25 Dollar 1Up Review – Is it a scam?

In this 25 Dollar 1 up review, I’m gonna explain what the platform is really about. We will reveal the truth about what they are selling, and how much it really costs to join up and whether it is really worth your time and effort.

You might have seen or heard about 25 Dollar 1Up through a referral on YouTube or perhaps a Facebook group. The affiliate program there has been receiving quite a bit of attention, with prospects of making passive money in a short amount of time. I have researched that platform and will be sharing what I learned with you.


What Is 25 Dollar 1Up?

25 Dollar 1Up is a digital marketing training platform that supplies you with training and resources that guide you on lead generation. The platform has a 2 tier affiliate program that allows you to make commissions from people that you refer onboard.

The name stems from the entry level being $25 to sign up, and that for each member who refers people that sign up, one of those commissions is kicked up to their sponsor/referrer, resulting in a form of passive income. 25 Dollar 1Up can be useful to novices in digital marketing but less so to advanced marketers who know their way around.

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How 25 Dollar 1Up Works

There are 4 Levels within the program

Gold Level

Platinum Level

Diamond Level

Enterprise Level

Elite Level

Each one of the levels require a different amount of money to sign up. The Gold Level is the entry level option and requires a $25 once off payment to join as well as $10 sofware fees which go towards hosting. The platinum level requires $100 + $10, Diamond needs $250 + $25, and the enterprise level requires a $500 + $50 payment.
The elite level is the highest level and requires an investment of $1000 + $100 software fees.

You will also need to pay for hosting fees for each one of these levels.

The more that you buy into 25 Dollar 1Up, the more features that you will have access to within the system.

The way it works is that you build a website within the platform, and use that website to market to attract leads and build an audience. $10 once off fee for hosting your website.

How To Sign Up

To sign up, you must go to the website and you will find a login screen.

All you have to do is enter you basic personal details, create a password, and click on the Join button.

You will then be brought up to the home page, and will see a pop up that explains that there is no refund policy when you sign up for any of the levels. Once you agree to those terms, you will be allowed into your back office on the platform, where all the subsequent steps are laid out.

25 Dollar 1Up Dashboard


The gold level offers you different training modules meant to assist you in the digital marketing that you will perform to build out your business. The material includes things like pre-written ads, marketing through Facebook groups and mindset motivation.

If you re a beginner or novice, there can be some value for you to derive. An example would be the sales funnel, which is how to attract someone as a lead and lead them through the process that converts them into a customer. The information here is good as an introduction but won’t get you through the intricacies in the complete process of turning those leads into money. This beginner level info can also be found easily on the internet for free.

The higher levels do have more information and further training, but the asking price for those modules is higher than it should be.

As an experienced marketer, there was not much value for me here and I know better resources for that use than what is on offer here.

What’s available at higher levels?

Some of the tools that they have at the higher levels are definitely useful. For marketing purposes, they have what they call funnel pages. These are pre-made pages that you can use to market to your audience in order to receive their emails and do follow-ups in an effort to get them to buy into the system. Funnel pages are a mixed bag, with some good pages that will be useful and some lackluster ones.

The good thing about this part is that these are pre-made so you simply plug them on to your platform and don’t have to worry about the greater production process. The funnels are automatically loaded with your affiliate ID, which will allow you to track who you have referred onto the system and monitor your performance.

A complaint that can be lodged here is that because you can see what is available at the higher levels, it makes what is available at the entry level seem highly inadequate.

What’s So Great About 25 Dollar 1Up?

The major selling point with 25 Dollar 1Up is the claim that you can make daily commissions through referrals.

The commissions that you make are limited to the level that you are on yourself. So for example, if you are on the Gold Level, where you paid $25, you can only make commissions from your referrals when they sign up to the gold level. If they sign up to the higher levels, for example the Diamond Level which costs $250, you will not get that commission. In that event, that commission would skip over you, and go to the first person above you who is on that same level.

This in turn encourages you to sign up for the higher levels due to fear of losing out.

Another thing to note is that when you gain referrals, one of those referrals’ commissions will not go to you, but to the person who referred you, hence the 1Up in the name. This means that in some form, you can generate an income from.

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The costs that you pay for once-off – For each level, you only need to pay the required amount once and from there you will have access the resources without having to keep paying.

Possibility of passive income – If you are lucky, you can make some passive income through the commissions that are kicked up to you from your some of the people who are referred by those you referred.

Some useful tools at the higher levels – There are some decent tools such as autoresponders and better pre-written ads. This is coupled with more cutomizability which is useful for experienced marketers.

Easy to understand – You are given the tools that you will need to build your business within 25 Dollar 1Up and these are simple to use.



Training resources not that great for the price – Being that 25 Dollar 1Up is a presenting digital marketing as its primary product offering, the level of the training not sufficient for the investment. The way that you make proper money, is by recruiting more people into the system.

Not useful for experienced marketers – There isn’t much value in what 25 Dollar 1up has to offer you if you have some knowledge of marketing

A confined marketing strategy – The business of 25 Dollar 1Up is survives by building upon itself. This is limiting compared to other platforms where you can build your business to take advantage of other affiliate programs like Amazon, Walmart, Nike etc.

Limited ways of making money – It’s mostly just you building up the business and then getting a cut from the people that you bring and ascending up the individual levels. In simple terms, the higher levels allow you much more customizability.

The website you build is confined to this platform – There is no option to migrate to another hosting services if you want to move on at a later stage.

Is 25 Dollar 1Up a scam?

No, 25 Dollar 1Up is not a scam. The best way to sum it up is that it is a digital marketing training platform with a referral element that requires you to recruit more people onboard to make money from the system.

As a beginner, there is some value that you can extract from 25 Dollar 1Up. As a marketer with some knowledge of digital marketing, there isn’t any value for you.

One thing that has been concerning, though, is some people signing up and having their account locked out without even getting a chance to have access to the platform. While this is not happening to everybody, it is concerning and is not a pleasant experience to simply lose money like that. So that is something you should be aware of.

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What have your experiences been with 25 Dollar 1Up? If you have your own story to share, good or bad, or have any questions about the program, let us know the comments below.

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