EF Education First – Is It Legit?

Welcome to my EF Education First Review. If you are reading this, it’s because you have come across the platform somewhere on the internet and want to know if it is a legit way to make money teaching English. I have reviewed the platform and will give you our opinion of EF Education First. I will be covering it for those are interested in teaching there, and how it ranks in comparison with other online English teaching programs.

EF Education First Review in short

EF Education First is a reputable languages education company that has been around for a long time. They offer English-teaching opportunities to candidates all over the world. The teaching opportunities come in the form of both working abroad, and working online to teach students abroad. The pay rate is pretty good compared to the industry standards, and if you are from a region where earning level is lower, it can be quite good, relatively. It is a worthwhile opportunity to explore for anyone who is interested in teaching English and/or traveling.

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What Is EF Education First?

EF Education First is an English online teaching platform, not unlike programs like Cambly and VIPkid. You teach English to clients from around the globe, most of whom might be children from countries where their parents want them to learn conversational English.

Requirements for the Job.

To be eligible for the role of an English Teacher you have to be a native English speaker with a neutral accent. In terms of qualification, you have to have a bachelor’s degree in any field, or be in the process of completing one. You will also need to have a TEFL certificate but if you don’t have one Education First can assist you in getting one. It is also necessary for yo to be highly proficient in using a computer.

Other things that are not requisites but improve your chances at getting the job prior teaching experience, a lively personality since your job consists of working with people. You must also have good communication skills and enthusiasm to be best suited for the job and be good for both yourself and your students.

If you are interested in EF Education First, you can visit their website to apply.

How EF Education First Works

The Application Process is very simple. You simply fill in your details in an online form and submit them for review. There are two parts to the teaching program, which are teaching online, and teaching abroad on the EF Tours. You will have to specify certain things like your preferred location for teaching (the three choices are China, Russia and Indonesia), and also your time zone for when teaching online. You will also have to upload your CV/resume and state whether you have a bachelor’s degree. Once you have submitted your application, it will be considered and you will be notified if you are successful.

When you are successful, you will be put through an orientation program that will get you ready for teaching work. In terms of payment, you get paid per hour, which applies to a whole hour of teaching. So if you teach for 30 for example, you would have to do other lessons to make up that hour and earn the $12. They pay once a month through PayPal.

EF Education First Tour

If you are aiming to teach abroad, Education First will help you with the visa process and give you the training that you need before joining the teacher network. The will also assist you in getting the legal working visa that you need. Once that is done, you can relocate to your preferred location where you will be taken through orientation to prepare you for the job. You will be afforded two weeks to get settled in, which EF will pay for.

Once you have signed your contract, you will be given some basic language lessons in the native language of the country you are in. The orientation will include key information like insurance, how to find housing, and opening a local bank account. You will also be taught how to navigate the city and be exposed to unique cultural aspects of your new location

With regard to the job, you will get help with the curriculum and resources provided by Education First to teach your own lessons. Before you start teaching on your own, you will be something like assistant teacher, shadowing a more experienced teacher. You will teach together with you this experienced teacher before you teach by yourself, which will help you get acclimated and build confidence. You can eventually start teaching and there will also be promotion opportunities once you have started. If you don’t have a TEFL, EF can help you with getting one.

The Online Teaching Part

The online teaching part of EF Education First allows you to teach English from the comfort of your own home. To teach online, you need to have a stable broadband internet connection. As an online English teacher, you have the option between teaching adults and teaching children. EF Education First will provide the rest, which is the set up instructions, technical support, and the resources you need to carry out your teaching. You can then choose the hours that you will work and work the same schedule on a weekly basis. They great thing about this is the ability to choose when is the best time for you to work. You will also get to teach the same students and build good working relationships with them.

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Flexible schedule – EF Education First give you a fair bit of freedom in deciding the hours that you want to work. So if you prefer to work during a specific time of the day, there is that leeway. If you are a teacher it will be easier to get in. You can teach normal classes during the day and then do EF Education First during the nights for extra money.

Simple and straightforward application processSimply go to the website and apply, which will take about 5 minutes. They take care of the rest and provide a streamlined application process.

A good orientation program. – If you have the potential to succeed in this kind of job, Education First gives teachers a strong support program and training that can help you get comfortable and perform well in your role.

The pay rate of $12 per hour is pretty good.
For the online only teaching platforms the pay rate can be almost half that much. Cambly, for example, starts at $7 per hour. It is harder to get into Education First but if you can make it in, the higher hourly wage makes up for it.


Stringent entry requirements – For those who want to use EF Education First as teachers to make extra money, the entrance requirements are quite stringent compared to other programs. Other programs can pay the same amount of money but with fewer requirements.

Limited number of posts available – There can also be a limited number of posts available on the website so when you apply, it has to be a case of good timing. This is a minus when comparing to other platforms which hire for most of the year.

Not really open to people globally. The programme is available to a limited number of applications from a small list of countries so not everybody in apply.

Hours can be extreme – For those working abroad, the hours can be very extreme, with reported cases of working from 9-6, from Monday to Saturdays. In the Summer when demand is high there can be no weekends off. This does not make any difference to the pay which is extreme.

What is better than EF Education First

If you are looking for work as an online English Teacher, there are more popular platforms just like it that you can look at instead. For example Camble can pay a comparable fee to EF but they don’t have the stringent educational requirements. Perhaps this provides a benefit to the learners by providing more experienced teachers but from a beginner teacher perspective, it is a big minus.

The limited number of posts in the careers section is also a point that counts against them as it can be a game of luck for you visit the place when there are posts available. Similar platforms like Cambly and VIP Kid hire throughout the year. I personally received applications for months from Cambly to finish the application until I eventually joined. So you can have a look at EF Education first but if there isn’t anything there, there are other options out there.


EF Education First is a good English Teaching opportunity for those who have the skills and personality traits for the job. The hourly rate is higher than some of the English teaching platforms out there. The challenge that you can face is making it in because of the required certificates. If you can crack it and think this work is for you then go for it. The limitation to jobs like this is also that it can be good for the short to medium term but not for the long term.

Whether the pay is great or not depends on which part of the world you come from and what the minimum wage is there. But in relation to the industry of online teaching, the wage is good enough.

The jobs favour younger people and above mentioned traits. If you are looking for a long term way of making money for yourself that you can start without stringent requirements and more flexibility, it will not be a good fit for you.

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