Authority Hacker Review

Welcome to our Authority Hacker review. The advancement of technology has made it possible for people to earn money online in various ways. This is the main reason they are moving towards the online business opportunities that come in the way.


So if you want to earn a handsome amount, you should go for the authority site system. Before writing about the authority site system, many people have questions in their mind, is the authority site system a scam?


From my perspective, it is not a scam but a legit course that teaches you in detail about the affiliate marketing business. Through an authority hacker, you can easily create a profitable authority site. You can easily make money online with the tips and strategies discussed in this course.


In other words, it is a legit way to make money online, and authority hackers have great worth. This post will give you a detailed authority hacker review through which you will get different things about Amazon affiliate marketing.


Authority Hacker Review Summary

  • Name: Authority Hacker Review
  • Type: Affiliate Marketing Course
  • Price for joining: 997 dollars
  • Founder: Mark Webster Gael Breton

What is the Authority Site System?

Authority hackers come off with a product known as an authority site system. It is a video-based internet marketing training program by Gael Breton and Mark Webster.

They introduced this course in 2014 so that people could be aware of how to build authority websites to make passive income. Both the founders build and run a portfolio of authority websites.

They also publicly showed these websites and created content for the training courses and the blog. However, on the other side, Mark Webster tackles the system’s different Tech and Science aspects.

They both have a site named authority from which they share everything they have learned since they started making money online. In this course, there will be all the tools, strategies, tips, and training to educate their users on how to make affiliate authority websites and earn money through this platform.

How does the authority site system work?

Basically, both the founders teach people how to build a website with authority on a certain topic. However, many websites are designed on various topics such as making money online, Amazon products, etc.

However, when you make the authority sites system, you will learn to create authority sites around us with specific problems or passions. Then they also teach you how to monetize that authority site in different ways:


Telling your products and services

To promote other people’s products using the affiliate marketing


Selling ads

  • The founders of this authority hacker program use their previous knowledge and experience to give the users a complete and step-by-step authority site system.
  • Their main purpose is to help different people to grow their online period marketing business using authority sites.
  • The good thing about making an authority site is that if you do not have previous experience, you can learn all things as a beginner.

Who are Authority Hackers?

Here in this program, we have two handsome instructors, Mark Webster and Gael Breton. In other words, authority hacker is a marketing education website present online that offers actionable tips to compete in this world.

This affiliate marketing training program again gained popularity in 2019 when they sold their authority site at an impressive amount in just 18 months.

This process is still going on as they are still running and building different profitable authority websites with great success.

Instructors normally teach around half the lessons in this authority site system. You can easily watch that video of Gael at Harvard Business School.


Authority Hacker Courses

In this authority hacker course, you will learn how to make money with affiliate marketing by building an authority website. Nowadays, everyone knows about affiliate marketing, which recommends different products or services to your website visitors. If a person buys a particular product through your website link, you will earn a commission.


Authority Hacker review

Actually authority site system is made for beginners as well as experts on how to learn to earn money through affiliate marketing. This course is a complete step-by-step process through which you can build highly profitable authority sites from the ground up.


Authority Hacker Pro Review

If we talk about the authority hacker Pro course, it is an advanced course consisting of 17 units. Keep in mind that it is particularly for those who have experience making authority sites and doing affiliate marketing. If you purchase authority hacker pro, you will get the authority system.


In authority hacker pro, you will get different topics such as email marketing, sales funnel, scalable link building, and advanced SEO. You should not think it is a costly program because it gives you a lot of useful things.


The cost of authority hacker Pro is 1997$, where you will get more than 400 hours of videos and templates to swipe. This authority site system is always open to register yourself, but sometimes, it is closed due to different reasons, or they want to add some more stuff to boost conversion.

Authority Hackers Course Details.

Introduction video

In the introduction of the course, you will get a welcome video of the course. We can also call it an introduction module that teaches you how to navigate the system, use different tools, and interact with people.

Authority Hacker Review

Module 1

In module one, you will get initial knowledge about the authority sites and how they get website traffic. You will also learn how these authority sites make money online using affiliate marketing. SEO is also important even if you have the authority website. So these are the basics from which you will take your startup.


Module 2

In module 2, we will learn about niche research, a very important section where we have to choose the niche carefully. Here you will come to know useful information on how to complete your niche research.

This module gives you individual lessons across big and small sites. Moreover, you will also come to know about easy keywords, physical products, etc. So definitely, in module 2, you will get healthy information on how to choose a niche and expand your content to structure your physical website.

From my recommendation, you should do proper research while choosing the niche for your website as it is the basic thing on which all the other things are dependent.


Module 3

In module 3, we will learn different qualifying niches, and when we complete the list of niches we are interested in, we will shortlist them. And then, we will select the niche having a high revenue opportunity.


Module 4

Here, we will learn how to plan for the site. First, we will plan the first version of the site while planning a full site map.


Module 5

Here, we will learn about the site setup. For example, if you are setting up your site from scratch, this section will discuss how to properly establish your website.


Here the experts will also guide you on how to build your website using WordPress. You have to use a hosting site and must have a domain name. There they will discuss all things for the setting up of module 6.


Module 6

Module 6 is particularly on branding, where we will focus on the branding elements of the site. Here, you will learn how the branding elements look like a trustworthy brand with the highest quality. For learning module 6, you do not need to be an expert in branding or designing the site.


Module 7

In this module 7, you will learn how to post on the site and build different pages. Here, we will use the site map that we have already created. This sitemap is very important as it structures your site.


Module 8

In module 8, we will learn how to create informative content. Here, you will learn the exact method of creating the content and making it better than your competitors.


Module 9

Module 9 is particularly on writing content step by step. Many people do not feel comfortable writing the content that ranks. You will be surprised to know that in this module, you will get a full guide on how to write compelling content.


Module 10

Here in module 10, you will learn how to optimize and publish the content because simply writing is not the only thing. So you will learn deeply how to optimize the content to rank on Google.


Module 11

Module 11 gives you all the details about initializing the building. You will do the initial link building when you have set the website, and now it is time to kick the link building off.

Module 12

Module 12 is about affiliate setup, where we will learn how to make money online. Later on, we will come to know how to monetize our site and maximize the earnings using the best possible affiliate setup.


Module 13

Module 13 is based on writing and optimizing the commercial content. Here we will learn how to write comparing product reviews and round-ups.


Module 14

Here in this module 14, we will learn about advanced tactics, how to increase the traffic on a site and how to improve the monetization techniques. You will also get new tips and tricks added to this module.


Module 15

It is a bonus module whose main focus is on becoming an authority. This is the point where you can take your site to the next level you ever want. Here you will go through all the details on becoming a true authority in your niche and establishing yourself.


Facebook community

This is very helpful later in the future because you get access to the private Facebook group after joining the course. It is an active Facebook group with 3500 members. You will feel more confident in this group as the group members will give you different ideas and advice to help you in the long run.


What is the cost of an authority hacker?

This course will cost you $997.


What is the cost of Authority Hacker Pro?

Authority Hacker Pro has two pricing options.

It offers a total payment of 2497$ whereas you can also give the monthly payment of 249$. So one-time payment always works out, and 491 dollars cheaper.

Pros and Cons


  • Comes with a money-back guarantee
  • Real-life case studies free
  • Up-to-date information
  • Free of fluff
  • Perspectives from two successful business people
  • Other support through coaching and Facebook groups
  • Simple steps for beginners
  • How to make high-quality content
  • Learning how to publish and optimize the content



  • For some people, it is an expensive course
  • Little bit time consuming
  • You have to invest in different services and tools
  • Over 180 videos along with resources and text

Frequently Asked Questions

How do authority sites make money?

Normally, authority sites make money by selling different in-house products, affiliate products, direct placement advertisements, or media placements. However, online media ads and affiliate products are the most common in all these methods.


Is there a difference between an authority site and a niche site?

A niche site is confined to a small amount of content specially designed to get an instant sale from the user. Whereas authority sites normally emphasize a specific market or group of like-minded individuals. So both the niche sites and the authority sites are different from each other.


Can we earn a handsome amount through an authority hacker?

Yes, you can easily earn a handsome amount through the authority sites system as you will learn everything about it.

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Final Words

It is sometimes challenging to work on a site for six months and get the desired results. Yes, you can easily make money through affiliate marketing commissions based on the website. You just have to put your time and effort so that you will be successful in your business.


You must take affiliate marketing training from successful affiliates that outlines their success and courses if you do not have much experience. This is a detailed authority hacker review where you will learn many things and improve yourself regarding your business.


This is where you can start your affiliate marketing journey with the authority hacker course. So go for it as I highly recommend getting it as soon as possible.

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