Is 30 Day Success Formula a Scam?

Many people get sucked into the vortex of “getting rich quick” practices.

Sometimes, people get lucky and make quite a bit of money doing this, and others flail helplessly in the water.

These types of products are so enticing because they put forward the notion that if there is a grain of truth to what is getting promoted, you might be passing up on a lucrative opportunity.

It capitalizes off one’s fear of losing out and our desire to have more time which money can buy in spades.

In this review, we will be looking at the 30-day success formula to see if there is a grain of truth.

Is 30 Day Success Formula a Scam?

30 Day Success Formula Review Summary

30-Day Success Formula is a company that operates primarily in the marketing section.

This company promotes and markets training courses that allow you to learn how to become a better marketer.

What the company doesn’t tell you is that you will be promoting the same product and most of the training material that you receive is to market their items (which there are none).

They offer eight training modules spread across 6 ridiculously priced tiers, each one becoming more obscene than the last.

They falsely advertise that they are BBB accredited and have given false information to where they operate out of, the BBB checked these locations and found them to be UPS stores and nothing else.

There are also plenty of complaints from people buying into this system for hundreds of dollars and not receiving anything. When they attempt to contact the company, they receive no response.

The website, as of writing, has also been shut down.

30-Day Success Formula is a complete and utter scam.

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What is the 30-Day Success Formula?

The 30-day Success Formula is a company that specializes in a multi-level marketing business.

They operate online and offline and run a direct mail biz op, enabling them to send and receive flyers, training courses and payments. The training courses will get sent to members of the company and potential recruits.

There is no information on their site about who the owners are or reliable contact information. On their BBB profile, there is a Karen Osborne as the owner and a Simon Petrowski as the co-owner. They also operate out of Oak Creek, Wisconsin.

An internet search also yields no successful results on the history of the site or its owners.

They seem to be super strict on who has access to their site though. Luckily enough, a partner was able to grant us access to their website for us to have a quick snoop.

It was all blanket information about making a passive income, how to market the company, payment options and various other opportunities. It was pretty barebones.

There were also no products aside from the training materials that got listed on their website with various payment plans.

All in all, not much else has gotten found on this company.

How Does the 30-Day Success Formula Work?

This company works by having you promote products or services to other people following the carefully set out price plans by the companies owners.

Promoting involves advertising online, such as utilizing Facebook ads and other social media platforms where you could reach a bigger and more specific audience.

Even an old-school method is in use where you send advertisements through the mail to reach those who might not be fans of the all mighty internet.

It is not something you can join randomly. You have to be recruited by someone to access the site and receive your training. Only through this method will you be able to navigate the website as a specific passcode needs to get used as authentication, and only members have it.

There are no special requirements. If you know your way around Facebook or write posts on social network forums, then you will be able to do this.

How Do You Make Money?

The way you make money with this program is by marketing the idea of the same program. You will advertise it as “A Business in a Box“, the same training materials that you have.

You need to market and promote the same system on all social network platforms if you want to have a chance of making money with this.

You market and promote the same training materials that you have access too. There are eight training modules in total that are available depending on the tier that you are going to purchase.

Each tier has its own perks and commission rates.

There are six tiers in total.

Level 1: This costs $89 and comes with module 1. Your commission is $30 per sale, and you get paid on two levels.

Level 2: This costs $250 and comes with modules 1 and 2. Your commission is $100 per sale, and you get paid on two levels.

Level 3: This costs $1000 and comes with modules 1-4. Your commission is $400 per sale, and you get paid on two levels.

Level 4: This costs $2,500 and comes with modules 1-8. Your commission is $1,000 per sale, and you get paid on two levels.

Level 5: This costs $5,000 and includes all modules. You also receive 500 letters which you send out to future recruits. Your commission is $2,000 per sale, and you get paid on two levels.

Level 6: This costs $12,500 and includes all modules. You receive 1500 letters to send out to potential recruits. Your commission $6,000 per sale and you get paid on two levels.

You can also advertise a credit booster, but that is random, so don’t worry about that. It’s supposed to improve your credit score, but honestly, you can improve your credit score with the bank.

Red Flags

  • Lack of history – The lack of history on the site or who the owners are is disconcerting.
  • Bad Vibes – It has the makings of a Cash Gift or pyramid scheme where the next recruit gives you money, and you pay someone on top of you.
  • Secretive – The website is not open to the public.
  • BBB Accredited – This business is not BBB accredited
  • BBB Misuse – It got discovered that this company was misusing the BBB logo on their advertisements to look legitimate.
  • Proof – There is no proof that anyone is making money off of this system.
  • Location – They don’t work out of Wisconsin. The addresses that the BBB has found are UPS stores.
  • Website – The website is on and off. It stays around for a few months then vanishes again.
  • Complaints – There are plenty of complaints condemning this company.
  • Communication – The higher-ups don’t get back to new members where there are complaints.
  • Pressure – There is a lot of stress with these types of business, especially where it just involves promotions.
  • Not Clear on What The System Is – Is it Marketing? Are you selling a service? Are you selling a product? When going over all their information. It becomes apparent that they are everything and nothing.


  • Training – They do at least provide training if you ever receive the materials, and that can teach you a bit, at the same time, you can learn it on the internet.
  • Reviews – It gives us something to write about and expose to make sure you don’t get scammed, and that makes everyone happy.


  • It’s a Scheme- There is no other way to put it. It is a scam. They offer no real service or product, just an idea.
  • BBB Accredited – This business is not BBB accredited even though it says there on their advertisements.
  • Location – The addresses on the BBB for this company says there in Wisconsin. This information is a lie as the BBB checked the areas and found them belonging to UPS stores.
  • Complaints – Many users complain about this company. Training materials don’t arrive, and no one attempts to communicate with them or alleviate concerns.
  • Communication – The higher-ups don’t get back to new members where there are complaints.
  • Expensive – It costs a lot of money if you want to make a decent commission, and it isn’t worth it. Why spend thousands of dollars to make money unless you have a business and employees.
  • Outdated Method – They use a very out of date method regarding the sending of letters and things. It’s strange.
  • Money Loss – Most people who opt into this system will lose a lot of money and leave them financially vulnerable.
  • Unsustainable – The business model is that of a pyramid scheme, which means it will fail.

Is 30-Day Success Formula a Scam?

Oh yes, without question this business practice is a scam.

They offer no real product or service to promote, only a few training materials that are there to get you to sell the same thing.

It is why it is a Pyramid scheme and not a legitimate business. All people are doing is putting money into the pockets of the people above them.

The problem with this system is that eventually, it will fail. Schemes like this always do because people wisen up, the complaints start, then the FCC gets involved, and that is when the business cuts and runs.

The tiers offered, even though they shouldn’t have any levels are ludicrously expensive. The modules that they offer will provide you with “training” that you could easily find on the internet for free.

There is a reason why you can’t locate the owners, and this is because they don’t want to get found out. They will keep doing this until the cows come home.

Always be skeptical if you can’t access a company’s website and if you can’t find out who the owners are easy. Those are all red flag and should factor into account before jumping into a business opportunity.


The first thing you will need to understand is that there is no such thing as a 30-Day Success Formula. There never will be.

No one has become successful in 30-days, no matter what they are doing. It takes hard work and persistence for you to be a success.

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