Is GoTranscript a Scam?

Welcome to my review. If you are reading this, you are probably asking yourself is GoTranscript a scam, and doing your research to find out if it’s a legitimate money-making opportunity.

In this review, I will be sharing all the information you need to know and whether GoTranscript is worth your time. Is it a worthwhile online job where you can make money or another labor mill. Can you really earn $1200 a month as the website claim? Here is the deal…

Is GoTranscript a Scam?

GoTranscript Review Summary

GoTranscript is a legitimate online transcription platform and one of the more prominent one. The pay rates that they pay are in line with what is paid in the industry. They have a transcription tool which is has some neat unique features that can help you to transcribe quicker if you make an effort to use their shortcuts.

As for as Transcription sites go, I consider it average. There are better online transcription websites that you can apply to such as if you are able to qualify for them. But GoTranscript is good enough to apply to if you are new to working online and can work towards better earning opportunities.

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What Is GoTranscript

If you are a transcriber, you can make money creating transcript and through editing. According to GoTranscript, if you dedicated yourself and put in the time and effort, you can climb the ladder quickly to higher paying positions and be placed on teams and projects that allow you to earn more along the way. The pay on time and have a regular stream of jobs available.

As a freelancer, it gives you more control over your schedule and more freedom over your choice of projects or tasks. You are free to choose the files that you want to work with.

Getting Started

You sign up to GoTranscript through their website. The first thing you need to do is familiarize yourself with their style guide. When you are confident in your grasping of the style guidelines, you can take the transcription test which will determine whether you are qualified to transcribe on the program.

The GoTranscript Transcription Test

The transcription test is an audio file that is 3:30 long of a file that was submitted by a client. It has no time limit so if you intend to work for GoTranscript, take your time to transcribe as accurately as possible and maximize your chance of passing the test.

The test took me about 30 minutes to complete. The quality of the test file is on par with what you will find in some of the better actual files that appear in the jobs list. That is to say that the audio quality is not great and you will have difficult parts. But if you can manage this audio quality, you can manage the ones that will be worked on. If you find the audio to be too difficult from the start then chances are you will suffer worse with actual files.

Once you have submitted the test file, you will get an email notification stating that it has been sent to a reviewer and will take up to 30 days to review and for you to get the verdict on whether you have qualified to transcribe.

They have older tests that you can use to test with before you take the actual test. A word of warning, the quality on those specific tests good compared to the live files so it is not an indication of the files you will work on.

The Style Guide

Having worked on numerous other style guides, I find GoTranscript’s style guide to be simple and straightforward for the most part. This is good because if you work on multiple transcription programs, things can get confusing very quickly when some companies have their own arbitrary rules in the guide lines.

With GoTranscript, the guideline is in line with regular English grammar and literary rules so there is a chance that you won’t have to spend too much time familiarizing yourself with their nuances, and you can easily jump in and out of the program without losing touch of the style guide.

How GoTranscript Works

The Actual Job

The quality of the audio files is challenging, which is the norm on platforms like this. You have to have good listening skills and understanding of the English language to manage. You also need a good understanding of context that will help you in figuring out some words that aren’t said clearly but can be figured out based on the context.

For convenience’s sake, I always recommend that you focus on clean verbatim. Full verbatim is simply too much work, especially when the people have odd mannerisms in their speech or use a lot of filler words. The bump in pay for full verbatim is never worth the extra work from my experiences.

To make transcription easier, they have created a transcription tool. You can easily insert time stamps, speaker names, text templates, slower audio or use other features to save time.

GoTranscript Assessment And Grading

All of your transcripts will be checked by editors. You will receive a rating and comments to help you improve your work. Along with accuracy, editors will mark your transcript according to grammar mistakes and/or lack of research. A good reputation of submitting transcripts of high quality will result in more job offers. What this means is that you will have the chance to become an editor or get a higher pay rate per audio minute.

You can find the guidelines under the transcription jobs section.


GoTranscript pays through PayPal and Payoneer for all the work that has been completed and credited for the week. You can request a withdrawal every Friday. The funds are credited to your PayPal account within one business day.

They have an affiliate program for any registered user who refers customers (people who need files transcribed). The program pays a lifetime 10% commission on sales generated.

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  • One of the biggest pros is that they hire from anywhere in the world and this opens up opportunities to more people.
  • GoTranscript, as with many online transcription websites, hire anybody who is able to do the work
  • Their style guide is simple and relatively intuitive. In an industry where some style guides can be unnecessarily complicated, this is a good thing. It also allows you to work on different platforms simultaneously since you don’t have to worry too much about re-familiarize with style guides.
  • GoTranscript has good support staff and their support are available 24/7


  • The quality of the audio file to transcribed ranges from kind of bad to terrible. This is the norm in online transcription so if you and you will find the same issue on other transcription websites.
  • The pay is not the best among transcription websites.
  • If you have three files that score less than 3.4 out of 5, you will not get paid. A better system is one like the one at They will pay you for all the files that you complete but if you don’t keep up qualify requirements you run the risk of being removed from the program

Alternatives to GoTranscript

GoTranscript in line with what is paid in the online transcription industry (that is to say not very much). It is by no means the best option but it does pay better than Scribe, which pays half the prevalent rate in the industry. From my estimation, you can make around $400 to $500 a month if you are working 6 to 8 hours a day on the platform.

In terms of earning potential, there are better alternatives. English tutoring with Cambly can make you $10 an hour if you can make it onto the program. Ther are also crowdsourcing jobs that pay a decent livable wage for work that is easier to do. For what I use as my full-time earning solution, Wealthy Affiliate.

Is GoTranscript a Scam?

No, GoTranscript is not a scam. It is a legitimate transcription platform that hires people from all over the world. To qualify to work there, you need native proficiency in English and a fast enough typing speed to make it worthwhile.

But you must manage your expectations if you work there. The chances of making $1200 per month are highly unlikely for most people. You can make money that is acceptable in the short term with this platform but in the long term there are far better options like better paying transcription sites or even building your own online business.

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