How To Work From Home In South Africa

Are you looking to work from home in South Africa? Thanks to the internet, there are more ways opening up to being able to work from home. It is very possible to earn a living from the comfort of your own home. It took me a long time to find my way around working online and I will share some of that with you here. There are plenty of jobs that you can apply for and by the time you are done reading this article, you will have a good idea of where to start.

One thing I must first add is that there are a lot of scams out there and you need to be careful and do your own research before signing up for anything that is going to cost you money. Something that wants money from you upfront without you knowing how you are going to be making your money back is usually a scam. So even with all the things that I am recommending, I recommend that you do your own research and then pursue it once you are sure that you are not being scammed. Don’t take my word for it.

Can You Really Work From Home In South Africa?

There are different levels of making money which you require different levels of skill and input. If you are a student and want to earn R1500 a month, there is something for you.

If you are highly experienced with a skill and want to make R100,000 a month, there is something for you too. To give you guys a bit of perspective, I when I started my online career, I did it while I was unemployed and worked a typing job for around R4000 a month. 6 months later, I had found a better job which paid me between R20,000 and R25,000 a month.

But for now, let’s get started with the entry level ways of making money.

I will start with the entry level ways of making money online. This is if you are starting at zero and want to make some money. So let’s say you want to make R1000 a month. The good news is that you can do that and even start earning today.

Online Surveys

The easiest way to make money online is through online surveys. How online surveys work is that you simply give your opinion on a product or a service, and you get paid for it. Maybe you know about online surveys but the problem is that most of the surveys in South Africa pay in points and not cash. You can try ClixSense to get paid in cash.

They are an international platform that takes people from all over the world and the great thing is that they pay in cash. Online surveys are the best for beginners because anybody can do them. Even if you are in school you can do online surveys as long as you are 18 years or older. There is no getting rejected from an online survey so you can sign up and start earning immediately. It is also a nice way to confirm that you can actually make money online.  So go ahead and sign up for the online survey platform in the video description.

Online Jobs In South Africa

There are different online jobs that you can work. I have worked in transcription and in crowdsourced jobs from platforms like Lionbridge.


Transcription is the converting of audio files into text. So what you do is you listen to an audio file and type out everything that you hear. In order to do well in transcription you have to have a reasonably fast typing speed. I would say at least 40 words per minute for it to be worthwhile. The reason I like to recommend transcription is because it’s comparatively easy to get into and there are various transcription platforms online that you can apply to. I was able to make between R4000 and R8000 depending on how hard I worked.

Crowdsourcing Jobs

Crowdsourcing jobs are a great job if you can get into it. The type of jobs here vary from post like social media assessor to internet evaluator or online map analysts. Don’t worry if those titles sound complicated. The jobs don’t require much specialization and if you are accepted for applications, you just need to write a test and if you pass the test  and get into one of the programs, you will learn the job as you go.

These jobs tend to pay more than the aforementioned jobs and are therefore more competitive. If you have a tertiary qualification it will put you in a better position for applying. You can apply to companies like Lionbridge which I worked for. Working for Lionbridge, I was able to earn between R12,000 and R25,000 which was determined by the hours I worked, which were between 20 hours and 40 hours a month.

English Tutoring

The third type of online job that you can try out is English tutoring.  In order to be an English tutor, you need to have a stable broandband internet connection and a computer with a webcam. You also need to be a bubbly person and have a very good grasp of the English language. There are many English tutoring platforms that you can apply to. The one that I have had experience with is Cambly, which I recommend. They pay a decent amount of ($7 per hour when I used to work for them) and if you are very good and students like you, you can get a good amount of work.

Making Money Through Content Creation

The last way to make money is through content creation. Content creation means anything from having a website, to social media, or YouTube. For me, this is the best method because it is essentially a business. How much you can make through content creation is determined by how much you put in and there is virtually no limit to your earning potential. Of the channels mentioned before, the one that I would recommend if you are starting out depends on how comfortable you are with putting yourself out there. From my experience, YouTube is the place where it is easiest to get an audience and grow. This is because there are different niches that you can appeal to. All you need to do is have information or content that interests people.

Blogging or Website Creation

If you aren’t comfortable putting yourself in front of a camera, then creating a website is another option. This is also one of the better options in the long run. Although it takes longer to build an audience with a website than it does for YouTube, once your website ranks well in the search engines, you can get a good stream of traffic (which  you can make money from) that can last for a year or even more.

Social Media

Social media is an option but it works more as an add-on on top of the other content creation channels. It also has a narrower focus than the two former options. Whereas websites and YouTube are used just as much for information and entertainment, from a creator perspective, social media leans more toward entertainment and provides fewer opportunities. But it still helps to expand your reach on top of the more useful content creation channels.

How I Make Money Online

My main way of making money is through my websites like this one you are reading right now. To learn more about how to make money as a content creator, I have put a link to a FREE 10 video training that will teach you all you need to know to get started as a creator. It is totally free to take this beginner level course. Take the video course and by the end of the first level training, you will have created your own website and know how to create content tailored towards earning money.

Did you find this article helpful? Let me know in the comments. I will also be answering questions you have and add more information along the way.

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