Are Online Surveys Legit?

If you are here then you are considering and asking yourself, are online survey jobs legit. Can you really get make money for answering questions based on your opinion? To save you a lot of hassle, the short answer is yes. The long answer is it depends on what you mean by legitimate.

What are online surveys?

Online surveys are marketing research conducted by companies. These companies make products or services. In order to make something that sells these companies have to make something that people will want or need.

How do you find out what people want or need? By asking them of course. In order for the companies to get a good idea of what people want, they have to ask a large number of people. To do this, they find certain types of market companies that have a platform where they can reach a lot of people.

This is where survey websites and you, the consumer come into play. To encourage you to spend your time answering questions, the marketing companies pay you a fee for your opinions.

What to expect from surveys

The worth of surveys can be determined by that your need and expectations are. Someone in the U.S. where minimum wage is $7 does not likely have the same expectations as an average person from India where the minimum wage is closer to.$0.4.

For this reason, online surveys are very popular in come countries like the aforementioned India and less popular in developed countries. In the same breath, someone in a developed country who has found less opportunities for work, will be more open to jobs that pay less so long as they can get an income.

Easy Jobs Usually Pay Less

Online surveys have virtually no entry requirements, meaning that anybody can sign up to an online survey website and be eligible for taking surveys. Because of this, demand is high. Since there is no shortage of people to do surveys, the amount people are paid is low. As with everything else, this work does not require any skill or hard effort and a low price for labor is to be expected.

Legit Online Survey vs Scams

The internet is a vast place with a lot of tricksters and people looking to take advantage of others. For every legit way of making money, there are a hundred scams looking to take advantage of people. When considering doing any type of work online, you need to do your research on whichever opportunity you are approaching. There is more than enough information on the internet to determine if something is legitimate. If you couldn’t find information on something that in itself would be red flag.

Availability of Legitimate Online Surveys?

How much you can make from online surveys depends largely on what country you are in. The USA, UK and Canada enjoy the greatest number of opportunities when it comes to potential of having a high number of surveys available to do.

There are sites that cater exclusively to these markets, and even on global sites, they have the most surveys and tasks available. They also have a greater variety of ways to earn, such as watching videos and clicking on ads. Europe and Australia have a fair number of opportunities as well, though not as much as USA and UK.

In developing countries, availability of survey sites and opportunities is hit or miss. Many have to rely on international websites, and even then, they might little to no surveys. In such instances, people often have to stick to online task like those on Figure Eight to make money on these sites.

Things To Keep In Mind

  1. If it is too good to be true, it usually is. This is a general rule of making money online (or anywhere else for that matter)
  2. If it has an upfront free, it is likely a scam. If someone charges you a fee, they are not trying you to help you to make money. you are their way of making money. You must at least get onto a platform and be able to judge for yourself whether it is worth an investment.
  3. Use prominent websites that have been around for a while and which a lot of other people have experience with. Review are a good way of knowing what you are getting into.
  4. Manage your expectations when approaching opportunities like this.

The Pros of Online Surveys

Online survey work is the easiest thing to get into to make a bit of extra money. All you need is the ability to use a computer and in some instances, to at least be the minimum age. If you are in a tight spot, and you need an earning opportunity that you will definitely get into, online survey and task work is a sure thing.

People who can find online surveys useful are those who have a lot of time and are willing to spend that time on simple work to make a few bucks. If you are unemployed, a student or retired online survey work can be a very good place to start.

The Cons Of Online Surveys

Survey work is very tedious. Surveys that are on the higher end of the scale pay $1 for what could take 30 minutes to an hour. Some surveys can disqualify you after you have answered a lot of questions. You might spend 10 minutes doing a survey only to be told that you do not qualify for that survey. That means you wasted 10 minutes on something you will not be paid for. Many people find that the amount of time it takes to make a decent amount of money on survey sites is not worth it.

So Are Online Survey Jobs Legit?

Online surveys are definitely a legitimate way to make some extra income for those who are willing to spend the large amount of time that is required to do them.

There are various online survey platforms around the internet that have been around for over 10 years because there are people who find value in them.

For some people the pay-off is not worth the time investment. If survey work is not worth it for you there are other options. You can check out My Number 1 Recommended Way Of Making Money Online.

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions or would like to add your own thoughts, leave them in the comments below.

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