Is Forever Living a Scam?

Welcome to my review. If you are asking yourself is Forever Living a scam, you are int he right place. In this review we will be looking into the business model and whether you can make money from it. The MLM program is popular in many countries in North America and other developing countries like South Africa, Brazil, the Philippines and many where it allows regular people to start a business.

Many people like yourself look in to Forever Living as a business to invest in, in the hopes of creating an income that can sustained them fully. Let’s look into the company itself and the way Forever Living operates from the business owner perspective.

Is Forever Living a Scam?

Forever Living Review Summary

Forever Living Products is a popular MLM that many people use to make money. The scheme is a legitimate business opportunity but it has some limitations. The company sells products that are beneficial for health with the main business model being a Multi Level Marketing. Distributor make money from selling the products to their network at a mark up.

The main method of making a considerable amount of money is through the recruitment of other distributors into your down line. As you recruit people into your down line, you get a percentage of what they buy from the parent company down as many levels. So as people under you continue to recruit more members, you make more money. The business model is a legitimate one and allows easy entry for anyone who wishes to pursue it.

The biggest challenge to selling Forever Living products is the price point, which is usually double or more than similar products that you can find on the shelf. There are better business models which allow the marketing of products that are already well-known and freely available, at their regular prices while still making a commission.

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What Is Forever Living

Forever Living is a private Multi Level Marketing company that sells a range of products that promote a healthy lifestyle. The company was founded back in 1979 in Arizona, USA. The fact that it has been around for more than 40 years is always a positive sign when looking into the legitimacy of companies.

Fun Fact: Forever Living Falls under the same company as the popular Forever Resorts

The company grew when the founder Rex Maughan discovered the healing benefits of aloe and decided to by farms so that he could grow the plants himself instead of relying on suppliers for ingredients. By 2010, the company acquired the Aloe Vera of America company. By 2010, the company had over 9 million distributors and revenue of $1.7 billion.

The brand now sells products to users in over 150 countries through independent distributors (referred to as business owners on the website)

Forever Living Products

Forever Living Products sells a range of products that comprises aloe vera based drinks, bee-derived cosmetics, dietary supplements and personal care products. The products come in 5 categories

Bee Products

– These are Bee derived products like honey, and supplement that come in tablet form like the bee pollen, propolis and Royal Jelly


-The main drinks in this category are aloe vera based drinks that serve as an addition to a health and nutritional diet. They are marketed as assisting in digestion and the absorption of nutrients


– Forever Living offers a range of nutritional supplements similar to multivitamins that come in bottle and tablet form. These include extracts like Ginkgo, B12 and many other nutrients

Personal Care

-The personal care range includes soaps and sanitizers, lotions and body sprays.

Skin Care

– The skin care range from Forever Living Products is aloe based. The range has moisturizing creams, exfoliators, aloe scrub and more similar products.

For the full range of products that are available under the Forever Living Products brand, see the official website catalog.

How Forever Living Works

You can sell the products in various ways. The most commonly used way is through direct selling in the physical capacity. This way of selling has the pros that it does not require much additional knowledge, you simply buy products from Forever Living and you sell them at a profit.

The limitations of direct physical selling is that your network is comparatively very limited and how much money you can make is limited by how much stock you can hold. If you have to restock then there is a wait time for every batch and the risk of customers not being interested in the product once in stock. The problem is also that you need to keep selling to most of your network and work to get new customers as current customers stop buying long the way.

How do you make money with Forever Living?

Forever Living is a private Multi Level Marketing company that sells a range of products that promote a healthy lifestyle.

This means that your compensation will come from selling the products to your network, and from referring members to become distributors as well. You essentially build a team and earn from each level under you. Ways of earning include bonuses, residual commissions, and a percentage of company profits based on your level.

You can sell Forever Living Products as a non-member or as a member. As a non-member, you simply by the products and sell them to other people. Some companies only allow you to sell as a member so this is one way the FLP distinguishes itself.

But most people who are in it for business will be looking at joining as a member, which has a membership fee.

This is also where MLM companies in general receive a lot of criticism, and rightly so. Understanding the different levels in a MLM model can be different because they often use a bunch of terms and levels that are specific to them. So as an outsider or beginner it is difficult to make a quick assessment and know how much you can make.

The different levels and earning structures area explained in the video below.

Are Forever Living Products Safe To Use?

Forever Living Products are safe to use. The company has been around for more than 40 years, and no company would survive in the public for 40 years while selling products that aren’t legally safe.

The company offers all-natural products and because of the type of products they sell, they are not FDA approved. While this may be an issue to some, it does not mean that the products aren’t safe. Many of the people who use the products swear by them so you can sell them to your network.

You must just equip yourself with enough information about whether they are safe if you want to sell them. You must also prepare to answer questions like that from your customers as well.

Can You Make A Reliable income with Forever Living?

It’s certainly possible to make a full time income with Forever Living. To do that, you wil need to make a large number of sales on a consistent basis. You will also need a network of customers that is passionate about the products and is willing to buy them from you on a consistent basis.

In essence, you have to do a lot of hands-on work to maintain an income with Forever Living. If you can stick it out and build your network to the required level, then you can possible make considerable money in the long run.

Whether the long term investment is worth it will vary from person to person but for most people it’s not. That is the reason many quite along the way.

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Simple Business Model at the retail level – It’s a business where the operational aspects are easy to understand, all you have to do is sell

Low startup costs – The startup costs for this is relatively low, especially if you have planned buyers in place when you start out.

It is a legitimate business model – Even though MLMs are frowned upon, it is a business model that has worked for some people for years. Forever living is also one of the few proven companies in the MLM space.

Converted users swear by the products – The products of FLP are trusted by those who use them regularly, You can use this positive marketing from others in the form of testimonials to help your own marketing.

This business model has, however worked for many years and will continue to do so .


You have to market directly to people – this makes it very difficult to scale the business and grow it beyond what you can physically sell.

The substantial money is in recruiting – The business model is based mainly on recruiting people under you. If people under you become demotivated, it reduces your income and you have to constantly keep recruiting people

The structure can be complicated to understand – as seen in the video above, the structure of the company will be complicated for most people to understand, which can lead to people investing without fully knowing what they are investing in.

Expensive products – Forever Living Products are extremely expensive compared to similar products that you would by on a regular shelf store. The reason for the high cost is obviously due to the markup placed on products for distributors to make a profit. The problem is that you will have to work extra hard to market to people and convince them why they should pay multiple times more for a product they can get on a store shelf. This also means that customer retention will generally be very low so you have to market continuously for the business to be sustainable.

Long Term Outlook – It takes a long time to build a network that can garner you a sizable income. So for the first few months or years, the benefits of your labour are seen by your sponsors. For this reason, many of your recruits will quit early which means you have to keep recruiting.

Must be a salesperson and motivated – To do well in MLM businesses, you have to constantly sell to people and convince people to join as recruits. If you are more reserved and do not enjoy sales, it will not be easy to see success in this business.

Is Forever Living A Scam ?

No, Forever living is neither a scam nor a pyramid scheme. The definition of a pyramid scheme is that there is no product outside of the scheme itself and you are being sold the scheme.

Forever Living does have products attached to it. That means that even if you don’t sell the products, you can use them for your own use if you were so inclined.

The tricky part with Forever Living, just like many MLM companies, is that the ways that you make money of often misrepresented.

So as a prospective member, you might think that you can make money from Forever Living just by selling the products. That is in fact not the case, and you have to do continuous recruiting of new members as distributors for you to make the level of money that is purported.

This is the misrepresentation that is carried out by both the company and the recruiters. The training encourages members to make it look as they are getting money from sales when it is from recruits. And as you would expect, you start at the bottom and support the many levels of people above you with your sales.

The Verdict

If you are a natural salesperson and are very good at talking to and convincing people, then Forever Living can work out well for you. You can also do a work around by selling the products online through social media marketing and perhaps on online store. Although, in many of the countries where Forever Living products are popular, the majority of the buyers are not computer savvy so direct physical selling will always have to be a big part of your sales strategy.

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