of Gram. When it comes time to pay out, you are unable to withdraw your money, effectively wasting hours working for free.

GramFree is a fraudulent company that makes money by making you work and not paying out. You are better off saying away from the platform altogether.

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What Is GramFree

GramFree is part of the online money making platforms known as GPT (Get Paid To). Users of GPT websites sign up to the platform, and then get paid for completing small tasks such as completing surveys or downloading apps.

GramFree free is a relatively new platform, with the domain for the website registered on the 8th of January 2020.

There is no information available about who owns the company, or any other employees like a management team. The location of company is also unknown.

On the face of the website, there is nothing explaining what they company does, but there is information about TON (Telegram Open Network). This gives the appearance that there is a relation with TON (which we explain later on) but that is not the case.

The operating model for GramFree is you doing tasks and then them giving you credit for the tasks you complete. The draw card is that you do not need experience to do this, and you help build the platform and make money in the process.

What Does TON Mean?

TON (Telegram Open Network) is a blockchain based project created by Telegram (like the chatroom app that you might be familiar with) and is designed to compete with ethereum in the area of smart contracts. Gram is the service token for TON. In other words, Gram is the currency that Telegram user use for exchange.

If you don’t know what any of this means, don’t worry because it really has nothing to do with GramFree. Most of the information on the GramFree website talks about TON and its related features but they are unrelated to GramFree.

How GramFree Works

To sign up to GramFree, you have to go to the website and sign up with either Facebook or a Google account. If you don’t have any of these, you can’t sign up as a member.

GramFree Dashboard

After you have signed up, you will be allowed into the dashboard where you will be presented with different ways of earning. You earn Grams through the following tasks such as watching videos, .

  1. Watching Videos
  2. Playing Games
  3. Entering the lottery
  4. Referral Program – The referral program is technically the best way to earn on GramFree. For each referral, they add 5 Grams to your balance
  5. Posting videos on YouTube – This entails creating promotional videos about
    GramFree which must be approved first. Once they are approved, you then
    upload and are credited for it.

The withdrawal methods listed for GramFree include Bitcoin, PayPal, MasterCard, Visa Card, American Express, and Payoneer.


They have set 500 Grams as the minimum amount for withdrawals. How much that is in dollars depends on the what they tell you the Gram price is, and as you can see in the image, the price right now is $1.87 per gram. That means that you need to have made more than $250 dollars before you can make the withdrawal. The minimum for withdrawal on legitimate GPT websites is usually around $5 or even $10 in the extreme cases.

To make this amount is virtually impossible with just doing the tasks, so the likelihood is you having to get referrals on the platform. You would otherwise have to work for months without seeing any payment from something you aren’t even sure of.

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Red Flags

Gram Token (Currency) Is Not Live Yet – GramFree says that that members earn Grams for completing task. That is impossible because at the moment, Gram is not even being traded yet on the TON, the platform that Gram was made for. So GramFree is giving a fake daily quotation of Grams in dollars, which is impossible since the currency is not even live so nobody can buy or sell Grams yet.

Lying About Association – Telegram went on record in April 2020 to say that they are not affiliated with any companies claiming to issue grams. Lying about something so obvious is an eas way to tell that the company is unethical and if you had doubts to begin with, to think carefully before investing your time and efforts.

New Company – Being new obviously doesn’t’t mean that company or a platform is a scam, but it is a sign that you should at least to a bit of research first. Companies that scam people usually don’t last long. They scam people for a short while until it becomes widely known that they are fraudulent and then the company collapses as no more people join.

Very Little Information Offered – The GramFree website is full of fluff. If you visit it without signing up, you won’t find any information that helps you to understand what the platform does. It’s just a bunch of poetic words to make whatever is there is no substance there seem sensational but there is no substance to it.


Nothing – There is nothing positive to be said about GramFree. If it was a GPT website that actually paid people, we could say that it is a way to make money for those who are looking for option. Instead, all they do is take valuable time from you and then get paid for the work you did without you seeing a cent of the money.


No Payout – There are several reports going on scam report sites of GramFree not paying people for tasks completed. It seems that they use the old trick of letting ou do the withdrawal process and then the withdrawal remains pending without ever clearing.

No Email Signup – To sign up for GramFree you have to use your Facebook or Google account. This is a big concern for something you aren’t completely sure about because between Google and Facebook, most of your life’s data is held between these two companies. This means that you are potentially giving GramFree access to your whole online life. I prefer to use a burner email to test platforms before giving up my major accounts.

Is Gram Free A Scam?

Yes, GramFree is a scam. The pass their platform off as being a GPT where you can earn Grams as the currency. It has been proven that the Gram currency is not exchanged so there is no way you can earn it.

Telegram has even gone on record in April 2020 saying that any companies claiming to offer Grams to the public are in no way affiliated to Telegram, and that no Grams have been issued to anyone.

What GramFree aims to do is waste your time by making you complete all their tasks on the platform, and then when it comes time to withdraw, you will not be able to get any sort of payment. But they will get paid for whatever work you do on the platform.

The even go as far as making their minimum payout unrealistically high which will keep some people in there for even longer before they realize they have been scammed.

An even greater risk to your privacy is the fact that you can only sign up to GramFree with your Facebook and Google account.

So my recommendation is to stay away from GramFree as they are clearly a fraudulent company and you won’t make any money there and don’t know where your data will end up.

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What have your experiences been with GramFree? If you have your own story to share, good or bad, or have any questions about the program, let me know the comments below.

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