Are Online Surveys Safe?

Those new to earning online, they might be wondering if paid online surveys are safe. Paid online surveys usually come up in suggestions of ways to make money online. In this article I will answer that question and explain what you need to look out for when it comes to online surveys.

What Is An Online Survey?

Paid Surveys are a form of market research conducted by companies in order to get information from potential consumer. To the user (people like you) it can be simply explained as someone paying you money in exchange for your opinions.

Surveys can be taken in different ways, such as in person, which mostly would require the marketing company to approach the consumer directly. The main way that surveys are taken on the internet is through survey websites. The survey website is the middle-man of the equation who brings the client (the company) and the consumer together. This is done through a platform that that allows the potential consumer to give their opinions, the website.

Are Online Surveys Safe To Use?

In general, survey websites are safe to use. If you google paid websites, you will find countless survey portals. Those that appear prominently in search engines are mostly safe to use. This is because for them to rank highly in search engines they have to have a good record with people. There are also plenty of review sites that cover review sites so there is enough information for one to assess the safety when using these survey portals.

What Do We Mean By Safe

The things that many people would be concerned with when it comes to safety online are the following

1. Information

Information can be your personal information such as your name, address, work and other related particulars which most people are not too sensitive about.

There is also sensitive information such as password, credit card details and other information that can lead to loss to the user if compromised. To protect you in this regard, most legitimate companies use payment methods like PayPal and Payoneer. Avoid working with companies that use payment methods that you are unfamiliar with or that might put you at risk.

The last type of information analytics, which is information that is drawn from you by your about your behaviors and your preferences, based on what you do on your computer. There is the possibility that some of the companies that host survey platforms will sell your information to third parties, with you getting no benefit from it whatsoever. Those who aren’t as particular with reading terms and conditions would be susceptible to these kinds of practices. If you care what is done with your information then you should read thoroughly through the terms and conditions of what happens with your information.

2. Non-payment

There are platforms that are designed particularly to scam people into using their time and not paying them. Sometimes it is not even as direct as simple non-payment. The site can make you do certain tasks that take you quite a bit of time, and then put a requirement for payment that is out of the question. Some might even ask for payment from you after doing some work. They request what seems like a small fee in order to enable payment for the work you did. An astute person will realize that this is likely a scam but at this point they have already made money from you from the tasks you did.

3. Malware

Malware: Most survey portals will require you to turn off an ad-blocker if you are using one. This is because some ad revenue is a large part of how these websites make money. Even some of the tasks that you complete on these portals are you clicking on an ad and then getting paid a portion of what the survey platform gets paid. Unfortunately, this can open you up to adware of you happen and unwanted tracking if you wind up on the website of an unethical company.


  • Online surveys are easy to get into so they provide opportunities to earn for a large number of people who otherwise wouldn’t have a way to earn.
  • There are international online surveys that allow members to join from any part of the world. If you are doing them on a laptop or smartphone then you can do surveys from anywhere
  • The top reputable companies are transparent with how they share their information and are unlikely to engage in unethical practices using your information


  • One of the biggest complaints against online surveys is surveys that make you waste as much as 5 minutes of you time to answer questions only to be disqualified from the survey late.
  • Online surveys have a reputation for paying very low rates
  • The work can be quite tedious, answering questions without knowing when a survey is going to end.
  • If you are using an ad-blocker, almost all survey platforms will require you to turn the ad-blocker off

Safe Survey Site Checklist

  • How old is the survey platform? The longer a survey platform has been around, the likelier it is to be safe. Scams do not work for very long. They capitalize on the ignorance of people and before long people speak up about them and they disappear
  • Ensure there is information about the website – Reputable survey websites have enough information about them available. If you can’t find information about the website, run in the opposite direction as fast as you can.
  • Look for the websites presence on social media – A social media website is created to engage with people so this can assist you with up to date information on people’s experiences with a website. You can also often contact the company directly on social media.
  • Read the policy on rewards – Some of the prominent companies like PrizeRebel state the longest that you can ask questions for before you are disqualified from a survey. This is usually not longer than a minute and can protect you from having your time wasted


Paid online surveys are safe to user and provide a way for people to earn some money without stringent requirements. As with everything else, there are fraudsters who will create fake survey platforms that are designed solely to scam people out of their time or money. To protect yourself from these parties, only use reputable survey websites with a proven track record. For a list of reputable survey companies, check out some of our paid survey sites reviews.  Surveys are sufficient for if you want a few extra bucks a month in your pocket but it is not really a viable way of earning money, especially in the long term.

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Are Online Surveys Safe?

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions or would like to add your own thoughts, leave them in the comments below.

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