Is Enjeo a Scam or Legit?

If you are asking yourself is Enjeo a scam, you are in the right place. While there are numerous ways to make money online, it’s considerably easy to get caught by pesky scammers and while plenty of legitimate options are out there, finding them is the trick.

Also, well done to you for doing your research to see if the service offered is worth it or not. If more people did it, the less they would get scammed.

In this review, we will be checking out Enjeo and will ascertain if this is just another a scam or a legitimate GPT site. Some of you might be surprised at the information we have discovered so read on.

Is Enjeo a Scam or Legit?

Enjeo Review Summary

The Enjeo Referral Program is a free to join network where you can signup to become a market affiliate. Signing up requires your banking details, and the site is not HTTPS secured.

The products and services that are offered by Enjeo are insurance, roadside assistance, credit card plans and others for a low subscription of $1 a month and every person that you recruit under you will net you $5.

Unfortunately, with a simplistic FAQ page and no About Page, it is challenging to ascertain whether the site is legitimate or not.

According to what has gotten found, Score Cash, a 3rd party credit transaction institute has multiple complaints laid against them for payments not being processed.

It is a common complaint going back years and considering that Enjeo utilizes their services for their transactions leads many to question the website’s intention.

Enjeo is not a scam, but it is sketchy with how the site operates, and we can’t within good reason recommend this site to anyone who wants to earn money online.

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What is Enjeo?

The Enjeo Referral Program boasts that you can refer an unlimited amount of your family and friends or co-workers to products or services they might already be aware of or familiar in what these services or products do.

Currently, Enjeo specializes in online direct to customers paid subscriptions and having successful referrals from your side will put some extra cash into your pocket.

There is also no fee to join Enjeo however they do ask for you bank information when joining, keep that in mind for later, and there is also no contract or membership term meaning you can stop working with them whenever you want.

The website was created on April 29, 2011, and got updated on March 12, 2019, unfortunately, there is no additional background information on this company, members or its owners.

There is no about page giving any insight to the company mission statements, and the FAQ provided is barebones, simplistic only sharing how to sign up, what products are on their market and how you get paid.

It is safe to say though, that ownership of the company has more than likely changed as there would be no reason to have a sudden update in 2019 unless something of this nature did occur.

How Does Enjeo Work?

It doesn’t take much to get started with the Enjeo Referral Program.

You need internet access, visit their site, click on the signup button, insert your banking details, which I am not a fan of but this is how you will get paid and then see which products you will like advertise from their market.

There is also no fee to join Enjeo, as it is 100% free.

They also have a support representative that you can get hold via email except they do not provide an email address unless you signup first which is a little stupid.

You could also contact them on a landline number which is on their site. However, I would not recommend calling as honestly, websites like this will more than likely tell you exactly what you want to hear.

They don’t offer payouts via PayPal, or any other online 3rd party financial institutes. Payments get strictly sent to your bank account.

How Do You Make Money With Enjeo?

Making money with the Enjeo Referral Program is easy on paper.

First, let me give you a bonus tip on making some extra money right from the start, no questions asked.

Two perks are made available to you from the get-go. You receive one for signing to be an affiliate, and the other is signing up to be a customer. We know that’s a little confusing, but hear us out.

You create an additional account with different details and using the referral code that you received with your first account, signing up with the new account will allow you to gain $10.

Then complete one of the offers from your “customer account”. The products and services that Enjeo markets are cheap subscription services that can get purchased for $1. Doing this will net you an additional $10.

Other GPT sites ban you for this kind of behaviour but, quite funnily Enjeo has no problem with you doing this.

Earning money is pretty simple, stuff. You either recruit new affiliates which will bring you $5 per person and if they get a customer to purchase a subscription and remain for 30 days then you receive an additional $5.

There are different rates for different subscriptions services, so your cut will depend on that.

Payments made by Enjeo happen every day Monday – Friday, and there is no minimum earning requirement.


  • No About Page – Attempting to find more information about the company proved difficult as no About Page was listed, only contact information.
  • Cannot Find Company Owners – Similar to the about page attempting to locate the owners proved unsuccessful as the domain is private, and no additional information can get located, even on
  • Site Is Unsecure – Considering that you have to input your banking details to sign up having an unsecured site is a big no, no. (No HTTPS)
  • No Email Verification On Signup – Once you have signed up, no confirmation email gets sent to your email address. It is startling as it is the norm to confirm via email when a new account has gotten created.
  • FAQ IS Barebones Simplistic – Even though an FAQ page is present, it doesn’t provide any additional information except on how to signup and what the benefits are.
  • No Email Contact Address – On Enjeo Contact Us page, they state that a support representative can get contacted via email. Unfortunately, you need to get signed up before you can do that. The only other alternative is contacting them via a landline number.
  • Underwhelming Services Offered – Once signed up, you will see that there are only about seven services offered, and most of them are insurance and roadside assistance. If there were to be more services, then it might be something of interest to others.
  • Pyramid Model – The best way to make money using Enjeo is by recruiting others. However, this does become a pyramid scheme. You receive a take from every sale that gets completed from underneath you.
  • Score Cash – Score Cash are associated with Enjeo as the provider of credit card transactions, and there is a history of complaints regarding unknown charges placed on peoples credit cards.

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  • Enjeo Does Pay Out – Regardless of the services offered, Enjeo does payout, and there have been no problems with late payments.
  • Can Be Lucrative – While it doesn’t pay much, this could be a worthwhile second hobby, especially if you have active social media accounts with thousands of followers.
  • Free To Join – The Enjeo Referral Program is free to join, and there are no hidden charges.
  • No Minimum Earning Requirement – Compared to other GPT sites, this is pretty cool. Usually, you have to earn a certain amount of money before payment is to get sent but with Enjeo, as soon as a referral comes through or a sale gets made, you can cash out.


  • Score Cash – Even though Enjeo does payout to its affiliates, there is a problem with Score Cash processing these payments and several complaints can get found regarding this.
  • Lack Of Transparency – As stated in the Red Flags section, the fact that there is no About Page, no information got found on the owners.
  • Low Income – There is potential to make money, but it will take time considering the services offered.
  • Lackluster Services Offered – Subscription plans are cheap and boring. Enjeo only offers insurance mini-plans, roadside assistance mini-plans, realty listing mini-plans, credit monitoring mini-plans, and a public records mini-plan. There are no gripping services or products on offer.
  • Similar Services Offered Are Free Elsewhere – If you are in deperate need of one of the services that Enjeo is offering, then you’ll find products of the same nature at no charge.
  • Banking Details Requirement – On signup, you need to add your banking details so that they know where and who to pay. It’s risky to put these into a website if you don’t know anything about them.
  • Unsecure Site – The website of Enjeo lacks the HTTPS protocol, which secures the site from potential hackers. Given the fact that your banking details are required when signing up, this could lead to a 3rd party or scammer acquiring your information.
  • No Confirmation Email – It is customary for a website to send a verification email to a new users email address so that the newly created account can get confirmed on their site. With Enjeo you input your details, and you’re off to the races. Strange indeed.
  • No Support – When attempting to enquire about a product or service or the company itself, or even complain, no one will respond to your emails, and the landline number provided does not get answered.

Is Enjeo a Scam?

The Enjeo Referral Program is not a scam per se, but they are questionable.

It’s a great way to make a quick $10 – $20 if you want to create multiple email accounts and self-refer, but it isn’t worth it in the end.

Sketchy implementations such as requiring your banking information to signup is a big red flag. There is also the obviousness of the fact that it is a pyramid scheme.

You’ll only make money if the people underneath you make money and unfortunately, this isn’t a sustainable business model.

Most people will already have some form of insurance. If they don’t, they would be able to find the same services offered somewhere else online and most likely for free.

The fact that no information can be found about the owners of the website lead me to believe that there might be something sketchy going on. And of course, being associated with Score Cash adds more to the skepticism and legitimacy of the Enjeo.

If you are looking to make some extra money, you should search in other places as this one is not the one for you to settle on. There are plenty of alternatives that will be most helpful in that regard.

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