InstaGC Review

In this InstaGC Review I will be giving you an overview of the platform and I have investigated the platform to determine if you can really make earnings and it is worth your time. InstaGC is a PTC site where you can earn rewards such as gift cards and cash for completing surveys, taking offers and other click tasks. The website is available worldwide and people from all countries are welcome to apply.

Signing Up

To sign up for InstaGC you need to have a verified PayPal account. The site states this clearly before signing up and if you do not have a verified PayPal account it advises you to leave the sign up and return when you do. If found this to be a nice touch as most many sites capture your information and give you roadblocks after they have captured your details.

You have the option to sign up with your Facebook account, Twitter, Google+ or an email. After choosing a username and signing up with either of the mentioned methods you can link your verifies PayPal account. At this point, ensure that you use your real name as it stated on your PayPal account. If the names on your profile and PayPal account do not match you will not be able verify your account and as a result you cannot get paid in cash.

You can sign up for InstaGC here.

After completing the sign up process you will be awarded 10 points. Points are the ‘currency’ for the site and I will explain how they work in due course.

Earning on InstaGC

The home page (that you reach by clicking the InstaGC logo on the top left) from inside the logged in profile has all the possible ways of earning in one place. You can click the different tabs in this menu to access your preferred mode of earning at any particular moment.


InstaGC has surveys from different survey partners similar to other PTC websites. When you have filled in your profile you will receive suggestions for surveys that possibly fit you. You can access the surveys from the hope page in your when you are logged into your profile. Clicking on the link will redirect you to the website of a survey partner where you will answer a few quick questions to determine whether you qualify for a survey. When you qualify, you can complete the survey and when it is completed your account will be credited with points.

Get Paid to Play Games

Under the Apps tab you will find offers that reward you for downloading and installing games to your mobile device. Some offers require you to install a game and play it up to a certain level. These offers also tend to pay a bit more for the time investment. So if have time to kill somewhere you can download the apps to your phone and play them when you have to wait for something, for example.


With trials, you receive points for signing up to trials. Although InstaGC recommends that you go past the trial period, it is not necessary. Canceling the trial too early, however, will result in a reversal of the points you have been awarded so it is a good idea to remain on the trial for the trial period. When you complete a trial, what they refer to as Frozen Points will occur. Although it sounds like bad thing, frozen points is a good thing which occurs when you complete a task that awards more than 225 points, or for any credit card, shopping or trial offer.


Tasks are done through the Figure Eight platform (formerly known as Crowdflower). You do various tasks that require you to follow simple instructions such as searching pages on the internet for information and copying and pasting. If you do not have a Figure Eight account you will have to sign up for one and you will able to log into from IntaGC after that.

Clicks earn you money points for browsing websites. Personally, the points being awarded were too low for me to be interested so I did not do any click tasks. Videos were not available in my feed either so I did not go through any of those.


Like most other popular PTC sites, InstaGC has a referral program where you earn a commission off any people that you refer to InstaGC that do tasks and surveys. You are given unique referral link that you can share on your social media or through direct referral such as email and texting apps.

If you are good at referring people or have a big following through social media or a website then this is the most efficient way to make money. You earn a lifetime commission on all of your referrals work for as long as they remain active.

The referral commission is 10% for of the earnings that you referral makes through completing tasks surveys and offers. The rate is the same regardless of where in the world your referral comes from but compared to other popular PTC sites it is rather low. The other top sites such as Clixsense and PrizeRebel offer a minimum commission of 20% of the lifetime earnings of your referrals.


For the tasks that you do on InstaGC you are rewarded with points that can later be redeemed for gift cards or cash. 100 points are equal to $1. The gift card selection from my account includes vouchers for digital product marketplaces such as steam and G2A. The gift cards do not have as much utility as other website which offered me vouchers for general marketplaces such as amazon where you can buy a large range of products.

Fortunately, InstaGC added PayPal in recent years and this is the payment method that most people will use. The minimum payout for gift cards is $1. If you are in the US, Canada or the UK you will need to first earn $50 in other rewards and gift cards before you are able to cash out through PayPal. For other countries, PayPal is available immediately because gift cards in those countries are limited.

Overall Impression

I found the user interface for InstaGC to be well laid out and user-friendly. The page is clean and easy to navigate. Compared to other sites, this platform does not have many incentives or bonus programs so outside of the points. They do have a weekly bonus for completing a set number of tasks but the points awarded are minuscule and hardly worth mentioning.

Unlike the other platforms which have a plethora of incentives in the form of daily checklists, random activity bonuses and promo codes, InstaGC is limited in additional perks and does not give much motivation to do 3rd party tasks like those from Figure Eight through them as there is barely any difference between doing them directly through the 3rd party or through InstaGC.


InstaGC is a legitimate PTC site and not a scam. It is an okay solution for PTC tasks and surveys. If you are only planning to work without referring then it is comparable to the rest. The benefit that InstaGC has over competitors in this regard is that you are allowed to have multiple accounts per household, limited to one account per member. For the other sites you are not allowed to refer people in the same household so you cannot refer family members that you live with.

If referrals are part of your earning strategy then InstaGC falls short compared to the competitors. The 10% commission if half or less of what you can get from other sites. For this reason, you are better off on sites with better earning potential, like PrizeRebel and ClixSense.

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InstaGC Review

I hope that you enjoyed reading it and if you have any questions or want to leave your own, personal review, leave a comment below.

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