Is Bitcoin Gemini a Scam?

Welcome to my Bitcoin Gemini review. If you are reading this you are probably doing research and asking yourself is Bitcoin Gemini a Scam or a legitimate money-making opportunity.

I have done a good bit of research into the platform to uncover how it all works. In this review, I will be sharing everything that I have uncovered with you, and assessing the platform to determine whether it’s something worth investing it or whether you should avoid it altogether.

So let’s see if this Bitcoin Gemini does what it says it does.


Bitcoin Gemini Review Summary

Bitcoin Gemini is an automated, online forex trading, Bitcoin software that claims to have a 99.4% success rate when performing trades. Thus, ensuring that you hardly ever lose any money the market and for you doing very little work as possible.

It is simple to get started. Head over to the Bitcoin Gemini site, sign up for an account, which is free by the way, verify and then login. Then all you have to do is deposit €250 to allow the automated software to start trading.

You’ll then get put through to a broker of some sort, and he will guide you on the rest of the steps required, how everything works, and then he’ll ask for more money and convince you that you will get a better return.

Not exactly what we were expecting but hey, it’s an automated online trading system right? Then why did we need a broker? Why did we have to fork over an additional amount of money?

Bitcoin Gemini is a barefaced scam and one that you should definitely avoid. There are much better an legitimate ways of making money online.

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What is Bitcoin Gemini?

Bitcoin Gemini is an automated online cryptocurrency trader or in layman’s terms, a complete lie.

It is a fake website disguised as an online trader aiming to make the lives easier of those who would like to invest in bitcoin but are apprehensive about the risks that go with it.

Everything that Bitcoin Gemini states that it does is a complete fantasy except the part of taking your money, that is true.

It exists for the owners of the website to make money for themselves by receiving cash from new users and affiliate links while they do the bare minimum in this world, maybe less.

A manipulation disguised as a helper, wanting to assist the world by allowing nearly everyone to hunt for bitcoins and earn some money.

How does Bitcoin Gemini Work?

Like with most scam websites, Bitcoin Gemini focuses on the area that most people are always working in and trying to get more of, this being an increase in income.

Boasting that their automated online trader is 99.4% successful when it comes to trading on the market, one can’t help but be curious about this even if it does sound too good to be true.

Once you sign up are required to deposit €250 to get the ball rolling and allow the system to start “trading” for you. It doesn’t end there though, oh no.

You will also receive a phone call from an apparent broker who will start advising you what is best for your current situation and how to move forward with potential investments and suggest other avenues to roam.

Due to Bitcoin Gemini seemingly, looking legitimate, some people might believe that the system is working. However, it becomes very apparent once they realise they have received zero money and all the extra investments that the broker suggested has grown no fruit at all.

To add to the confusion of potential customers is that there is a range of fake reviews stating that Bitcoin Gemini is legitimate and is now the only way to trade with little loss.

These reviews are a pretty smart way to throw people of the trail and sow some doubt in the minds of those who might not trust them.

Bitcoin Gemini also makes some money from those affiliate links as on these fake reviews there will be a few opportunities to sign up with them, thus, handing them more of your hard-earned cash.

Trying to get hold of them afterwards is a no show as no one will answer and emailing yields no results either. As like with so many other scam websites, the email addresses do not exist.

Bitcoin Gemini works by preying on optimism, hope and desperation for a better life.

Red Flags

Fake Testimonials – The positive reviews seen on the website are fake. The photos that are used there are actually stock photos and not of real people.

Recycled Scam – Bitcoin Gemini is a recycled scam that has just changed names over and over again. Even now, depending on where you get your link from, you will see a different name for the company depending on which one of their websites you land on. The scam has gone by many names that include Bitcoin Gemini, Bitcoin Rush, Bitcoin Evolution, Crypto Revolt and many more.

Bitcoin Gemini Recycled Scam

Plenty of complaints – There are plenty of complaints on forums and on reddit complaining about being scammed by Bitcoin Connect. Where there is smoke, there tends to be fire and it means you must tread carefully before investing your heard-earned money.

Claiming there are no costs – Bitcoin Gemini claims that there are no costs. This is a bald faced lie. Firstly, you have to invest €250. What would be the point of a business operating if it wouldn’t be making money? This is just clear misrepresentation and a big red flag.


None – There is really nothing positive to be said about Bitcoin Gemini because at the end of the day, you are more likely to lose money than anything.


High price of admission – You need €250 right from the start if you want to try Bitcoin Gemini. This is a terribly high price of admission and a high risk. They should at least have had a lower beginner membership that you can use to try things out at a reasonable cost before making such a huge investment.

Non existent customer support – This means that if you get stuck or are having issues, you are on your own. Customer support is a key part of an online business platform because things will always go Wong at some point.

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Is Bitcoin Gemini a Scam?

Yes, Bitcoin Gemini is a Scam. It’s quite sad though because I think that this type of software if it existed and if it does exist and were legitimate, could help to make investments easier for all kinds of people.

Sadly, with the claim of a 99.4% success ratio, any rational thinking person would already have a red flag going up in their minds.

If that were the case and if it were so easy many other people would be doing it, it would be all over television, the markets would get flooded, and the wealthy would no longer be wealthy.

Attempting to lure you in with fake celebrity endorsements, the guys behind Bitcoin Gemini pull out all the stops in an attempt to override the rational thinking side of your brain.

The people behind this scam prey on that vulnerability within others and that desire and desperation to make money to free themselves from the petty grievances of life.

The only ones who stand to become realistically free and earn an income are the “brokers” who are calling you.

The other avenue that points to this being a scam just in case all the other evidence isn’t enough is that it gets suggested that when you sign up, you will receive this application or software except there is no software.

Hoaxes and fake sites are still bad, but it would be less so if there were software involved, even it was a bogus piece of software. Most of the time spent creating this hoax has to be on Bitcoin Gemini’s website.

It is full of details, and mostly every link points to something almost legitimate, which is pretty impressive and a waste of time considering how much effort they have put into fooling people.

Bitcoin Gemini is just one of many other crypto scam sites, and it is on the blacklist as a get-rich-quick scheme site. The template has been recycled at least six times now with no new additions except for the name change.

This lovely little hoaxes sister scam sites are Bitcoin Gemini, Immediate edge and Bitcoin Billionaire. All of which are blacklisted already.

Every one of them is out to screw you out of every little cent you have ever made in your entire existence because apparently, that is what they are good at in life.


Bitcoin Gemini is another petty website designed to leech off of the masses, but at least some of you have gotten the warning, and hopefully, you’ll share this with your friends so that they don’t get caught by the same thing.

Take a look at other investment opportunities or perhaps start doing something online for yourself where you have most of the control.

The most important thing is to do your research before committing to anything. Things may look legitimate, but if you look a little bit further into the companies that you’re thinking of joining you might discover something sinister lurking underneath.

Always be prepared for someone to scam you.

To sum this all up, stay away from Bitcoin Gemini as they will steal €250 from your hard-earned income. It isn’t worth it and please don’t be another victim of their scams either.

Your time, effort and money could be better spent and focused elsewhere. Be that online or in the real world. There are plenty of investment opportunities available.

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